Model trains story 3/3 Dawn to Dusk after Disaster  Bicci & Onri geared engines Heisler Climaxes Shays.

The BICCI & ONRI RailRoad
Model trains story 3/3 Dawn to Dusk after Disaster  Bicci & Onri geared engines Heislers Climaxes Shays.  MICK TERRY

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( Model railroad trains story )
( PART 3 )

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          Even since the fire, rail traffic has not slacked off much. The Heislers, Climaxes and Shays all continue to haul their logs here from out of the deep woods. Power is then transferred to the articulated engines for the drags to Cohen Siding, Sacramento, Descustid and points north. Local mills and establishments, Cooper's Organ Works, F. Rosen Ice and Jordan's Carvings among them, as well as the occasional passengers, are handled by whatever might be available at the moment.

          Seems like #38 and 63 will not be available for quite a few moments, though. Interesting how both Consolidations were in for extremely trivial repairs at the time of the fire. Also interesting how both were among the roster's worst-conditioned locomotives, desperately needing some oft-postponed heavy-duty work.

          That is not to say that they were much worse off than their counterparts. Maintenance here at the Bicci & Onri has never been of a high priority, especially since those two families took over and expanded the Broakdowlne & Descustid narrow-gauge line. Morale around these parts has not exactly been of the highest order either.

          Speaking of the old Broakdowlne & Descustid : even though their geared engines never really required turning on the turntable, the one dual-gauge stall they still had available to them through the back door is totally out of commission until we get the engine house rebuilt. Well, not much of a loss, I guess, since most of their repairs were accomplished with scraps and baling wire out in the woods anyway.

          I realize that it is only infrequently that you hear from me. Just thought this might interest you and maybe a few of your readers on the "Sacramento Globe". Sylvia says, "Hello". Our best to your mom, Claudette and the children.

Fondly, your cousin,

Alan Olsen Furlough

 Forney Engine / Shay Engine
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Copyright 1991  MICK TERRY  All rights reserved
( Published in Railroad Model Craftsman   October, 1992 )
[ Reprinted here by permission of the author. ]

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