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( Day after Thanksgiving Black Friday Christmas sales song lyrics )
Copyright 2014 - MickTerry.com

Santa's right bell reads, "Ding" and his left bell reads "dong".
And God forbid the carolers should all break out in song.
Ecumenical here like in all other malls.
We don't want anybody to sue, feeling left out at all.

    BLACK FRIDAY, such a joy.
    The day adults go killer mode for their good girls and boys.
    BLACK FRIDAY, who's to thank?
    Day after Thanksgiving when all goodness gets tanked.

Over-nighters set camp: sleeping bags, folding chairs.
Brass knuckles and machetes are good if line breakers dare.
Camaraderie first, then alliances form.
The coldness sets in quite soon enough all the closer to dawn.


        This is supposed to be the season of giving.
        This is supposed to be the season of life.

Now, the hour- is near for the early bird start.
An employee unlocks only two doors and the crazies all charge.
Pushing, shoving and jeers, but empty shelves bring dismay
since the stores are all now starting their sales on Thanksgiving Day.


Copyright 2014  MICK TERRY  Silent Tree Music  All rights reserved
[ Reprinted here by permission of the composer-lyricist ]   BMI
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Black Friday song funny lyrics printed in Brier Patch Ramble Magazine: Ain't Poetry, Dammit!	
12-1-16 Brier Patch Ramble Magazine  (Ain't Poetry, Dammit!)  12-1-16

Whereas in previous years, the mad rush for spectacular promotional sales began the day after Thanksgiving,
after a few stores jump-started the craziness by starting their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Thursday in 2013,
now most major chain stores have adopted the policy.

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