Rick Lupert, Gil Roscoe, Chris Beauvais, Ron Dvorkin,     Dori Marler, Ron Gregus:  MickTerry.com Poetry Visitors 3b

Rick Lupert, Gil Roscoe, Chris Beauvais, Ron Dvorkin,     Dori Marler, Ron Gregus:  MICK TERRY Poetry Visitors 3b
Silent Tree Music 

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( PART 3b )

To 3c of 10

Trailer Trash Tramp:   "I like it."
        - Hal Conley - poet, actor, antique dealer, insurance sales, postman - CA

No Smooth Sailing : "The lines are too long. It looks like you squashed them to fit on 1 page"
        - Jason Ackerman - Encino CA elected official, poet - CA

When the Skeeter Bites on the Bayou: "Wonderful imagery. The tune is haunting & works very well."
        - Isabella Errico-Dossi - poet - CA

"I appreciate your contribution at The Ron Dvorkin poetry reading tonight. I look forward to savouring more of your art next month, as I shall return."
        - Sugano - poet - CA

Mother Plucker:   "Well, I'll be a mother plucker. It was you that took all that money! LOL I like this. Sounds like it would be a great folk song. Kudos."
        - Jim / Legion - songwriter / poet - US
Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie:   "Je pense c'est tres important pour tous unir et montrer solidarite maintenant comme tout le monde en France."
"Thanks for The Ugliest Christmas Tree poem. I could picture the whole thing & it certainly brought tears to my eyes!."

        - Pam Gregus - poet, LA Water & Power administrator - CA
MT Featured Performer at Encino-Tarzana Library 3-26-16:   "You're a funny man, Mr. Mick Terry! Really Rad indeed. You did fine. We'll ask you again, but probably not next month."
"Mick Terry
  (aka MickTerry.com)   is an engaging lyricist & poet."
        - Wyatt Underwood - system engineer JPL, poet,
                        host of Westwood Library Poetry Open Mic
- CA
                        co-host of Encino-Tarzana Library Poetry Open Mic - CA
                        former co-host of Coffee Cantina Poetry Open Mic in Frazier Park - CA
Priests with Syphilis:  Play with your format - might be interesting as a stream of consciousness (association) on the words, priest, sex & inuendo.
A Noir & Horny Night in Paris: "Good delivery in a 'film noir' accent. I liked this line:
'where all the rain never washes your sins'."   ( 2006 Mick Terry )
        - Ron Brown - poet - CA
"So glad you came!! Thank you for bringing so much laughter into the space with your funny but serious poetry. What a unique mix you bring to poetry. Looking forward to many more sharings with you in Thousand Oaks & the other places we continue to meet."
        - Bobbi Rudin - poet, host of Hummingbird & Honeybee poetry - CA
If the Holocaust Was a Myth:  "Doesn't matter to me that this was written by a non-Jew. Anyone can appreciate the horror in some way or another. & in fact, the more voices of all kinds that help keep the memory of what happened alive the better."
        - Rick Lupert - poet, host of Cobalt Poets, music teacher - CA
"Nice website. Guess I won't be seeing you around so much now that poetry night (Barnes & Noble Encino, Borders Canoga Park) is defunked. Let me know if you're ever at Kulak's Woodshed again. That's right down the street from me. I'll try to make it down there some Monday night. Sounds like they have quite a crowd."
        - Gil Roscoe - author, poet, comedian, teacher - CA
"I really like the look of VietnamWarPoetry.com. The choice of the background color is superb, blends beautifully with the text of the pieces. I like the layout of the site. I see & understand why you've won awards. You've produced quality art. You've done a great job. Keep up the good work."
        - Victor Henry - librarian, poet - CA
(Coffee Cantina 12-11-10 "Your poetry was terrific for our audience. Especially the children. When you read your first poem  (Listen to Me, Santa)  you really had the children's attention. I was sitting behind them & they were so still & watching & listening to your every word. Thanks to you for making the long trek up here. I hope you come again."
        - Joy LeBaron - editor, poet - CA
" I was peeking around your LinkedIn page, website & YouTube for a bit. I enjoy what you do. I was exploring live stuff for a bit in NY & had a good time with it, more performance I think, but I was much younger. Now I enjoy the fluidity of the word, the simplicity of its expression & the depth of their play. Thank you for allowing me to see & hear your work."
        - Robert McColley - poet, writer, author - NY
If the Holocaust Was a Myth:   "Your poem brought chills. Thank you so much for sharing it. My internment, though awful, was nothing compared with what happened in Europe. The war destroyed our entire way of life. It's all in my book, which, by the way, is doing exceptionally well. To date 100 copies sold by myself after just two weeks! So delighted. I'll look forward to your Featured Poet date at Coffee Fix Poetry Fix."
        - Ester Benjamin Shifren - author, poet - CA
When's Enough Enough?:   "I vote for this one"   (choosing between 3 lyrics written to same melody).
Saliva, Slobber & Slime:   "Different & interesting."
Priests with Syphilis:   I'm speechless
These Tears Don't Fall:   "Very creative!"
Now It's Over:   "The torture of breaking up."
Man in the Tree:   "Too Real!!! Of course that is good."
Turn This Plane Around:   "Nice! I like the multiple Meanings!"
Howl Are You on Horrorween?:   "A classic"
Consider the Dung Beetle: "Clever! Really fun, especially after dinner LOL!! Could name it 'Next Time'"
Mr. Uniform:   "History repeats - Thanks for the reminder"

