Railroad story 1/4 Buried Stories on  Bicci & Onri RailRoad model engine house, Packard automobile. MickTerry.com

The BICCI & ONRI RailRoad
Railroad story 1/4 Buried Stories on  Bicci & Onri RailRoad model engine house, Packard automobile.  MICK TERRY

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( Model railroad trains story )
The BICCI & ONRI RailRoad

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207 Squalor Hollow Road
Broakdowlne, California
April 31, 1928

Dear Cousin Philbur,

          Congratulations on your new addition to the family! That makes six now, right? I can not keep count, much less try and keep up with you. Sylvia says she doubts that you and Claudette have found out yet what is causing it !

          Nothing much newsworthy going on over in these parts. Our little Elizabeth was laid pretty low with rheumatic fever, but she is improving every day now.

          Few things have changed around the Bicci & Onri Railroad since that fiasco about the fire a while back. The insurance company made good on the claim supposedly, but we still have yet to see the beginnings of a new engine house or even a roof over the remaining walls. By the way, you should see Mrs. Bicci's beautiful new Packard automobile.

          I am relieved that you did not lose your newspaper job over that mess. I never intended to place you in jeopardy. Is it true that Dominic Onri came all the way to Sacramento from back East to persuade your boss to not publish the story? Do you think it was muscle or "green grease" that was applied? Word has it that the fire inspectors and insurance adjusters suddenly became very content to accept the explanations provided by Mr. Onri and Mr. Bicci.

          Thanks for keeping my name out of the whole stinking business. I not only would no longer be the company store clerk, but probably would not be able to write to you with all my fingers broken (if not worse).

 Does that ring a bell ?
Few things have changed ...

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( Published in Railroad Model Craftsman   May, 1994 )
[ Reprinted here by permission of the author. ]

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