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Eddie Huchro:  Film /Television /Theater /Radio            Visitor Comments 2b:  MICK TERRY
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( PART 2b )
( The Eddie Huchro Memorial Page )

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Morongo, Morongo:   "Great writing!"
Don't Shoot Me!: "Love this! We need more songwriters like you!"
If You're So Clever, Smarterer:  "Funny stuff you got going."
(Kulak's Live Webcast)   "You seem busy with these gigs now! Keep rockin' it out."
Alien Inside Me: "I always knew there was something Alien about you. Pretty cool! I personally think the alien inside is real."

But You Never Saw Me:   "I like it - though it's a sad thing. I'm familiar with it.
(Dr. Zhivago) Very nicely poetically put."
Diamonds in the Rough:   "I like the lines! ... but it is pretty downerish. The children always pay the unnecessary costs."
... Heat-Seeking Missle: "Nice! Gives new meaning to air travel these days. The cowboy in charge - perfect ending."
Cardinal Law: "Bless me Father for I am about to return your sins. Hmmm."

Girl's Gone Mild: "Would be interesting to hear music to this."
She Didn't Mind:   "Hmm ... just not sure about the Clorox bleach thing, tho' it could work. I like the pants being slightly tattered - describes most of my wardrobe!"
One More Damned Resolution:   "I was waiting for the rest of the song but my scroll down ended way too soon! 150 BPM - the recommended heart rate while performing this piece, banjo in hand?"

Out On The Left Coast:   "Awesome! Very cool! It was great! Been forwarding it!   AAARNOLD"
Dick Cheney Asked Me to Go Hunting: "Eeww, face time."
Looking for Young Men: "Have to think about this one...hmm."
I Can Hear My Eyelids:   "Wow. The hearing of the eyelids is kind of different - still digesting this."
Bill Cosby Groped Me Too: "Always thought of him as a turd anyway."

If We're Going Down:   "Nice."
It Won't Help:   "Love it!!! Sad though, but still."
Bushwhacked: "Pretty interesting. Not sure I fully understand the bridge, but will ponder it."
Illegal Alien: "Does this mean it's in human nature to need to 'conquer'...?"
The Good, The Bad & The Ugliest:   "Not much mentality down there. Have you ever been there...? It's not the shining example of a shiny country. Although ain't much shinin' lately."

Big Bird's Missing:   "Poor yellow guy."
Santa Must Have a Hovercraft:   "Kinda cute, I think ...!? How about a Santa C130?"
Open Mouth, Insert Foot:   "I love this part!
(Verse 4). The big problem here in the mid-west!!! OMG it's ridiculous!!!"
Can We Talk?:   "I like the song, though I didn't see the news about the candid conversation. More material needs to be written like this (your song) to attract more than a half days worth of public attention ... so it's burned onto a CD & the like to LAST!"

Land of Dreams:   "Some kind of external pressure or deadline not being met ...? I'm thinking this is simple yet may be complicated to the average ear. Some dreams are complicated, because they may not make immediate (or ever) sense, yet the 'feeling' or 'intuition' about it or something is there. It's like he is trying too hard and sabotages himself. If he concentrates more on the moment, such as plugging a cord into the amp rather than worrying about the wierd feeling he has then he might become the dream master instead of the dream drowner."

The Day We Were Invaded:   "United Dogs of America!"
Little Green Men?:   "No man should live in fear of truth.
And no man should ever deny another that truth."
Perpetual Eclipse:   "Not sure about this yet. Will have to look it over a little more. Sounds like BLB = Bad Luck Band."
Where Are the Nuggets on a Chicken?:   "Hmmm ... never would have thought of that as a topic for a song!"

Brokeback Movie:   "I refuse to even go see this movie. If the academy could do a finer job of spelling out to the world the oh-poor-victim them & their political-crap-microcosm lives they live in & believe in, I don't think they'll ever do a finer job. ... Although, I have been wrong ... on rare occasion. & I'm always thumbs up for more comedy! Heaven knows we need
it in this age :) The best thing that has now or ever will come out is:
                'Look at those chaps up on that saddle:
                all of that leather and he's good with a whip.
                Riding those bulls, roping those cattle,
                grabbing his horn & he is fully equipped.'  
( 2006 Mick Terry)
LOL, too funny ... thank you! Actually I'm sure it's got good acting in it & they probably deserve awards & such."

People Think I'm Horny:   "What about the battery? LOL. Although it probably stopped as soon as he got far enough away from it, right ... !? He-he. I like equating horny with a random horn stuck problem!"
Open Season on the Freeway:   "Love the ending! Didn't expect that! So maybe amid all this killing there's still hope ... even if it comes in the form of a bimbo. Great!"
I Sold My Wife on eBay: "Hmmm... Has it really come to this!? You might have a hard time with the up for grabs mother thing ... unless she's a hot grammy! Uuuuugh ... He-he."

I'm Voting for McBama, Half a Heartbeat Away:
"Man you should get an award for this stuff! Maybe I'll start a Mick Terry for President campaign. They are all good ... I think I like the McBama one the best because of the reference of being forced more or less. The third party debates on CNN talked some about that if you watched them."

A Reason We Call Them Illegals:   "He-he, that's good!":  
'Who's speaking our language like none of the time.' (2004 Mick Terry)
Winning with a Losing Hand:   "I love it ... more than you know. Many of the things you write about hit home or remind me of actual events in my life."

Saint Ronald Reaganomics:   "I really liked some of those lyrics. Why all this hype about Reagan after he died? ... Someone trying to cover up something here? ... Muffle something out perhaps? ... Co-dependent yester-guilt? I just don't seem to get it. By the way, are these supporters the same ones coming out with the new reality show Wife Swap in September? On a more important note, we should be more concerned & saddened with the loss of Ray Charles. And where did his death go amongst all this Reagan hype? Geez, has anyone even heard of Ray Charles anymore? Perhaps I'M THE ONE who's way out past Pluto & all these Reagamanics & wife-swap-to-be'ers are the normal ones...?"

The Wrong Man:   "I just had a tiny part in a movie called Betty Anne Waters about this very thing. The scene is with Hilary Swank & Minnie Driver - you will see me as the Courthouse Man for a brief moment. Anyway, this film is the true story of Kenneth Waters who was wrongly convicted of murder & served 17 1/2 years in prison before his sister, Betty Anne had to go to law school, become a lawyer & herself get her brother off because of a faulty justice system that continues to this very day to "save face" for the very mistakes it makes by putting innocent people to death. So far I've heard nothing but "talk" from our new president & it is in my opinion that at the end of eight years if he succeeds at everything else & fails at changing this one thing - the abuse of power in law enforcement & the working arena in general - then he fails entirely as a president. As long as a country's own justice system is littered with fault & corruption then it will remain to be a lethal toxin to the nation as a whole. This is an internal atrocity that must be dealt with. How can we be a gleaming beacon for the rest of the world when this stuff ACTUALLY happens in our own country. The statistics are staggering
& I believe they will be listed at the end of the film."
        - Eddie Huchro - actor, tri-athlete - CA; IL

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