        - Mary Howard - author, poet, chiropractor - CA
"Congratulations on being the Featured Poet at Beyond Baroque. That is impressive. You have earned it."

5-22-10) "I really enjoyed your presentation last night. It was great. Funny & musical."

)   "I thought your poetry was poignant & powerful Saturday. I also wanted to thank you for your support. You are a great support. I appreciate your being there each month & I appreciate your being so helpful. Reading first, then staying to the end to help with the chairs. Thank you. I have placed your YouTube videos in my favorite place."

Vee Half Vase Off May Kink U Tock:   "Very good.  A+"
Just Forget About Me:   "I liked it!"
Runaway Toyota:   "Very up to date."
Horror Stories:   "Great."
The Good, the Bad & the Ugliest:   "Very powerful."
First Time Out in his Brand New Porsche:   "Very clever."

(Barnes & Noble Encino Featured Poet 11-28-09)   "To celebrate the last Encino Barnes & Noble reading of the year, we will be featuring the popular songwriter poet MICK TERRY.   Mick's personality, panache & enthusiasm are beyond compare & he is not to be missed."  (from the print & email flyer distributed)

"Mick: Your energy is amazing. I love your enthusiasm. Thank you for a wonderful job & an equally wonderful turnout of talented people (65+). It was a wonderful audience & a wonderful night. It could have not gone better. It was helped by your friends who played music. I thought they were all great. Know that you have personally done more than any other feature to see to it that there will be an audience. You could have not done more.

It was an emotional evening for me. Dori Marler being there while obviously not feeling well, then reading with passion. & the last young boy who sang so sadly reminded me very much of my son. I was pleasantly surprised to see Rick (Lupert) & his family as well. No one nicer or more talented than Rick, or a better host."

        - Ron Dvorkin - story-teller, poet, former optometrist
                        former host of Encino-Tarzana Library Poetry Open Mic
- CA
                        former host of Borders Canoga Park Poetry Open Mic - CA

                        former host of Barnes & Noble Encino Poetry Open Mic - CA

MT Featured Performer at Encino-Tarzana Library 3-26-16:   "You are wonderful! Thank you so much for today & for all you do for the Los Angeles poetry scene."

"Thank you so much for always being there & for constantly coming up with new subjects for your very own material & style. You do stand out from the crowd & I love it. I hope you don't mind when I joke about your 'Love Poems'. I do remember those two love poems & they are lovely. I think your work is so original, current & so perfectly topical ... every time."

"You were great ... as usual. Thank you so much for your support. Do you always have to be so wonderful? Geeeze! You're funny, smart, helpful & so tall."
(Barnes & Noble Encino 3-27-10)   "You were exceptionally good last night. I thought you really connected with the audience. You are too cute. You are one of the best."

(Barnes & Noble Encino 1-29-10)   "As usual you were great. You are a wonderful friend & one of my favorite poets. What a great attitude & sense of humor. My kinda guy. I love your material & your wonderful spirit."

