Garam Kim, Bill Wandel, Lisa Haley, Jeffrey Michael, Kris Colt, Dana Charnofsky, Chris Melchior: 1e

Garam Kim, Bill Wandel, Lisa Haley, Jeffrey Michael, Kris Colt, Dana Charnofsky, Chris Melchior:  MICK TERRY 1e
Silent Tree Music 

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Valentine's Night Massacre: "You sure are creative (& insightful)."
        - Ed Goodman - composer - CA

"Trains are gorgeous."
        - Mark Perry - guitarist, singer, songwriter - CA

"Nice. There's some good stuff here."   (quoted totally out of context)
        - Sven Amsterdam - musical comedian - CA

"Your site looks great! Love the train. Wish I had movement like that on mine!!!!"
        - Kris Colt - Celtic singer, songwriter, actress - CA

"Glad the strings worked out well. I have not had any unusual amount of complaints about silver wound issues. Your website looks good. Hope to meet you some day. Aloha."
       - John Kitakis - luthier, owner - Ko'olau Guitar&Ukulele Co - HI

"I'm the harmonica player who sat in with a few people last night at Arnie's in Tujunga. Really enjoyed the lyrics you wrote! Please let me know when/where you are performing."
        - Doctor Fun (Herb Katz) - scientist, harmonica player - CA

"I checked out your site. Cool stuff man. Great lyrics! Is that your model railroad? I used to be really into that stuff when I was younger. It looks sweet."
        - Jeffrey Michael - film composer, pianist - CA

"I just read You've Got a Lot of Balls - cool! Must have been painful to write. I've got a lot of balls to critique, it seems the line 'coughing in your own coffin' could lose the word 'own'. Just my taste maybe - Like the ring of 'coughing in your coffin'."
        - Alan Bernstein - songwriter, actor - CA
"I am a foreign born parody song writer. I have a Greek accent. I love your work. I have seen you play. I have a couple of ideas for songs that would make Weird Al wish he was Yahkov Shmirnoff instead than some Joe Demento kind of guy. For real. I am funny too. Thank you."
        - Thomas R. Blankenship - parody songwriter - Greece
"It was just fabulous having you as a Featured Performer at the holiday concert Sunday, December 13, 2009, (Santa Monica Songwriter Sanctum). I had a blast that day & hope you did, too. Thanks for being there & for taking part. Looking forward to reliving it on the recording I had Alexia make. I really do value your contribution to this creative community, Mick. Keep it up!"
        - Dana Charnofsky - promoter - Concerts In Harmony - CA
"I am writing songs for a local recording label in Austria (not where the Kangaroos are). I wanted to ask if it's possible to use some of your texts, if you basically want to co-work with me. I like your writing style & would really like to get to know which of your texts are still free & therefore recordable. I am a really poor text writer, so I need help from outside.  : )"
        - Patrick Schmiderer - songwriter - Austria
"I am a member of a men's lunch club & we'd like to sing a few of your carols tomorrow, but I don't see a 'sung to the tune of' on most of your songs. Am I missing this? Please advise. Thanks.
"The boys will like Rudy, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, I'm sure."
"The boys really enjoyed Rudy very much. Thank you."

        - Paul Joyce - parody songwriter & singer - NJ
"I have your Tooth to Tail lyric sheet on my desk, and I enjoyed several of the wordplays :)   We are currently in 'promotion mode' for King Cake, but I will keep your talents in mind for future albums. Please do send me any songs that may fit our genre, I appreciate it!"
Face to Face:   "Very cool story."

        - Lisa Haley - Zydeco fiddler, singer - CA
"Just found your songwriter webpage. I provide a resource which most songwriters, producers & recording-studios don't know is possible . . . I play/arrange REAL strings, for a very realistic budget. If you might ever need strings at any time, please have a look at my website & please pass the details on to anyone else you know (song writers, producers, recording studios, etc.) who might be interested at some time in the future. Thanks"
        - Chris Melchior - string arranger - US
Panic on the Freeways;  Never Took Viagra:  "Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic & inspiring art! We really appreciate it. You both are good people & it is a privilege to have you as friends. Until the next big event!"
"Wow, that was quick turnaround time for I've Lost My Way on this Track! Great lines! Love those lyrics to The Dumpster. That is such a beautiful & sad story. Well written! I found a great connection with 25/8 & 366. I think that would be a great idea if I could write music to some of your lyrics. Your lyrics are great. I was looking at them briefly again during practice yesterday ... & I could almost hear a dance track ... something unique from it ... we'll see what happens ... & what you approve of!

