Hurricane Katrina song lyrics: Good Bad Ugliest New Orleans Louisiana, Mississippi storm flood.

Hurricane Katrina song lyrics: Good Bad Ugliest New Orleans Louisiana, Mississippi storm flood.  MICK TERRY
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( Hurricane Katrina song lyrics:
New Orleans, Louisiana; Mississippi )
Copyright 2005 -

On  Hurricane Katrina song lyrics: Good Bad Ugliest New Orleans Louisiana. Click for songwriter  MICK TERRY  YouTube video YouTube,  performed  LIVE  by  MICK TERRY

After the storm, there was nothing but water
and wreckage that was everywhere.
With winds clocked at a hundred forty-five,
not too much was left still standing there.
People were trapped in their attics, on rooftops.
They waded and they swam and they drowned.
We thought we saw my Uncle Jess float by,
not so sure 'cause he was still face down.

After three days, we were thankful we're living.
A stranger with a boat picked us up.
He dropped us off at higher, safer ground
and went back to give some others help.
After I got all my fam'ly to safety,
I got impatient waiting around.
The next boat took me back into the fray
to help rescue people from this town.

    We've seen THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLIEST you could imagine.
    We've seen the best of heroes. We've seen the worst of crimes.
    We've seen THE GOOD, THE & THE UGLIEST that could have happened.
    & it's happened right in our own front yard within one week of time.

After we'd moved twenty patients to airfields,
a bullet buzzed right by my left ear.
Another slammed into the little boat.
There's a sniper aiming at us here.
Why would some fool want to stop mercy missions?
What does he get from shooting at us?
I thought we all were somehow victims here.
Now we don't know who the hell to trust.


      Lootings, shootings and rapings:
      violence of every sort.
      People doing whatever they damn well please,
      knowing that they won't get caught.
      Lootings, shootings and rapings:
      from survival to greed and to lust.
      What the hell's become of humanity?
      What the hell's becoming of us?

Hunkering down, we kept moving the patients
'til all were on their way to be safe.
But safety is a relative word:
where I'd left my wife, she had been raped.
After the storm, there were stories of heroes
and rumors help was coming our way.
With water, food and medicine all gone,
all we get's another rotting day.


Copyright 2005  MICK TERRY  Silent Tree Music  All rights reserved
[ Reprinted here by permission of the composer-lyricist ]   BMI
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Largest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded,
Superstorm Hurricane Sandy devastates East Coast:
193 dead, $20+ billion in damages.

Disastrous fatal BP Deepwater Horizon drilling platform explosion
& massive crude oil spillage in Gulf of Mexico.

Bush on his record & mistakes in final news conference, claiming,
"When I hear people say the Federal response was slow,
then what are they going to say to those chopper drivers
or the 30,000 that got pulled off the roofs?", infuriating Katrina victims.
George W. Bush final news conference - video clip

9-1-08 :
Hurricane Gustav hits.

3-29-08 :
Private contractor ICF International, investigated for compensation
it was paid to operate a grant program for Katrina victims,
overpaid $35-150,000 in up to 5000 cases.
Collection agency to collect from victims.
1/3 of eligible applicants have not yet received any money to rebuild.

8-21-07 :
Category 5 Hurricane Dean hits hard exactly 2 years after Katrina.

3-1-06 :
Associated Press released videos & transcripts showing
President Bush being personally briefed about Hurricane Katrina
the day before it hit.

8-26-05 :
As a Category 5 hurricane, Katrina may be
the most devastating natural disaster in US history.
With 145 mph winds & subsequent storm surge
& flooding causing a death toll over 1700,
it swept through Louisiana and Mississippi,
leveling towns & drowning New Orleans when levees broke.
Our hearts & prayers go out to the suffering.

Lightning-fast response from Federal agencies brought
much goodwill to the area, ( hmmm ... yeah, right ... )
as well as praise from President George W. Bush,
who toured the devastation four days later.

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