(Barnes & Noble Encino Featured Poet 11-28-09)   "Last night I felt so dizzy that I was thinking of not going, but I really wanted to be there for you. & you were worth it. What a night! I'm so glad I came. You are just great. Just keep doing what you do & I hope I'm included in each of your presentations.

My son, John, started to play guitar when he was about 10 years old. He was 14 at the time with me in NYC when he saw the Sam Goody store ablaze with lights at 11PM. He was all excited. He strolled up to the clerk & tried to be very nonchalant while asking for Jimi Hendrix records. The clerk pointed to the two guys looking at records in the back part of the big store, the only other people in the store, & said, 'That's him'. My son went beserk. He was yelling, 'MOM, JIMI, MOM!' Then he regained some composure & introduced me to him. Jimi was very gracious. He talked to us for about 15 minutes & signed the album. It was a memorable moment.

Today, John is CEO of an on-line educational org. & a very accomplished guitar & mandolin player with an extensive collection of rare guitars. He writes music & performs at open mics around the Seattle Area. His daughter, Gennie Gebhart, used to perform with him, is on YouTube with a Seattle Symphony-sponsored young peoples group called Vocal Point, & has the same birthdate as Jimi Hendrix & you."

        - Dori Marler - artist, poet, former department store buyer,
                        former co-host of Expressions - DaysInn -
Glendale, CA
                        former co-host of Coffee Fix Poetry Fix -
Studio City, CA
                        former host of M Street Poets - Sherman Oaks, CA

                        former host of VIVA Art Center Poets' Gallery - Sherman Oaks, CA

Stacked Deck printed in The Signal newspaper:   "Sorry about the bad review, etc. Some people just don't get it."

Would Music Be the Same?:   "Very good. Like it."
Been Down So Long:   "Loved it."
If I Could Breathe:   "Wonderful poem. Sad topic."
When's Enough Enough?:   "This one! with melody"
  (choosing between 3 lyrics written to same melody).
Saliva, Slobber & Slime:   "Great. Love this."

MT Featured Performer at Encino-Tarzana Library 3-26-16:   "What I heard was wonderful."
The Thirteenth Step:  "Very good."
Priests with Syphilis:   :Very good. I like it
These Tears Don't Fall:   "Really like this!!!"
Extinct:   "I really like this & I love the music."

Zombie Vampires:   "Excellent"
Now It's Over:   "Great. Love it. I really like this (including melody)."
I Can Tell You're from Bawlmer:   "Very good."
She Likes Me for my A.D.D.:   "Excellent. Like this."
Pretty Little Secrets:   "The music (more upbeat) is extremely effective. Love this."

I Love Your Laughter:   "Great. Love it."
David & Goliath (Big or Little):   "Very good. No changes. Perfect."
What Gives You the Right (Steal Her Away):   "Very good. Like this."
Man in the Tree:   "Powerful."
Ransacked:   "I really like this."
No Smooth Sailing:   "Great"

But Mom, Everybody Else Has a Gun:   "Very Good."
Turn This Plane Around:   "Really Good. I was wondering if plane crashed or dream."
Get to the Point:   "Great!!!"
The Car's Not Mine:   "Wonderful rhymes"
Consider the Dung Beetle:   "Wonderful"

Mr. Uniform:   "I really love this"
Anybody Else:   "Very good as always."
Porn O'Clock in the Morning:   "Great. I'm so surprised by the content. Love it."
Somebody Stole the Getaway Car:   "Love this!"
I Never Wrote a Sonnet:   "Great."

Which Witch Is Witch?:   "Great."
Been Down So Long:   "There's not a thing that I would change. Great."
I Forgive You, You Slut:   "Very good."
What Did I Do?:   "Very good."
No, I Am DB Cooper:   "Great."
Trailer Trash Tramp:   "Good."
Shake His Hand?:   "Very good."

No Stomping Here:   "Great."
Tornado Alley:   "Very good."
Been Down So Long:   "Great."
That Deputy Thinks He's Got Me: "Wouldn't change a thing."
Maid's Year Off:   "Wonderful"
Oh, That? That's Nothing:   "Very great."
When the Skeeter Bites on the Bayou:   "Great as usually"

Thuper Thighs Me:   "Very clever"
Just Forget About Me: "Very Good - Like it."
The Good, the Bad & the Ugliest:   "Excellent."
A Noir & Horny Night in Paris:   "Lots of fun. Very good."
First Time Out in his Brand New Porsche:   "Very good."
No! This Can't Be Happening!:   "Maybe too many choruses? Not sure. But I like this."

