Housing unfairness song lyrics: Stacked Deck, Santa Clarita manufactured mobile home, impartial MickTerry.com

 Housing unfairness song lyrics: Stacked Deck, Santa Clarita manufactured mobile home, impartial MICK TERRY
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( Santa Clarita CA manufactured mobile home park housing unfairness song lyrics )
music & lyrics   Copyright 2016 - MickTerry.com

City Council special panel supposed to be so- fair.
Two from one side, two from the other, tie-breaking arbiter there.
Isn't he supposed to be impartial?
How come he votes the same each time?

    How can they win with a STACKED DECK?
    All odds against them, what the heck?
    How can they win with a STACKED DECK?
    Who dealt these cards?

Brand new member for the renters has not said word one- yet.
Language barrier, not comprehending:   concept of "Second" can't get.
Isn't she supposed to see from our side?
How come she votes for the other guys?


        Haven't you heard about the Golden Rule?
        Who's got the gold gets to make all the rules-.

I was almost thrown out asking questions. Did she not under-stand?
Did not matter to all the lawyers. No cares that she's our one chance.
Isn't this supposed to be done fairly?
Finally, she proudly claims, "I Third!"


music & lyrics   Copyright 2016  MICK TERRY  Silent Tree Music  All rights reserved
[ Reprinted here by permission of the composer-lyricist ]   BMI
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Stacked Deck song lyrics printed in Signal Newspaper 	
9-27-16 The-Signal.com Newspaper (Opinion)  9-27-16

Stacked Deck song funny lyrics printed in Brier Patch Ramble Magazine: Ain't Poetry, Dammit!	
8-1-16 Brier Patch Ramble Magazine  (Ain't Poetry, Dammit!)  8-1-16

Repeated Santa Clarita CA panel hearing, including, "I Third!"

Santa Clarita CA true story:   & again the renters lost to the landlords & their lawyers on almost every issue.
It's a puzzlement why ...

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