Douglas Farah, Jon Stebbins, Kirk Anderson, Tammy Abbott, Joe Thompson, Kirk Anderson. 3a

Douglas Farah, Jon Stebbins, Kirk Anderson, Tammy Abbott, Joe Thompson, Kirk Anderson. MICK TERRY 3a
Silent Tree Music 

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Hey, It's Not Me:   "Just found your site. Great song!"
      - Douglas Farah - co-author Merchant of Death - MD

Not Quite the World's Oldest Profession:   "Very funny."
      - Jess M. Brallier - publisher;
                  author Lawyers & Other Reptiles
- MA

Steaming Cup of Coffee: "I got a kick out of your coffee song"
    - Craig Fisher - former deputy arts editor Los Angeles Times - CA

The Tired White Heron:   "Very nice!"
      - Susan Denley - editorial development Los Angeles Times - CA

King's Ransom:   "I liked that poem. It would make a good folk song, yes? It just has a Cat Stevens, bluesy feel."
      - Douglas Valentine - investigative reporter, author - MA

"Hey Mick ... it looks great."
(Barnes & Noble Encino Featured Poet 11-28-09)   "Congrats Mick!"
   - Tammy Abbott - photo journalist LA Times Community News - CA

"I checked out your website & found it to be incredibly well crafted as is your music. A thoroughly professional presentation."
     - Jon Stebbins - author - CA
What the Hell Did We Hit?: "We All Live in a Semi Submarine. Re authority: I am pretty well sourced. US & local authorities talk to me about it. I think it's just a case of asking, not any special status I have."
      - Chris Kraul - writer Los Angeles Times - CA
I'm Voting for McBama;   Half a Heartbeat Away:   "I like the McBama song, & the Palin one even more. Hope you have great success with your music & can find a way to do it full time. Sure have enjoyed knowing you. I imagine our paths will cross again. Hang in there, & I hope it will be only good news for you & The Times."
      - Myron Levin - former investigative reporter LA Times - CA
"Night of Dying Moon is very nice. Hope you're circulating your material to all the logical places. Alas, West Magazine isn't going to be a likely publication outlet for you. It has nothing to do with the quality of your work, which is quite good. It's just that we're a magazine, & the chances of us publishing song lyrics is pretty remote. I hope you find a home for them, though."
      - Martin J. Smith - editor Orange Coast Magazine,
                        former senior editor West Magazine & Los Angeles Times Magazine
- CA
But With You I'm Fred Astaire:   "My fave of all! Great to find someone who makes you feel like Fred Astaire (or Ginger Rogers, as the case may be.)"
Don't Wake Me Yet:   "What a lovely song! Took me back to sweet moments in former lives -- or former chapters of this life. Do you perform anywhere?"

Ehawee is Gone:   "I was moved. & informed. I didn't know about those horrible rape stats. What you say about getting anyone interested in rapes among Indian women -- it's the chronic frustration of this business today. It's very hard to get stories in about the poor, the disenfranchised, the rest of the world except for war zones. Few outlets do it well, & one is NPR. Ted Koppel used to be the only guy on the networks to tackle stuff like street drug addicts and prisoners. I guess he's still doing it somewhere on cable, but not on Nightline. Keep up the good lyrics."

      - Susan Brink - health reporter Los Angeles Times - CA

Waves to the Shore CD:   "Hey, I'm impressed. I haven't listened to the entire CD but have sampled some pieces. I like how the melodies go in places I don't expect. Some neat counter-melodies too. And you mix the instrumental colors in neat ways as well.

Here's a thought, though perhaps this happens later in the disc. On a few numbers--I think cuts 4 and 6, though I'm not sure-- you start with dreamy, somewhat subdued openings. These later segue into up-beat pieces. The contrasts are pretty neat and work just fine, but have you ever thought of writing an entire piece in the manner of one of those dreamy openings? I bet you could do something neat in that style for an extended time. Just a thought.

I look forward to listening to the rest of it. Thanks for bringing by the disc. As I said, I'm impressed. I can compose a sentence, but I haven't a clue as how to compose music."

    - Steve Padilla - City Desk Editor Los Angeles Times - CA
Warm & Fuzzy Christmas:   "You wrote a song that warms the holiday heart. Well done."
& There She Goes (Home Again):   "I LOVE the song! It's beautiful. I went through two Kleenexes! It is so sweet. Keep 'em comin'."
The Tired White Heron:   "That is so lovely."
Wrong Man:   "This sounds like another among thousands of reasons to end the death penalty. I'm sure you wrote something potent."
Target on his Back:   "Yikes! That is one disturbing song. Although you compose it well, as you do all of your pieces, I'm not crazy about the theme. Too many weirdos out there with that in mind. Move on, por favor!"

Ugliest Christmas Tree:   "Oh posh! The song is great fun. Keep them coming. I love them. Count me among those touched. I'm amazed at your prolific output, the quality of your poetry & by your take on the world. As I said before, keep it coming! I hope you're continuing to write your great tunes. You DO write great tunes! I'll keep reading them.