        - Chris Beauvais - archery instructor, poet
host of L.A. Poets Roundtable - Sherman Oaks, CA
                        former host of Borders Canoga Park Poetry Workshop - CA

                        former host of Barnes & Noble Encino Poetry Workshop - CA

I Love Her Butt:   VERY ROMANTIC."
When's Enough Enough?:   "I choose this one"
  (choosing between 3 lyrics written to same melody).
Saliva, Slobber & Slime:   "I want her as a pet."
MT Featured Performer at Encino-Tarzana Library 3-26-16:   U really did good Saturday. Yes sir, by the reaction you got U got a good one. Everything went well with the recording setup too."
Priests with Syphilis:  Nice piece."
These Tears Don't Fall:   "VERY WELL SAID. So sad."
Extinct:   "DinaGoose enjoys."
Now It's Over:  
'A bucket of teardrops sits high on a barroom shelf.'   2014 Mick Terry   "I dig this first line."
I Can Tell You're from Bawlmer:   "Love the accent. Excellent."
She Likes Me for my A.D.D.:   "Excellent. I know."
Pretty Little Secrets:   "GOOD IDEA, but there's that dangling mustache."

I Love Your Laughter:   "Excellent idea put to song."
MT live at Keyboard Galleria 2-10-15:   Plumber's Butt:   "I noticed that your 'performance' is getting better. I'm sure you made a good 'plumbers' impression.
Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie:   "What can I say? Superman was afraid? When I first saw it in print I thought they were talking about JeSus."
David & Goliath (Big or Little):   "Very good. I have seen this in action."

Do Vampires Floss after Feeding?:   "Very entertaining fun."
Zombie Vampires:   "The terrifying doctor did an excellent job of scaring the shit out of everyone. But he will be even scarier come Halloween at 4&20 Pies."
What Gives You the Right (Steal Her Away):   "Good writing, but I blame her too."
Man in the Tree:   "True life. Wow. Well done."
Have a Fun (High School) Reunion:   "Very amuzing"
No Smooth Sailing:   "YOU ARE THE GUILTY ONE"

But Mom, Everybody Else Has a Gun:   "Some things never change! LOVE the title."
Turn This Plane Around:   "GOOD FLIGHT. Puts the movie thoughts in the mind."
Howl Are You on Horrorween?:   "Love it."
Consider the Dung Beetle:   "You got it all together"
Mr. Uniform:   "Perfect view of past happening"

Anybody Else:   "I DIG WAR POEMS - Good job"
Porn O'Clock in the Morning:   "Good view of a tragic homeless bum."
Somebody Stole the Getaway Car:   "Good togetherness. Fits well among the words."
I Never Wrote a Sonnet:   "ABSOLUTELY MUCH COOL"
(Kulak's Woodshed 2-18-13)   Below the Surface:   "It was a cool reading, but the question is: what ocean going cruise did you go on? We did only 2. 1 for 1 day & the other for 3 days. Nothing bad happened while we were on them."

(Kulak's Woodshed 1-14-13)   You did good tonight, but only 1 lyric?"
But Maybe I Ain't All That Smart:   "Great country song."
Which Witch Is Which?:   "Like the play on 'which' & 'witch'. Well done."
I Forgive You, You Slut:   "Very good. Love its ideas."
No, I Am DB Cooper:   "Very cool."
Trailer Trash Tramp:   "Well done, but the dialogue had to be written by a man, not by a woman."

No Stomping Here:   "Perfect for making wine. A lot of fun."
Tornado Alley:   "I fear tornados."
That Deputy Thinks He's Got Me:  "Now I know why. Makes like good sense."
Maid's Year Off: "Rhyme scheme excellent. All very complete"
When the Skeeter Bites on the Bayou: "Very good word & song match."
But Maybe I Ain't All that Smart: "This works well with music"

Runaway Toyota:   "If the brakes were used & put in neutral, why didn't the car explode?"
First Time Out in his Brand New Porsche:   "Very good."
No! This Can't Be Happening!:   "Yes, yes, yes. Good Halloweenie song. Cool bridge."
Horror Stories: "Very good. I want to hear this with its music. You do good work, man."

