Dr. DeCrepid, Blond Chitlin' Goldstein. Composer-songwriter MickTerry.com photo Biography2 Silent Tree Ancient History

Dr. DeCrepid, Blond Chitlin' Goldstein. Composer-songwriter MICK TERRY photo Biography 2 Silent Tree Ancient History
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Dr. DeCrepid, Blond Chitlin' Goldstein. Composer-songwriter MickTerry.com photo Biography2 Silent Tree Ancient History

Mick Terry, Blond Chitlin' Goldstein, Dr. DeCrepid

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MICK TERRY's  eclectic musical influences range
from Bach & Tchaikovsky to Dvorák & Grieg,
from The 4 Seasons, The Mamas & Papas, The Lovin' Spoonful & The Bee Gees
through Buffalo Springfield, Eagles, Traffic, & The Band,
to Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Benmont Tench, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers,
from Brian Wilson (circa Beach Boys' Pet Sounds), Billy Joel & Don Henley
to Herb Alpert, Jimmie Haskell, Mike Post, Dave Grusin, Bob James,
& Muscle Shoals / FAME funkiness
&  (on the more serious side)  Spinal Tap  ("... All our amps go to 13 ...").
More current influences include Black Keys, Foo Fighters, Green Day,
Incubus, Linkin Park, Third Eye Blind
& Weezer.
Yeah, yeah, yeah ... The Beatles weren't all that bad, either.

Composer-songwriter  lyricist  music arranger  MICK TERRY Click for  instrumental music  CD  'Waves to the Shore' The music of  MICK TERRY  is highly lyrical,
with catchy hooks & gripping melodies,
simple in form, yet contrapuntally intricate,
rhythmically moving & harmonically engaging.

With the general direction toward pop-rock,
his melodies & arrangements span a spectrum of emotions & genres,
with an underlying sense of beauty, dignity & caring,
occasionally even allowing his humor to slip through.
Sometimes beautiful, sometimes rough:  rich feelings
are brought to the heart, colorful pictures to the mind.

MICK's  lyrics lean toward the quasi-intelligent side,
in a visually descriptive & emotional style.
Sprinkled with ample flavorings
of wit, irony & a healthy dosage of story-telling,
they at times end with a Rod Serling-flavored twist.
Often, his prolific lyrics deal with serious topics
& themes of spiritual & social concern.
Since September 2011, his lyrics have been published
in  Brier Patch Ramble Magazine  in his monthly column,
Ain't Poetry, Dammit!.
          Dr. DeCrepid, Blond Chitlin' Goldstein. To Composer-songwriter MickTerry.com Recollections  Recollections of a Songwriter

Brutal2ThEar:  Click for butchers of songs of composer-songwriter  lyricist  MICK TERRY MICK  is currently working in the studio with
Brutal2ThEar:  Click for butchers of songs of composer-songwriter  lyricist  MICK TERRY Brutal2ThEar

MICK TERRY  has been performing solo  LIVE  around the greater L.A. area
in cafés, coffee houses, nightclubs, theaters, poetry readings,
open mics, bars, dives, dreary hallways, grimy restrooms,   ...
Although not considering himself a poet, evidently others do.
He has been the  
Featured Poet
at the highly venerated  Beyond Baroque
  (Venice CA),
the historic  Rapp Saloon  (Santa Monica CA),
Barnes & Noble  (Encino CA),
Encino-Tarzana Library   ( x2 )  & 
Expressions - Days Inn  (Glendale CA).
He also has been Featured Songwriter:
once at  
Pvt. John Woods Foundation  PTSD Fundraiser  (Carpinteria CA),
twice at  Songwriter Sanctum  (Santa Monica CA),
& thrice at  Repertory East Playhouse  10 by 10 Variety Night  (Newhall CA).
Usually, he reads his lyrics dramatically, only rarely singing.
Often, noisy audiences will grow quiet & listen attentively
to his impassioned & entertaining performances.
          YouTube Video Gallery3: songwriter MICK TERRY live videos Click to see  MICK TERRY  YouTube VIDEOS  of   Mick Terry

However, at some of his shows,
MICK  may have taken on either of two alter egos   (so far).

          Blond Chitlin' Goldstein
Blond Chitlin' Goldstein: 1/3 illegitimate offspring of composer-songwriter MICK TERRY. Click for photos is a scrawny, scroungy, long-haired blues singer beltin' da delta blues,
wailin' away on blues harp & tenor ukulele on such favorites as
Hard Times in Malibu BluesNever Took ViagraJew Christmas,
The Hanukkah-Chanukah SongMethaneThe Last Time I Saw Elvis,
This Isn't Twilight  &  Bottomless Bottle.