Congratulations on the Encino Barnes & Noble Featured Poet gig! That is fantastic. I've always loved your work & I'm delighted that lots of others will get to enjoy it too. I'll be thinking of you & wishing you lots of luck.

     - Diane Wedner - former real estate & travel writer LA Times - CA
"I successfully eluded deportation. Actually, I should have started putting together the book Banana Republic the week the strip ended, and had it available when Bush was still around! (The book came out last Nov/Dec.)

Unfortunately, as thrilled as I am to have an Obama administration, many if not most of our banana republic problems will persist, some will get better, but it will take a loooong time to turn the ship around. I was very happy to hear Obama's early executive orders, but even in outlawing torture, the order leaves open the option of farming out our torture to third countries ("rendition") which is how most of our torture is done already. Also, the administration is threatening Britain's courts that if they pursue making our government records on torture public, we'll stop sharing our intel with their intel, and Britain backed down. Not much of a commitment against torture. But (sigh) it's a start in the right direction ...

I looked at your Plastic Rivers. That's a great song! I checked out some of the others:
Green Hummer (great title). I like the line about
'the original one that blocks out the sun'!   ( 2007 Mick Terry)
Going to Hell In a Handbasket is great, especially the lines:
               'This world ain't going to hell in a hand basket.
                It's going to hell in a crate,
                all packaged and shipped in its own casket.
                And we're close to being way too late.'  
( 2007 Mick Terry)
Great site! I hope you've been able to make a full-time career from your music!"
      - Kirk Anderson - cartoonist, author Banana Republic
"I keep coming back to your website. I find your overall presentation really quite funny. It was good to be there. I'd forgotten how funny you are. I laughed, sometimes even out loud, at your puns & funs. I understand your ironic humor. It's great in your performances & songs. One of your strengths. I liked that you piled in interests & unrelated passions, as they're all a part of you. Your trains!

I liked your purpose; it matches my vision. I'm looking for a composer such as you who can reach to the depths of your feelings today, yet transform whatever anguish you find there into something powerful and good.

I like that you're theatrically savvy as well as brilliant in your composition. I wish I could get your songs out of my head. You are one of the funniest people I have ever not met."

The Things that I Remember: "Poignant
& even a little fun."
Chicken Turkey:   "I love it! Love it every year."
Once the Dark Wings:   "The fact that I can't say 'I like it' attests to how right on you got these lyrics."
The Hospital Tango:   "Making me kind of sick, so you must have done right in that one too!"

The Ugliest Christmas Tree: "Everyone, it seems, has an ugly Christmas tree connection. Great twist to a warmly identifiable story."
The Other Way:   "This needs to be on L.A. radio!!! Do you have music? Can you make it? Sing it yourself (for starters, just to get it out there & heard). Then send your own recording to CarTalk. IT WILL BE PLAYED. Fantastic!"

      - E. Sandy Powell - playwright In Our Hands Now! musical;
                    author Geranium Morning, Daisy, What's Up?
- OR
(Bicci & Onri RR featured in Newhall CA Library art exhibit July 10-Oct 5 2015:)  "CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know how proud you have always been of your diorama, so am overjoyed that it has been honored once again."

Random Acts of Kindness:   "Whenever I hear 'random acts of kindness', I think of you."
I Can Smell What You're Stepping In:   "This is adorable. Definitely not Brier Patch Ramble material, but adorable just the same."
Are You Still There?:   "I LOVE IT!!  It's probably on my Top 10 list."
Man in the Tree:   "Gave me the chills. This was my first day not waking up to a picture of the man in the tree. Very nicely done, Mick. Good therapy for both of us, but not for publication (in Brier Patch Ramble)."

"Three years is a really good run. I still like What's Good for Monsanto best. I also included the article that was added to the bottom of the lyrics. A lot of people don't really understand GMO, & it explained everything pretty well. Someone - who shall remain nameless - will say it offends her because it's too political ... "

The Big One, I'm Offended, Dr. Phil Had a Breakdown, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Wheels on the Road, It's Curtains for Us, Filling the Tub, Patience:  "I like them all. The earthquake one was really good but don't know if you-know-who would object to:
 'But then, do I have time to just wipe my behind?'   Too cute - I laughed out loud - but you already know I'm a little sick. Don't know which to choose, I'll have to read them all again. Thanks!"

"I love the one I chose for the Brier Patch Ramble  (Plastic Rivers) - thank you!"
"I liked Jew Christmas, but seeing how Hanukkah is in November this year, decided against publishing it this time. Keep it for next year's submissions though!!"
We've Been Fracked:  "I like this & agree with this, but we have too many politically minded people here who would not, & I don't want to get any lip. This one can't go in the Brier Patch Ramble, sorry - - - really sorry."

Kingdom of the Gun
was right in the middle of my childhood, so it brought back lots of good memories."
Valentine's Night Massacre:   "I love this one."
Hey, Have You Seen Her?:  "Absolutely adorable ... but ... with the congress of unspecified persons in this community, I'm afraid someone would come throwing rocks. I'd love to hear it at the Keyboard Galleria though!"

    - Marianne Williams - former editor Brier Patch Ramble magazine
              (which has published one of MT's lyrics each month since September, 2011
- CA

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