        - Ron 'Goose' Gregus - poet, co-host of Encino-Tarzana Library Poetry Open Mic - CA
"I enjoyed your lyrics. Cape Cod Cottage is very heartfelt; Yucapia (Something's Calling Me) confirms how this is meant to be your new home.
I recall you said something about this song. The title is familiar. I'm not likely mistaken because one doesn't often come across ditties about Yucaipa! That said, maybe when you're settled in, you can talk to city officials about adopting it as its official song. I thought about the Pismo Beach Council & how it was a missed opportunity. Hopefully, the 'Yucaipians' will recognize this song's uniqueness and value.

But I Don't Know:   "Neat, a new song! I feel like I'm having a 4 & 20 experience, but without the others sharing your lyrics. It's good to know that the words & melody came back after your senior moment. Asalways, I like what you wrote, & the contemporary references with Facebook & selfies speak to our time."
Would Music Be the Same?:   "Great idea; makes one think."

Stacked Deck printed in The Signal newspaper:   "The various reader comments wouldn't have been made if the full backstory hadn't been omitted. Your warranted concerns were clear to me when you explained what's been going on in your community, & how no one was willing to stand up for the renters. But, as you said, at least this was published. As you know, there is power in words. Keep doing what you do!"

Stacked Deck letter:   "It's a nice letter you wrote to the City Council. One assumes it won't change things, which is sad on many levels. For me, personally, I am bummed to hear that the actions will result in your moving. When you said it was a likelihood, I was hoping that it wouldn't come to pass. I've enjoyed knowing you & it just won't be the same without you around.
I hope I'm still putting the cart before the horse; that maybe something will change with your present circumstances, or that you will find a new place in the general area.
Howard mentioned he was going to respond to your email as well. I don't think that he has any special insights, given his sense of local politics, but hopefully he'll come up with some suggestions. & if he does, I will 'second' and 'third' them!
Missing you already."

If I Could Breathe:   "I like this a lot."
I Love Her Butt:   "Clever! Love the title, Butt when don't I?!"
Saliva, Slobber & Slime:   "Fun song."
MT Featured Performer at Encino-Tarzana Library 3-26-16:   "I feel so badly that I couldn't witness y'all at the Library. Next time for sure."

The Thirteenth Step:  "Eye-opening & unsettling."
Double-Wide:  "Double-props on Double-Wide"
Priests with Syphilis:  "Quirky in a good way! (Love the title)"
Big Bird's Missing:   "You shouldn't have hunted down Big Bird! Loved the clip from Kulak's. Sorry we're unable to attend tomorrow, but knock 'em dead. (Just like Big Bird!)"
MT Songwriter Rough Basics:   "I had a chance to listen to your CD!   How nice to hear the lyrics come to life with your voice and guitar. Thanks for making us one of the few with this limited edition CD. I enjoyed hearing it. Howard will be listening next ... "

These Tears Don't Fall:  
'The weather reports for my eyes were darker than bleak.':   "Love this line."
'THESE TEARS DON'T FALL any more ... like they used to.':   "Been there, done that! Very good."
Extinct:  "Interesting way of summing up a failed relationship.  I love it.  'Extinct' says it perfectly."
Zombie Vampires:   "Love it!"
Now It's Over:   "Good song. Love the imagery at the start of the song. Great opening line. Glad you brought the music!"
I Can Tell You're from Bawlmer:   "Eye lyke et, Hon."
She Likes Me
for my A.D.D.:  "Interesting story & unique song. (Interesting insight into your life, too.)"
Pretty Little Secrets:   "Quite a story. Well told."

I Love Your Laughter:   "Love this! Love what the real Patch Adams wrote to you, too! Impressive."
If I Could Breathe:   "I got excited for a minute here!
(last verse rescue prospects).  It makes one think ... "
Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie:   "I barely know English, let alone French, so I couldn't be sure this wasn't a remnant of your having been hacked. But, all bad things behind us, let's turn to all that's bad in the news! It's unfortunate that something like this has to happen in order to inspire; yet, you have the ability to find clever words & work them into a cohesive story that often transcends lyrics."
David & Goliath (Big or Little):   "Clever song.  
'Big or little, the soul's not brittle.' - Great line."

