Trains story 2/3 Dawn to Dusk after Disaster  Bicci & Onri engine house gallows turntable.

The BICCI & ONRI RailRoad
Trains story 2/3 Dawn to Dusk after Disaster  Bicci & Onri engine house gallows turntable.  MICK TERRY

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( Model railroad trains story )
( PART 2 )

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          Rumor has it that the fire got its start with the flick of a wrist of the night-watchman, Sidney Samestreet, an inveterate chain-smoker. Rumor also says that maybe it was not any accident, being how the engine house was not insured until just 3 weeks ago. Rumor also is mumbling something about how even though no other structure on the line is covered, the engine house is now insured "out the wahzoo". Rumor also firmly states that all of the above is strictly coincidence.

          The enclosed film from my Kodak should contain at least one good photograph taken from a hot-air sightseeing balloon. I bribed the aviator with some hooch to fly me over the site. Darn near ran us smack dab into a Douglas fir (not to mention the gallows turntable)! We could not have gotten much closer if we had landed in the very center of the destruction.

          He assured me we would not raise any suspicions on the part of management. I reckon he ordinarily flies that recklessly. (I wonder how much repeat business he gets.)

          My job as clerk in the Bicci & Onri company store is tentative at best. Seems to be the case with most jobs around here. Old Mrs. Bicci has not been giving me too much of a hard time lately, though, especially since she took the rest of the family on vacation back to Sicily just a week ago.

          And we are rarely, if ever, visited by the Onri clan from back East. Seems they are content to just milk the railroad for what they can get in a hands-off style. Surprises the marshmallows out of me that they actually trust the Bicci's to run the operation. Ties to either family are not of the healthiest nature.

 All tied up at the flagstop depot ...
Blessed be the ties ...

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Copyright 1991  MICK TERRY  All rights reserved
( Published in Railroad Model Craftsman   October, 1992 )
[ Reprinted here by permission of the author. ]

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