Model railroad story 3/4 Buried Stories on Bicci & Onri RailRoad photographs, Sacramento Globe.

The BICCI & ONRI RailRoad
Model railroad story 3/4 Buried Stories on Bicci & Onri RailRoad photographs, Sacramento Globe.  MICK TERRY

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( Model railroad trains story )
( PART 3 )

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          As short, watered down, and buried as the story you were actually allowed to write became, it still created quite a stir in town. It is not every day that a big city newspaper like the "Sacramento Globe" prints a word about Broakdowlne, even if it
did take up not much more space than a flattened wood beetle. But nobody could remember this reporter, Philbur Smallshall, ever passing through town.

          For two days after Mrs. Bicci's return from vacation in Sicily, she was actually nice to me. But I can not help but get the feeling that she and her husband are trying to discover how the "Sacramento Globe" found out about the fire in the first place, notwithstanding all the inside background information you had obtained. Your editor would only allude to mysterious "informed sources". So the Bicci's seem to have begun a little investigation of their own.

          People around these parts are getting mighty paranoid and suspicious, not trusting a soul, especially, someone holding a camera. Enclosed, you will find some photographs I cautiously took yesterday around the Bicci & Onri. For the sake of my family and myself, it might prove beneficial for me to act all the more ignorant and unobtrusive than usual.

          The next time you report on the Bicci & Onri RailRoad and your editor insists on confirming the validity of the facts, may I be so bold as to suggest that he not ask the owners? Dealing with them can maybe be profitable for a few people, but most unhealthy for a great many others.

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Copyright 1993  MICK TERRY  All rights reserved
( Published in Railroad Model Craftsman   May, 1994 )
[ Reprinted here by permission of the author. ]

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