What a fabulous newletter! I want to hear you play music LIVE!!! I hope you have fun on that harmonica! I can't wait to hear you do lyrics & music too! Keep making great art.

So great to see you the other night
(at Kulak's Woodshed)!!   : )  & great to hear your stuff!   You are on the inside of the ring fellowship circle of Guitar Merchant and Kulak's (LOL).  All the best to you in your lyrics of awesomeness.  As Sven (Amsterdam) says,  'MICKTERRY.COM !!!!!!'   :)"
        - Cheris Woolever - singer-songwriter, pianist - CA
"I am a graduate student in computer science at Stanford University. I have a 14-year-old cousin in Korea, Garam Kim, whose dream is to be a singer. Her first album will be released in the Korean record market in the fall. In the last year she luckily had a chance to stand on a popular Korean TV program show (Britain's Got Talent in Korean version) to sing the American pop song:
And I Am Telling You.
Besides this she has had several more performances in front of an audience:
The Winner Takes It All
You Raise Me Up

Her next year plan is to come to America to have advanced vocal training & studies in music.

Recently one of the most famous Korean pop song composers composed a vocal piece, My Dream, just for my niece & the Korean lyrics were approved by him. Garam asked me if I could translate the Korean lyric of My Dream into English so that she can add it to the next album. For me, translation itself was not difficult, but the challenging part was to fit the lyric into the melody of the song & to artistically improve words & expressions of the lyric. So I have been searching for an American musician to help working on the lyric. I would really appreciate if you could help."

"I really enjoyed your lyrics on Highschool Reunion Update. This inspires me to come to my upcoming highschool reunion in Toronto in June, held every 5 years. I would never hesitate to do so if I wouldn't need to bother to fly across the continent."

"Good news, they accepted the lyrics.   :)
Another news is that Garam is going to sing another song, & they want to request you do another translation work if you'd like to accept it. Garam's father seems to wish to keep cooperating with you & receive help for her future plans if it's possible for you."

"I opened your new lyrics file ( Don't You Die on Me ) with excitement. Although your lyrics are a little different from the original translation, I personally prefer yours. I just worked on a Korean translation of your lyrics, & will let you know when I hear back a good news."
        - Ronny Ko - grad student - CA, Korea
"Got your CD and had a chance to briefly listen today (just to the 3 selections you specified). When I first read the enclosed lyrics, without hearing the tracks, I thought I was reading an autobiographical 'cry for help' from a suicidal alcoholic on the edge of a breakdown. To be honest, it was kind of frightening & I thought, 'Is Mick trying to tell me something?' These were not the usually pun filled lyrics I've grown to expect from you. I didn't hold that impression for long because the songs on the CD portray very different imagery -- the zombie song made me chuckle throughout.

I've always known you were good at lyric writing, but this CD impressed me by your arranging, chord choices & rhythm - hearing how you put these tunes together is quite elaborate. You're really good at this stuff & I don't think I've ever heard you play guitar before. I like the harmonies you chose & where (& what) you decided to harmonize. Again, very good arranging despite the quality of the audio. I would like to hear you take these to full finished recordings. I don't know what my opinion is worth but I like these songs. I'm a Zombie This Morning is my favorite of the three."

"I watched some of the Kulak's Woodshed performances on your site. Great stuff! It must feel good to share your creativity in a live venue like that. I always thought your lyrics were exceptionally clever."
"Your latest songs & arrangements sounded great. I've enjoyed your new lyrics. The lyrics are great."
Out on the Left Coast: "Classic. This one's got to go on your album."
I Choose You:   "Like this one a lot."
The Fat Guy on Lost:   "I also enjoyed the song with the unanswered questions." 'Why do they always get the color wrong for a graffiti repair?' Never thought about it, but it's so true."

Under a Rock:   "I like the spoken break.  Ha, ha."
Such a Boob:   "Greatest Tits CD.  I love it."
An Extra Arm:   "Ha, Ha."
All Over You:   "I like it. Nothing like a good stalker song."
Morongo, Morongo:   "Awesome. Pure poetry."
Chicken Turkey:   "I love it."
Topped Out on Twitter:   "'No more Twitter on the shitter.' Ha, ha, ha ... that's your catch phrase right there.

        - Bill Wandel - film composer, screenwriter - CA, MI

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