Claiming to represent heavily oppressed people of the world
by professing to be 1/3 Jewish, 1/3 Blackish & 1/3 Blondish,
he also claims to be 1/3 illegitimate offspring of  
He has never made claims of being good at math or geneology.
He has been called  "
the world's least-known tone-deaf blues singer".

The effectiveness of  
Blond Chitlin' Goldstein  as a performer
might be gauged by the number of times that he has performed for,
sat next to & spoken to acquaintances & friends of  
without them ever even suspecting his true identity.
That would include the night he was repeatedly denied
the opportunity to perform at the open mic at  bang. Comedy Theater,
the improvizational studio in L.A.,
with the manager trying whatever he could
to keep this haggard street person from getting to the stage.
          YouTube Video Gallery3: songwriter MICK TERRY live videos Click to see  Blond Chitlin' Goldstein  YouTube VIDEOS  of   Blond Chitlin' Goldstein

          Dr. DeCrepid
is a diabolical de-composer of disastrous inconsequence, Dr. DeCrepid:  Any resemblance to  composer-songwriter MICK TERRY  is purely coincidental.  Click for rare photos
haunting local L.A. establishments around Halloween since 1997.
He has destroyed the souls & ears of many unfortunate beings
by what has conservatively been described in the media as
"the unwelcome sounds of violent spasmodic wretching"
with his performances of  Howl RU on Horrorween?,  Horror Stories,
Where Do Vampires Go on Christmas?
  &  Creepy Crawlies.
Recent utterances include  Do Vampires Floss after Feeding?
  &  Zombie Vampires.

Increasingly, suspicions had arisen that  MICK TERRY  had a much darker side.
He seemed
to disappear at night around Halloween for several hours at a time.
During those periods, reports proliferated
of a nefarious ghoul lurking around L.A.

The full extent of the danger to the public has yet to be determined.
Symptoms of victims coming near this loathsome phantom
from excruciatingly painful eardrums to extreme & violent nausea.
the horrendous appearance & the pungent nose-wrinkling stench,
what sends these helpless innocents reeling could be
the dissonant unearthly utterances belching forth
from the bowels of the creature's monster KORG.

Suburban legends & folklore had spread about this phenomenon
& it had become known around L.A. as  
Dr. DeCrepid,
the despicable de-composer of distaste,
the diabolical director of disection,
the dreadful denizen of disaster horrorifying Halloween.

( Although this appalling apparition had been totally unheard of
prior to  
MICK TERRY's  relocation to the Los Angeles area,
& although never seen in the same place at the same time,
& despite some claims that there is a striking resemblance,

MICK TERRY  has invoked the 5th Amendment in this matter. )
          YouTube Video Gallery3: songwriter MICK TERRY live videos Click to see  Dr. DeCrepid  YouTube VIDEOS  of   Dr. DeCrepid

MICK TERRY  has had some
           Dr. DeCrepid, Blond Chitlin' Goldstein. To Composer-songwriter MickTerry.com Experiences with Scientology  Experiences with Scientology.
                    ( Now, that is scary. )

Not only have his scores, arrangements, melodies & lyrics won awards,
but so has this website,  
over 40 Web awards, it has been top-ranked  (often in the  Top 3)
by most major Search Engines.

( search:  Darfur genocide song, witty songwriter, Holocaust myth lyrics + many others )

          BITCHY & ORNERY
Bicci & Onri RailRoad  HO scale model diorama:  Click for photos by  composer-songwriter  lyricist  MICK TERRY Music & lyrics are not the only media of creativity for  MICK TERRY.
In 1991, he designed & built a highly detailed scale model train diorama.
Since then, 2 fictitious stories
& 27 of his photos of
The BICCI & ONRI RailRoad
have been published in national publications & catalogs.

The detail & photography are so realistic that professional photographers,
& railroad personnel, as well as most lay people,
have thought the pictures were of full-scale reality,
not models less than 2 inches high.

The diorama has spent most of its existence on public display
in Maryland & California in museums, libraries, hobby stores & businesses.

[ Note:   Prior to the move from Maryland to California in 1997,
MICK TERRY  was known professionally as
& to friends & acquaintences as  MIKE TERRY ]

MICK TERRY  is on   LinkedIn  
View Mick Terry's profile on LinkedIn
but not on  Faceblock,  MySpam  or  Twatter.
Topped Out on Twitter
That's another musician or 2 with the same name in England or US.

Composer-songwriter lyricist  MICK TERRY  Biography photo Click for  'I Can Tell You're from Bawlmer'  song lyrics

purpose in life
is to create
& produce
music, lyrics
& humor
that empower, satisfy
& heal millions of people.

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