DEEN, Dave Waterbury, Randall Michael Tobin, Marc Bosserman, Frank Florence: Visitors 1c

DEEN, Dave Waterbury, Randall Michael Tobin, Marc Bosserman, Frank Florence:  MICK TERRY  Visitors 1c
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"Cool site, very spiffy!"
        - Edward G. Kosary - Pres. Kosary Entertainment Group - CA

"Bravo for your site, it's great."
        - Francois Quillet - musician - France; CA

"CONGRATULATIONS, MICK!!! That's great!!!"
        - David Rona - guitarist; Pres. Classical Guitar Cruise - CA

(MT's Bicci & Onri RR featured at Newhall Library art exhibit):   "Pretty cool!"
        - Jason McKay - manager Keyboard Galleria Music Center - CA

A Woman Like You:   "Very good lyrics. With the right music you've got yourself a hit."
        - Doug Schenker - attorney, producer, songwriter - MD

"I just finished taking a gander at your amazing internet home site. Very pro & creative."
        - Keith Cummings - musician - British Columbia

"I loved your live lyrics of Big Birds Missing!! Congratulations on your awards! That's fantastic!"
        - Cathleen Carlson - songwriter, singer - CA; TX

Tribute to Duan Sisco:   "Very nice, Mick! Is John Andrew Parks dead?! I adored his music & he helped me a lot in the early days."
        - Bella Piccinini - singer, songwriter, TV show producer - CA

"Some good ideas. Possibly some soundtrack stuff there also. I enjoyed the lyrics to Santa's Been a Bad Boy. When do I get to hear the melody? The Web Site Looks Great!! Nice splash screen!"
        - Darryl Harrelson - CEO-Pres. Major Label Entertainment,
former President CA Country Music Association,
Advisory Board Best of Texas Music Awards - CA

She Didn't Mind:   "I love the lyrics! Do you have music for them? When do I get to hear the song? Some of my friends have ventured to your site & enjoyed it as well. I'm glad we're linked.
        - Rob MacMullan - singer, songwriter, actor - CA

"I just swept through your lyric sheets & you are a funny & gifted writer! It's funny, your song parody on the Norton Utilities program & terrorism (Norton AntiTerrorist) was interesting. Did you know that your logo looks like a mushroom cloud? In any case, keep up the great work! Really enjoyed it."
        - Russell Faraldi - producer, composer, guitarist - CA

"I met you at the Studio Café a couple of weeks ago. I thought you looked familiar. Turns out I had met you at a party hosted by a singer, a lady named Bella several years ago. I checked out your Web site. Some interesting music & good song lyrics. Much luck in your musical endeavors."
        - Allan Frank - singer-songwriter - CA

"I am familiar with your work. I have listened to everything yours I could found on the Internet. I must say that I like it very much. I like very much your approach to music which perfectly suits my sensibility. It would be a great pleasure if you would give me an opportunity to record one of your songs on my new album."
        - Deen - "7 UP", singer - Bosnia-Herzegovina
" Mick you are a true talent. Wit at the forefront of whatever current event you decided to show your spotlight upon. Pro or con it didn't matter you spoke your mind. I will truly miss that. I will miss the fact that you were always so upbeat & so willing to participate, so willing to invite someone out for ice cream. I'm sure we will all miss you. Thanks for making me think & thanks for making me smile."
        - Mike Keesler - blues singer, psychology Masters' Degree candidate - CA
Freedom's a Word  live at Kulak's Woodshed with a cappella choir: "Alright Mick !"
(MT as Songwriter Sanctum Featured Performer 5-2-10:)   "You GO MAN!"
One More Damned Resolution:   "Good one !"
You're an Illegal Alien:   "Good one!!
Oops, We Bombed the Wrong Country:   "Yes, but I'm still glad to see Saddam ousted."

If the Holocaust Was a Myth:   "That president of Iran is a clown ... he won't last long. Even Middle-East people are growing tired of his shit."
        - Dave Waterbury - producer, songwriter, musician - CA
American Hacker: "I like the lyrics. A very witty sad but true story."
Just So Fat:   "I like it. I think it's rather humorous."
(Have You Been) Over-Athenated?:  "Yes, indeed I have. I've been trying not to get caught up in all the hype, but it's everywhere."
Steaming Cup of Coffee:   "Like the lyrics."
Santa Might Be a Mexican:   "I love the song. That's really funny."

