Brutal to the Ear, Brutal2ThEar: Justin Hart, Reed Stratford Tyler Mason, Dixon Carta  butcher songs of Brutal to the Ear, Brutal2ThEar: Justin Hart, Reed Stratford Tyler Mason, Dixon Carta  butcher songs of  MICK TERRY
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Brutal to the Ear, Brutal2ThEar: Justin Hart, Reed Stratford Tyler Mason, Dixon Carta  butcher songs of

 Brutal2ThEar - Members of The Band Brutal2ThEar     ( aka:  Brutal to the Ear )
                                        A scrunge-rock band in LA-LA land

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Justin Hart - Bass, Keyboards, Lead Vocals
Reed Stratford - Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica, Lead Vocals
Tyler Mason - Keyboards, Guitar, Safe Sax, Vocals
Dixon Carta - Drums, Percussion, Mallets, Baritone Kazoo, Vocals

 Brutal2ThEar Friends & Fiends Brutal Friends & Fiends

Roland Vega - Guest Lead Vocals on Out on Left Coast, It's Crazy
Peter Onorati - Guest Harmony Vocals on Out on the Left Coast
Terry Lawrence - Guest Lead Vocals Body Count, Fat Man ...
Dennis Charnoff - Guest Lead Guitar on Body Count
"Little Shari" Verona - Guest Harmony Vocals on Whistle Song
"Li'l Marc" Bosserman - Guest Lead Vocals AnotherInternetXmas
Jaco Deloro - Engineer


 Brutal2ThEar History Brutal Facts

In grade school, Reed Stratford & Tyler Mason
met in the sandbox behind Reed's brick house
in Sierra Hills, Kansas, taking an immediate
disliking to each other, not sharing their toys.
Tyler even hit Reed in the forehead with a flying
hammer there (unintentionally, so he claims.)
That rivalry continued into piano class,
with each boy ridiculing the other's ineptitude,
vying for the attention of the girls in the class.

In high school, they hit upon the idea of
multiplying that attention by combining their
energies by playing music together.
So they formed a folk group.

Finding that only "hippie"-type girls with
braided arm-pit hairs & body oils that smelled
like a rotting water buffalo carcass were
attracted to folk groups & wanting to increase
their chances with a higher class of female,
they switched to classical music.

They soon discovered that classical music
interested none of the type of girls in which
they were interested. By default & with
some trepidation, they settled on rock music.
The attention factor increased exponentially.

Several years & 157 band names later,
they stumbled into Dixon Carta in college,
kicking a hole in his snare. To avert impending
legal action or fisticuffs, they invited Dixon to
replace their drum machine on a few numbers.
With the addition of another student, Justin Hart,
three months later, the foundation of what was to
Brutal2ThEar   was complete.

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