Model railroad trains story 4/4 Buried Stories on Bicci & Onri RailRoad Class A Climax photographs.

The BICCI & ONRI RailRoad
Model railroad trains story 4/4 Buried Stories on Bicci & Onri RailRoad Class A Climax photographs.  MICK TERRY

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( Model railroad trains story )
( PART 4 )

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          We had a near mishap yesterday morning as the brakes on old #7, a Class A Climax, began to lighten their grip. If not for the swift feet of the engineer, Sellios Cerrone, chasing after the engine, we would have had a twisted mass of rusted metal and rotting wood instead of the somewhat straight mass of rusted metal and rotting wood that we have had all along.

          He caught it and barely managed to bring it to a screeching, complaining halt just as it began to enter Dedenberried Curve. If he is waiting for a commendation or a reward for his valor, he has a long wait ahead of him.

          Later in the day, we had another washout down along the mainline near Berne Doubt Bridge. Last night's rain did not amount to much, but that was all it took to remove the roadbed and lower the track a few feet below where it was originally laid. Maybe it will add some interest and excitement to that stretch.

          A work detail was dispatched. With their collective skills, experience and enthusiasm, the repairs may be effected by next week (if we are lucky). It is a good thing the regular maintenance crew was not sent: that might take a whole year.

          Again, best wishes on the arrival of little Zaen Pattersen Smallshall. Give Claudette, your mother, and your children all a kiss for us. If "The Globe" can use any of the photographs or information herein provided, please use your discretion for our sakes.

Fondly, your cousin,

Alan Olsen Furlough

 Gandy Dancers at Wonchataka Peak Tunnel
Picking up the pieces at the end of the line

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Copyright 1993  MICK TERRY  All rights reserved
( Published in Railroad Model Craftsman   May, 1994 )
[ Reprinted here by permission of the author. ]

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