Saint Ronald Reaganomics:   "Yes, blasphemy & sacrilege, but in comparison to Clinton & Bush, you can draw a great picture & affirm that famous old song, 'Send in the clowns ... Don't bother they're here ...'"
Santa Must Have a Hovercraft:   "Really enjoyed the lyrics."

        - Frank Florence - songwriter, musician - MD
"I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed visiting your website. It is easy to navigate. Nice to see you there too. Your music is interesting & soothing for the soul. You are a talented person & should keep on writing.

I was impressed with the Bicci & Onri idea. The website design is very easy to navigate. May you keep on prospering. Your talent is definitely abundant. Keep up the good writing."

Saint Ronald Reaganomics:   "I have to agree with you & have not forgotten how the media calls him 'The Great Communicator' & forgets the repercussions of Reaganomics. He was just an actor acting as a politician, not even a good one at either job."

Steaming Cup of Coffee: "I don't drink much coffee, but love it..."
An Extra Arm: "I have some friends that just got separated the other day ... how true are your lyrics."

        - Dale Kerpel - record company financial manager - CA
MT Featured Performer at Encino-Tarzana Library 3-26-16:  "Break a leg!! : ) "
MT Featured Performer at Newhall Rep East 10by10 3-3-16:  "Break a leg!! : ) "
A Walk in the Park:   "I never thought about getting into the zoo after hours but that sounds like it could be entertaining. Thanks for being amazing!"
(Bicci & Onri RR featured in Newhall CA Library art exhibit July 10-Oct 5 2015:)  "Cool man!! : )) Trains ... who knew. The photos are awesome! Spectacular!"
(Songwriter Sanctum Featured Performer 5-2-10:)  "Nice !!  : )"
Fins, Fins:   "This is very cute."

I Can Hear Your Eyelids:   "Very nice."
Steaming Cup of Coffee:   "Right on, dude. I love them all."
&Fuzzy Christmas: "Well done on all your production."
(Encino Barnes & Noble Featured Poet:)  "Wow ... Get down with your bad self!! Have fun!! Kudos!! Keep on creating all the beauty!!"
Another Internet Christmas:   "Nice production. It brought back great memories. I like Last Time I Saw Elvis, too."

(Live at Kulak's:)   Kudos!! Sounds like you're pretty around town, baby!!!!   : )"
        - Marc Bosserman - pianist, singer, songwriter - CA
"I enjoyed listening to some of the music & YouTube performances on your site. You really put a lot of work into that.
I did not know that you were a multi-instrumentalist as stated in your credits. Did you compose all the music as well? Are you planning to play and accompany yourself in the future? I love your lyrics & story lines & would not be surprised if, after being set to music, some of your songs would find great commercial success.

The main thing is that we share our craft with others. For me it's always been the performance aspect that is most enjoyable. I sang & played in bands all through the 70's through the 90's, playing popular songs to the drinkers & dancers at the bars & clubs we worked at. I rarely got a chance to play my own compositions in that environment. Now, as a retired old fart I can write & sing my music whenever I want to.

I like your humor & think that we are of a similar mindset. There's a bit of dark & sick humor I hear in your lyrics & I love that.

I have a lot of songs that I will not perform at the KGMC because they are not suitable for younger ears & for prudish people. I do have a pretty large catalogue of songs from which to choose & most times I have no idea what I am going to play until it's my turn to get up on stage. Some of my song titles like, Ode to a conflicted homophobe might offend some of the audience so I have to put on the brakes at times, discretion being the better part of valor.

Ode to a Conflicted Homophobe is my take on the idea that many gay bashers engage in this activity to combat their own feelings of homosexuality.

I see your works are refreshingly original & certainly different from the others. I like that. If I had my "druthers", I would like to hear some of the songs actually sung with musical accompaniment. We do share a common trait in that we're both prolific writers who are always coming up with new ideas. It's a blessing ..., & at times, a curse, as you probably know.

        - Preston Luber - songwriter, guitarist - CA

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