Brutal2TheEar, Brutal2ThEar 2: Brutal Truth Facts. Hollywood surfing Griffith Park.

Brutal2TheEar, Brutal2ThEar 2: Brutal Truth Facts. Hollywood surfing Griffith Park. MICK TERRY
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Brutal2TheEar, Brutal2ThEar 2:  Brutal Truth.  Hollywood surfing Griffith Park.

 Brutal2ThEar Brutal2ThEar     ( aka:  Brutal2TheEar )

( PART 2 )

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Brutal2ThEar Brutal Truth Facts History (Continued)Brutal Facts - Continued

Through an aggressive marketing campaign &
a little word of mouth,
Brutal2ThEar   soon
developed a following that expanded far beyond
the campus of Schweinstach University in
Beaverkill Falls, NC.
It was from such a marketing program that
discovered their phone number crudely etched
into a bathroom stall.

Planning to take
TERRY for whatever they could,
Brutal2ThEar   quickly agreed to set aside
their own original songs in exchange for his offer
of being paid to learn & record his.
Besides, audience response to their songs
had generally been one of indifference, at best,
extreme and violent nausea, at worst.

Both sides felt they came out on top in the negotiations.
MICK TERRY  reasoned he had acquired the services
of a somewhat adequate band to record his songs
at bargain-basement warehouse prices.

Brutal2ThEar   figured they would make a few
bucks & maybe a few contacts recording in L.A.
They never for a moment fell for all the hype

MICK TERRY  was piling on
(& at times it could get pretty deep).
Besides, they had always wanted to hit
Hollywood & get their feet wet surfing.

So they packed their gear & a borrowed tent into
their re-habilitated hearse, crossing the country
with only nine breakdowns & five flat tires,
setting up camp in a remote box canyon in
Griffith Park.

It was not long before they were discovered,
but not by high-ranking music industry
executives, but rather by a park ranger.
Upon their expulsion from the park &
subsequent fines for vagrancy & creating a
public nuisance, they relocated the tent to
TERRY's back yard, much to his fiancée's dismay.

Brutal2ThEar   has matured & expanded
musically under  
MICK TERRY's  guidance,
adding elements of nuance & subtlety
(words that had not previously been in their
vocabulary) to their very rough edges.

They have received some airplay around L.A.
& some Internet attention,
always adding to their fan & data base.
Enough of their revisionist history.
Listen to the music.

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