Kevin McKnelly, Roland Vega, Dale LaDuke, Dale Turner, Ali Handal, Nard Berings: Music Visitors 1b

Kevin McKnelly, Roland Vega, Dale LaDuke, Dale Turner, Ali Handal, Nard Berings: MICK TERRY Music Visitors 1b
Silent Tree Music 

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Happy Birthday, Anyway:   "I can relate to the part about pain at my age."
        - Al Petteway - guitarist, songwriter

"I heard a few samples of your music: good stuff & I dig the humor!"
        - Zan Passante - singer, guitarist, songwriter - CA

"I did check out your music on your website. I think you're very talented."
        - Ali Handal - singer, guitarist, songwriter

"I remember you reciting your short stories & poetry. You have a knack for it!"
        - Dave Celentano - guitar instructor - CA

"Good talking with you at The Table. Like your Runaway Toyota song, & trains!"
        - David Raiklen - film composer - CA

"I just checked out your site. COOL! I need some more time to really go over it all."
        - Nard Berings - guitarist, composer, producer - CA

"Thank you so much for coming out last night & performing!  It was a killer night."
        - Jeff Barber - bassist; director / host of Santa Clarita's 10 by 10 Variety Night - CA

"I enjoyed your site & listening to your beautiful music. I am working on a play & am in need of an arranger."
        - Donna M. Lizzio - songwriter - NJ

( Keyboard Galleria Open Mic: )   "Mick, you are a genius. It was a pleasurable evening. Most of the talent was pretty good. & your contribution was outstanding."
        - Bob Calderwood - music copyist  Dancing with the Stars - CA

When the Wave Came: "This is great. Has it been produced yet?"
Give Me a Heat-Seeking Missile: "Do you have an MP3 of the song? I love the lyrics."

        - Roland Vega - singer-songwriter pianist; artist - CA

"I checked out your website & your YouTube channel. I like your writing. It's clever & entertaining. I like to offer my production & recording services to you."
        - Earl F. Smith - producer, engineer, mic/pre-amp designer - CA

"Listened to your music. You're very versatile. Nice site. Cool visuals. Your insight on designing a provocative website is readily apparent. No BS, it's very impressive!"
        - James Rothaar - copy writer, drummer "Secret Romans" - CA
"' has a way with words,
even though sometimes they can be absurd.'"
( from the song The Merchant Marines 2010  Michael Gussin )
       - Michael Gussin - singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist - CA
(Rapp Saloon Featured Poet 2-3-12:)   "What a great opportunity for you! We're sorry we can't come. But have a great reading & hopefully it will be captured on video for all to see & hear sometime soon."
"That is so cool! You are a music machine, cranking out clever cuts."

        - Randall Michael Tobin - President Theta Media Group - CA
(watching MT perfom incognito as Blond Chitlin' Goldstein):
"I can't believe I was clueless the whole night Wednesday at Arnie's. You are good. Keep at it, Mick!"
But How He Could Play: "What a nice homage to an old guy with old guy attitudes. It did help that he played the accordian though."

        - Dale LaDuke - singer-songwriter keyboardist-guitarist - CA
"I am a blues/soul singer, an artist of Wolf Records based in Vienna, Austria. Originally I come from Chicago, IL, now living in Switzerland for almost 3 years. I have been traveling back & forth from the States to Europe performing many places including festivals. Right now, I am in search for a songwriter/composer/arranger who would be willing to record a song or two of their music. Thanks for taking the time out to read!!!"
        - Vivian Vance Kelly - blues/soul singer - IL, Switzerland
"I saw your letter to Mike from the Grays Pub in Brighton & you were interested to find out about Mick Terry that used to play there. I found those details same as you coz I had put my Dad's (Mick Terry!!) name in the Google search! My dad is in his late 50s now & is fit & well & still gigging. He does covers of R&B stuff & the like. He is still local to the Grays & is enjoying life as Grandad to my 3 kids now :) I told him about your site too ..."
        - Mandy Reece - UK
"Your CD rocks, man ! Also eyeballed those 9-11-01 lyrics. Very cool. Would love to hear them slapped to a tune.

Your site is way cool. I just checked out the photos of the train station & trains. Yikes! Frightening amount of detail !!!

Your 'fake' bio at the top of your 'Ancient History' page killed me
! & you learned stuff from George Massenburg ?!? GULP! That's spectacular, man. Ears of doom ... "

Another Internet Christmas:   "That was awesome, mandinga!! I love how it comes full-circle at the end."
It Must Have Been Some Party: "I was one of those dorks last night!! Made me laugh my ever-expanding arse off ... "

        - Dale Turner - former editor Guitar One Magazine - CA
(Encino-Tarzana Library Featured Performer 3-26-16:)   "Ahhh, have a great show! Glad to see your creative juices are in full bloom! We are committed elsewhere on other side of the Valley, sorry."

