Railroad stories 2/4 Buried Stories on  Bicci & Onri RailRoad model narrow gauge line locomotive.  MickTerry.com

The BICCI & ONRI RailRoad
Railroad stories 2/4 Buried Stories on  Bicci & Onri RailRoad model narrow gauge line locomotive.  MICK TERRY

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( Model railroad trains story )
( PART 2 )

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          In my job, I take pride in the fact that we have never had any problems with theft from the store. (Apart, of course, from the jaw-breaker jar being just a tad on the lighter side after the swift departure of some of our younger clientele.) So it sure puzzled me when, during our last inventory, we were not able to account for a five-gallon gasoline can.

          It is not that there would be much demand for such an item: there are not that many automobiles around this backwoods town. Even with the depressed local economics, folks around these parts are basically simple and honest (with the possible exception of two families that bought out the old Broakdowlne & Descustid narrow gauge line). The missing gas can has probably been put to good use by one of our logging crews whose foreman just forgot to file the proper requisition invoice.

          It might interest you to know that Sidney Samestreet was promoted from night-watchman to Night Manager. Not much of an increase in responsibilities since we usually shut down not long after sunset, but he did receive a sizeable bonus from Salvatore Bicci. Yes, that is the same Samestreet whose cigarette "accidentally" found its way into the engine house that night.

          Consolidations #38 and 63 came out on the losing end of that deal. Their rusted hulks were claimed a total loss by the insurance company, but then that is exactly what they were before they entered the engine house the day of the disaster.

          Barnswell Fathoms, the shop foreman, had told me that they were not worth their weight in peach pits when the company had bought them used a few thousand years ago. And he was under expressed orders to not waste an extra dime on them, either. That is not to say that too much more than a few dimes has ever been spent on locomotive maintenance on this railroad.

 Loco maintenance is loco here
A hot time in the old town that night ...

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( Published in Railroad Model Craftsman   May, 1994 )
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