Prolific songwriter composer lyricist Mick Terry Biography Mike-on-the-Mike DJs John Duro, Hank Levy, Louis Mills

Prolific songwriter composer lyricist  MICK TERRY  Biography information.  Mike-on-the-Mike DJ's  Ancient History
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Prolific songwriter composer lyricist  Mick Terry  Biography information.  Mike-on-the-Mike DJ's  Ancient History


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Born in a tin-roofed one-room shack,
life did not start easy for the son of an itinerant
share-cropper in Tuscahammie, Missississippi.
He learned mouth-harp sitting on the knee
of his grandfather, Blind Lightnin' Morganstern.

By the age of four,
he was wailing delta blues on the slide guitar.
At seven, he was thumping the ivories
for the local gospel choir.
When he turned twelve,   . . .

                    oops,   sorry,   . . .
                                        wrong bio.

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          EARLY BIRTH
Composer-songwriter lyricist music arranger
MICK TERRY was also born at a very early age
(sharing the same birth date as Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee,
Eddie Rabbitt, James Agee, Gail Sheehy, Jaleel White,
Robin Givens, Caroline Kennedy, Buffalo Bob Smith,
Brooke Langton, John Maddox & Bill Nye 
the Science Guy).
But there the similarities end.
Born in an urban hospital, life started with a slap
for the second son (not the seventh)
of an artist, William Robert (Bob) Terry, in Baltimore, Maryland.

Prolific songwriter composer lyricist  MICK TERRY:  Mike-on-the-Mike DJ's.  Click for  'Perpetual Eclipse' song lyrics Not quite the standard blues cliché,
the dreaded 2nd grade class piano lessons
were where the musical training of  
During high school, he started singing harmonies
& playing guitar & keyboards in folk, pop & rock groups,
featuring his original songs.

After 2 years, he left Salisbury University (Social Science major),
with famed producer/engineers
George Massenburg  &  Louis Mills
at Recordings, Inc.
(> ITI > Flite 3) studios in Baltimore.

Later transferring to Towson University,
he studied music theory
& composition with John Duro
& renowned Stan Kenton arranger / composer Hank Levy  (Whiplash),
as well as acting with Dwight Schultz
(The A-Team; Star Trek: Next Generation; Voyager; Chowder).
Upon graduation,
MICK performed in clubs & lounges
in a duo full-time for three years, paying his dues   ...
to Musicians' Local #40-543.

Besides playing music live in a number of rock & pop bands,
most of his other ventures have also been in the field of music:
record producer, promoter, session musician, music arranger,
radio show director
& producer, composer for film, video & multi-media.

Prolific songwriter composer lyricist Mick Terry: Mike-on-the- Mike DJ's Ancient History.  Click for 'Land of Dreams' lyrics
Between 1979 & 1997, he had developed his own company,
Mike-on-the-Mike DJ's, into one of the most respected
mobile disc jockey services around the Baltimore area,
spawning numerous imitators.

His principal direction has always been toward the writing of music.
In 1991, a stream of film, video & other scoring projects began for him.
In 1997,  MICK  moved to the Los Angeles area
to be where the film
& music industries collide.

For the previous 7 years,
the emphasis had been primarily on instrumental aspects.
But after his move westward, a tremendous,
inexplicable, prolific surge in the writing of lyrics
brought about a re-focusing on song-writing,
in over 250 new copyrighted songs in his first 4 years in CA.

Then 9/11/2001 hit hard:  3 immediate songs about the tragedy.
Then nothing ... nothing for an entire year.
Everything seemed trivialized by the events of that day.
It was not until 2004 that  
MICK  began to copyright again:  76.
Prolific songwriter composer lyricist Mick Terry: Mike-on-the- Mike D.J.'s Ancient History.  Click for 'One Too Many Back Flips' lyrics Then 84 in '05, 102 in '06, 110 in '07, 137 in '08
& 144
  (that's gross)   copyrighted in 2009.
With the remarkable increase in performing LIVE,
subsequent videos & complete songs,
in 2010 the copyrighted output plummeted to 84.
Add buying a house & moving to those distractions from writing,
& the output for 2011 was only 66.
Then finally an upswing in '12 with 81 to be copyrighted.
2013 tallied in with 67.   & 117 total in 2014.
The first several months of 2015 were basically spent writing & recording
chordal & vocal arrangements to 66 of his songs from the previous 3 years,
with only 64 new songs written in 2015 & 17 written so far in 2016.
Such paltry figures by comparison to 2009's 144.

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