Freedom's a Word  live at Kulak's Woodshed with a cappella choir: "Oh man, I feel for you. Sometimes it is like herding cats to get people to do what they say they will do ... Sounds like you created great effects though!! Well done despite wing-it-productions!!! You are the pro, pulling it off. Bet you had fun. I'm sorry I missed it. Of course, I am a supporter ... athletic or music ..."

(Songwriter Sanctum Featured Performer 5-2-10:)   "Have a great time, you creative person, you! Can't make it, but always love hearing what you're doing."
An Extra Arm:  "Ohhh, that's cute & so true!"
Massacre on Valentine's Night:   "At least, you & we don't have to worry about the story in your lyrics!"
Steaming Cup of Coffee:   "Now I read the lyrics, clever. Makes me wanta cupa."

"Many thanks for your CD. I played it
& enjoyed it very much. Wow, wow, wow - you get younger all the time."
(Live at Kulak's:)   "Cool! Glad you are out there doing your art! You are very talented & funny, good to see you out there doing it."
Hard Times in Malibu Blues as
Blond Chitlin' Goldstein:
"I missed your performance at Theta Media Group BBQ, but was happy to find out that the strange person that I hadn't seen come in but saw going out was you!!! I asked Randy later & he told me. Too funny. Yeah, you create very well! Good to see you."
        - Cyndie Tobin - recording studio administrator - CA
"I listened to about 7 tracks on the CD. There are some interesting ideas but I have no idea what I would do w/ these songs/lyrics. You are sort of Inde/folk country & as you know, I am more pop/rock. Hard to sell it. James Taylor could get away with Banks of the Big Sandy lyric but he would make the music pretty for the listener to hear the sad story. Otherwise, it would be too hard to listen to.
Harsh music + harsh lyric = tiny audience. Even with pretty music this would be a hard song to pitch.
Now It's Over could be country but needs some more cleverness in the lines.
Ditto on I'm a Zombie. One line is kind of gross for average country fan ('saliva & drool on left side of mouth'). This idea could be a funny clever country song but music needs to be fun upbeat country. The hook might be better if it was 'You Made Me a Zombie'. Tell a story of how you met some girl at a bar who turned out to be a zombie & of course made you one. This is just my very humble opinion & I could be totally wrong but that is my take on it."

"Mick, you are totally THE MAN!"
( MT performing at Keyboard Gallery):  "I hope you knock their socks off!"
"I read a bunch of your lyrics & enjoyed them. I had a good laugh on some & others were more provocative/interesting. I had a melody or two come up as I was reading. I noticed Jimmie Haskell's name on at least one of the songs. I remember seeing his name a lot on albums I bought over the years."

        - Kevin McKnelly - singer-songwriter-producer I Want It - I Want It Now! video - CA
(Bicci&OnriRR featured - Newhall CA Library art exhibit July 10-Oct 5 2015:)  "Keep chuggin' along! Miss you guys."
(Barnes & Noble Encino Featured Poet 11-28-09:)  "Well done on being Featured Poet. Veddy distinguished!"

High School Reunion:   "The song is great! Sounds like my class. You need to update the Vanna White reference, I think."
Face to Face:   "Very moving."
Aloha Oi Vey:   "Mazel tov!"
Looking for Young Men:   "Pretty good lyrics. Be all that you can be, huh?"
Winning with a Losing Hand: "That's a good one. Am I supposed to write the music for it
(C&W style)?"
She Is Magic:   "Very moving lyrics really describe this wonderful pup."

Perpetual Eclipse:  "Another cool lyric. Keep 'em comin'."
It Won't Help:   "Great lyrics. Got music for it?"
Santa Might Be a Mexican:   "Pretty clever. I hope the Latinos can get the joke without doing a drive-by. Ho Ho Ho, Arribe!"
Santa Must Have a Hovercraft:  "Pretty good, Mick. Keep up
the good work. (I don't believe in Santa though.)
Turning Old:   "No more songs about getting old on my birthday. Great lyrics."

Comedy of Terrors:   "Hey, pretty good there, Mick."
Norton AntiTerrorist:   "Great lyrics! You are definitely a prolific guy! Watch out terrorists!"
Little Green Men?:   "You're too current for me. I missed the story about Roswell. Great writing. Keep 'em coming!"
Can We Talk?:   "Another great set of timely lyrics. I don't know how you can be so prolific. Keep up the good work. It'll pay off one of these days."

"WOW! What a great site. Good job. Looks great! Very professional. I love the music. Hey, who are all those guitarists that aren't me that are on your 'Brutal' listing? How do I get hired to play on your records?"

        - Dennis Charnoff - guitarist - CA

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