Paul Kulak, ShannaOBrien, ShariVerona, DeronWade, DrLED Ed Bennett, Paul McCarty, Ronne Jaraneh MickTerry.com1e

Paul Kulak, ShannaOBrien, ShariVerona, DeronWade, DrLED Ed Bennett, Paul McCarty, Ronne Jaraneh MickTerry.com1e
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Bottomless Bottle:  "KOOL! Great times! Loved seeing that."
        - Paul McCarty - singer, songwriter  Wicked Saints - CA

Happy Birthday, Anyway:  "Very nice"
        - Scott Wright - musician, trumpeter   - CA

Happy Birthday, Anyway:  "Great song!"
        - David Michael Treviño - vocalist, percussionist, actor   - CA

Below the Surface (live at Kulak's Woodshed):  "Great poem last night!"
        - Dennis Miller - singer, songwriter, photographer   - CA

(MT- Featured Poet at Encino-Tarzana Library):   "We had a great time. Glad to see you in the spotlight!"
        - (Randy) Doc Johnson & the HeatSeekers - band leader, pianist, melodica player - CA

Freedom's a Word:  "That was a really nice job you did on Monday night, Mick. You should do that more often. How did you learn to do it so well?"
        - Paul Kulak - video producer, owner Kulak's Woodshed - CA

Freedom's a Word:  "It's a conspiracy! A plot by our enemies, how can you all be so blind? Oh, well. The enemies of freedom win again."
        - Tom Hubbard - librarian, songwriter - CA

Bloody Whale Tales in the Faroes:   "Wow ... very nice. Thank you for sharing & spreading the word. A more compassionate world one song at a time!"
        - Ronne Jaraneh - singer-songwriter - CA

The Computer Ate My Homework:   "Loved your computer song/poem you read. (Guitar Merchant) It seemed like it would be a great children's book."
        - Devon Dicker - singer-songwriter - CA

The Battle May Be Over:   "Absolutely outstanding !!!!!"
"You are sooo crazy!"
Christmas Dinner Alone; Jew Christmas:   "Thanks for your Christmas work. We enjoyed them."

      - ( Janet & ) Fred Gesin - ( educator & ) drummer formerly w/ Ronnie Hawkins & Hawks - CA
(Freedom's a Word a cappella choir at Kulak's Woodshed): 
"Hope your Freedom song was OK with you last night at Kulak's. It probably would have been better if we all had a bit more of a rehearsal - but time is always so dang short. I'm happy to be a part of Freedom's a Word. Hope the video turns out great. Friends who were tuned in said we sounded good to them!!! I had fun. It was easy for me. But I was a bit stressed at how a couple folks acted during rehearsal. In "my world", if you agree to participate in something like that - you prepare. In any event - if the video isn't quite what you want - let's do it again!!!"
        - Shanna O'Brien - singer-songwriter - CA
(Tribal Cafe):  "This is the first time I've seen Mick perform. Although Mick is a talented musician, this night Mick shared with us his world of words. Even without the accompaniment of a guitar & vocal, Mick made his words matter, challenging us to think about past issues. In one he mentioned a train accident that happened some time last year. In another, he declared his love for the little things in life. This is a real talent of Mick's. Most of us performers have a hard time delivering our mesage with our music to back us up. Mick drove the message home. His music was his words. Thank you, Mick, for performing at the Independent Scene!"

"Great work last night. I know you said you're not a poet, but heck, you might want to try on those clothes again. They fit you well."

      - Deron Wade - songwriter, co-founder Independent Scene - CA
"I always said you're the best lyricist ever. You're capable of writing some of the most engaging lyrics I've ever read. I think Voice Mail Jungle is brilliant."
Fairy Godfather:   "Another 'brilliant' lyric. Your lyrics are 'fresh', & that's saying something in this 21st Century 'plagiarized' world.

Caught you last night on Kulak's Woodshed live webcast. Why don't you do music? The spoken word is good but I've heard your stuff & you've got more game than most of the people I heard. The lyric about Buddy Holly, The One that Walked Away, was dynamic. Have run your lyric by a few people. All agree brilliant. Am going to approach Waylon Jennings with it. I think I can get a hold of him. Keep at it, Mick! I would like to perform at Kulak's with you again sometime."

Another Face, Another Name:   "Very well done. Bravo!"
Steaming Cup of Coffee:   "Wonderful."
Don't Sing: "Encouragement
from others. Another brilliant lyric"
Terrorists Don't Take a Vacation:   "Don't worry about made up 'boogeymen'! Nothing is going to happen that is NOT orchestrated by this administration!"

On the Ropes:   "I do hope this is NOT autobiographical. Where did this come from? Great writing. Hard to do if it's not real."
A Reason We Call Them Illegals:   "Brilliant! Does this have a melody yet?"

The Good, The Bad & The Ugliest:   "Very nice indeed! I can't believe the lack of response from 'The Resident'. He may occupy the 'White House' but he's going to have to show me something before I call him 'The President'."
Over-Athenated:   "What gets me the most is upon hearing that our guy really didn't win the gold, the coach & the vast majority of Nazi's ... er ... Republicans say, 'So what? We got the hardware.'"

        - Ed "Dr. LED" Bennett - producer, musician, songwriter - CA
MICK IS GREAT!!!! MICK IS GREAT!!! Sensational! ...
(I'm talking about The MAN). His music, I haven't heard yet. His music is great ... if you're sleeping. His music is one of a kind (for a sound-a-like music). Mick Terry ... 'Compose Yourself'!

If you're in a serious, romantic mood, do not dare play his music. Mick Terry is witty & clever. Those are his bad qualities. Whether it's humorous or serious music you seek ... Mick Terry! MAKE UP YOUR MIND.
A master on the keys. Oh ... Thought you were talking about Mick Terry, the locksmith. Didn't know you were referring to a composer, ha ha. Mick Terry's music is as soothing as a bubble bath."

Comedy of Terrors:   "Loved your poem/song. You have a knack for timing. Send it to the lottery commission."
Out on the Left Coast:   "Wish I was there in person to congrat you on getting airplay. Keep up the great work."
Big Bird's Missing:   "Adorable. No matter how you slice it, guess some deserve 'the bird'."

(Performing live at Hallenbeck's):   "You were great as usual."
(Featured Poet Barnes & Noble Encino):   "Am delighted you are featured. Didn't know was your first time. That's awesome! Keep me on your list! I love seeing you."

"(The new Entry Page) is fabulous, dahling! But on the computer it makes it difficult to see your hair! Just kidding. On a serious note, I LOVE YOUR NEW PAGE ... it is very professional."

So Now Here We Are at New Year's:   "That's beautiful! On a lighter note, we can't all stay in or next year's population growth will be out of control. Now that Dick Clark's been in & out of the hospital, not much else to do except tolerate Regis. There's a ball-dropping joke, but you're the master, so you can think of it."

I Sold My Wife on eBay:   "My favorite to date! Congrats!"
Such a Boob:   "Great, right on the money & I DO think it was a planned conspiracy. Dropped my shirt: woops!"
Get a Little Bit Worried:   "Sorry. Heard about that tragedy. You summed it up heartfelt & beautifully."

 - Shari Verona - producer, songwriter Verona Music Publishing - CA

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