Haskell Wexler, Peter Onorati, Meloney Hudson, Laura Catalina Ortiz, Laureen Benson-Hall.  MickTerry.com 2a

Haskell Wexler, Peter Onorati, Meloney Hudson, Laura Catalina Ortiz, Laureen Benson-Hall. MICK TERRY 2a
Silent Tree Music 

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( PART 2a )

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"I feel that Mick's a musical genius."
- Laureen Benson-Hall - former President Women in Film&Video-MD

Norton AntiTerrorist:   "Very clever."
- Michelle Reneé Allaire - actor, singer - CA

"I have an interest in classics & loved Fins, Fins."
- Cliff Greenough - associate producer - CA

Security Stip-searched Granny:   "I enjoyed the granny strip search song   :)"
- Laura Catalina Ortiz - actor - CA

(Barnes&Noble Encino Feature Poet:) "Congrats! I hope it goes well. Glad you're getting heard."
- Deirdre Hennings (& Robert Trebor) - educator (& actor) - CA

I Like Your Laughter:  "I really like your 'laughter is the best medicine' song; it is so true. I really like all kinds of music, I always have. I'm a fan of great lyrics."
- Teddy Lane, Jr. - actor - CA

Terms of Indifference: "You made it the beautiful piece that it is. Thank you so much for all of your talent & support. You are WONDERFUL!!"
- Meloney Hudson - director, producer - CA, MD

The Last Time I Saw Elvis:  "I read the lyrics - good stuff. Send me the YouTube link when you have it. Blond Chitlin' Goldstein is a great name."
- Paula L. Johnson - comedian, club host, screenwriter, author - CA

"Impressed with your web site, wow! Like your tunes. Think you are talented. Liked what I heard. Was hoping we'd work together. We can make MAGIC!"
- Sidney Goldberg - screenwriter, playwright - NJ

"Any chance of sending me this mp3 Loose Lips Libby? I want to listen to it to see if we can use it for a music break on our TV/radio news program  Democracy Now!"
- Elizabeth Press - producer Democracy Now! - US

First Time Out in his Brand New Porsche:   "Cool Porsche lyrics. So you own a Porsche? I'd like to hear the mp3. Maybe you'll do it live at one of our open-air mics."
- Jason Love - comedian - CA

"I am an animation producer seeking a song for an animated feature film. Do you have music written for the Tough Job song. I was thinking maybe you could adapt it for my film. My story is light hearted & fun. Any interest?"
- James Layne - film producer - AZ
"I am the excutive producer of The Rusty Humphries Show (a top 10 Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host in the USA). I came across your lyrics for Running out of Virgins in Heaven. Is this song produced where I could get a copy or do you have the capabilities to play this acousticlly on air live??? Please let me know. This song is GREAT!!!"
- Levi May - radio producer The Rusty Humphries Show - FL
"Currently producing a musical in high school which involves an elderly woman with dementia & a daughter who looks after her. Found lyrics of The Big Fade & am very interested in hearing it to see if it would be appropriate to incorporate in some way. It's proven almost impossible to find a tasteful enough lyric, but this was subtle & moving."
- Yvonne Rushmere - theatrical producer - UK
12 On / 12 Off: Who Needs Sleep?:  "What a surprise to read the words of your song & to know that you were inspired to write it because of my film  Who Needs Sleep? We have to get the song out there because this deadly problem persists. I believe your music can alert people who may never have known about the dangers of sleep deprivation. Anything I can do to cooperate with you, I certainly am available."
- Haskell Wexler - Academy Award-winning cinematographer,
                    director, producer
- CA
"You are doing great things with your music. Look forward to hearing some of your work again."
Shine:   "You have every right to be just as proud as you are - & I am surprised the glow that you are emitting is not turning
the rain to mist before it reaches you. You produce good stuff."
(Songwriter Sanctum Featured Performer 5-2-10:)   "Unfortunately I won't be in the area, but I will be thinking of you."
        - Joe Thompson - playwright, songwriter, poet, artist - MD
Coffee Fix Poetry Fix 7-29-12:  "Your set was very good."
Waves to the Shore CD:   "So who knew you was so talented already? Very sweet & Track 18 kills. Nice work. Great site.
Jew Christmas:   "Funny song.
Great site. You do very well with your poetry.
I was at the Encino Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on Halloween & didn't know that was you all dressed up like a phantom Coney Island fun house door man. Very good job."
- Tommy Otis - comedian - CA
"I've just read the lyrics from Everything is Automagic & have tried YouTube to hear the tune but can't find it. Is there music for this wonderful piece? I'm currently writing a play script called 'Luddites' & thought that, with your permission, I'd very much like to include the song as an ending to the play. What do you think of this? Can you let me know where I might hear the song?"
- Brian Van Norman - playwright, theatrical adjudicator - Ontario Canada
Bottomless Bottle by Blond Chitlin' Goldstein on live webcast from Kulak's Woodshed:  "I got it & it was cool !!!"
(At Hallenbeck's):  "Now, do YOU believe in global warming? I'm thinking of course you do -- the world is getting too weird --- I loved the Indian poem, Running Waters, & the other one, All Over You, was good, too, & lighter."
Things that I Remember:  "Loved the memory lyrics."
Don't Sing:  "That was LOVELY!"
The Hanukkah / Chanukah Song:  "I loved it!"
"LOVE your Listen to Me Santa song! Watched YouTube! WOW. You've got balls! It was perfect. I'm all over your website! You can be the next Bob Dylan! I watched some of the Kulak's stuff & I laugh so hard when you say 'awn' for 'on'! Except for the 'aawwn', you sound like a foreigner! Can't wait to meet you in person."
- Ande Marx - comedian - CA
Where Are the Nuggets on a Chicken?: "Good one, Mick."
Out of Virgins in Heaven, The Other Way: Good ones"
When the Wave Came:   "Good one, Mick. All the best."
So Here We Are at New Year's:   "Good one, Mick. Happy New Year."

I Choose You:   "WOW. World traveler AND surfer AND smart ... Hope my guys do as well."
Tribute to a Father: "Hope all goes as well as possible with your Dad & that he is happy & at peace here or hereafter ... He must be a great guy to have had such a sensitive & creative son."

Saint Ronald Reaganomics:
        "Right on, Mick. Well said.
        And now our money's to bare HIS HEAD?
        On second thought that seems right.
        He took our money and left urban blight."
"Keep 'em coming, Mick. They're a welcome break."
- Peter Onorati - actor - CA

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