Do Vampires Floss after Feeding?:   "Wonderful!  
'gargoyle with Listerine' - Classic!"
What Gives You the Right (Steal Her Away):   "Powerful."
Man in the Tree:   "Shocking, yet beautifully written. Love the title."
Ransacked:   "Oops! Love it."
Have a Fun (High School) Reunion:   "Love it, A+! (plus)"
No Smooth Sailing:   "A good story song!."
Ask the Navy:   "WOW."

But Mom, Everybody Else Has a Gun:   "Good poem for mom not to give her son such a play toy."
Turn This Plane Around:   "I've had those days ... ! Fun song."
Howl Are You on Horrorween?:   "Move over, Bobby Pickett! Very good, Dr. D."
King's Ransom:   "Excellent!"
The Car's Not Mine:   "A wheely good story!"
We've Been Fracked:   "Powerful."
Consider the Dung Beetle:   "Love it! & now that I think about it, my life isn't so bad!"

Anybody Else:   "Very nice. Could be about so many fathers & the children who never knew them."
Porn O'Clock in the Morning:   "Good story song (Suck it, Story Salon!) (Great title, BTW!)"
Somebody Stole the Getaway Car:   "Fun & funny."
I Never Wrote a Sonnet:   "Bravo !"
But Maybe I Ain't All That Smart:   "... & you're smart enough to write this song!"
Obtuse Lines:   "Sounds like you wrote a rhyme within some haiku!"
Which Witch Is Which?:   "Very clever!"
& This Is Life:   "You've nailed it - The Story of Life! Well done."
Been Down So Long:   "I love it!"

I Forgive You, You Slut:   "Best title ever! Maybe the word 'there' not needed?"
What Did I Do?:   "Where did you go wrong? You went right ... with your song! har, har ... I like it!"
No, I Am DB Cooper: "I LOVE THIS! Very interesting
that you chose to write about him.
P.S.:  No ...  I  am DB Cooper!"
Trailer Trash Tramp: "She sounds happy! Might you want
to eliminate 1 of the 'all's'?"

"Had a chance to check out Bottomless Bottle by that blond guy amongst the flatulence. &, it was fun.
that you got to go on first, since it undoubtedly helped set the tone for a fun evening for everybody.
Don't think we can make it tonight
(Rapp Saloon - MT Featured Poet), unfortunately, as it appears we'll be burning the candle at both ends. But you're gonna do great. Love that you're the featured talent!"

Shake His Hand?:   "Funny. Love the surprise ending. (You deserve a hand!)"
No Stomping Here:   "Clever as always!"
Tornado Alley:   "The recent tragedies have affected us all. This sums it up well."
That Deputy Thinks He's Got Me:  "I love it! The conclusion made me laugh. :)"
Maid's Year Off:  "Good story - like a mini movie in a song."
Oh, That? That's Nothing:   "Great title - & I wasn't expecting the outcome."
Close to a Hundred:  "Very good - & it tells a story like country songs do. Maybe try a country melody?"

When the Skeeter Bites on the Bayou:  "Real 'Swamp Rock' - None of that Creedence Clearwater stuff! Joking aside - cool song. Good to hear the music for a change."
Ambitious Precocious Cougar:   "LOVE IT! Great little piece you created! Look forward to seeing you & hearing The Ambitious Precocious Cougar in your inimitable style."

Thuper Thighs Me:   "Clever rhyme! Fun!"
Just Forget About Me: "I liked it in person in Encino-Tarzana Library & I like it now! This speaks for many people. Good song"
Runaway Toyota:   "Clever & topical. Reminds me a little of Hot Rod Lincoln, too!"
But Maybe I Ain't All that Smart:  "'... if I lose you' might be the alternate line you're toying with. I like it, though."

Horror Stories: "'Addams' - 2 D's in their case, I believe. Love it! Enjoyed your delivery
, too, Dr. D.!"
No! This Can't Be Happening!:   "Oh, yes it can! I like it!"
The Good, the Bad & the Ugliest:   "Succinct & good account of a tragic situation."
First Time Out in his Brand New Porsche:   "Fun song ... & men will be boys!"

        - Sandy Benjamin - co-owner The Interview Factory, poet - CA

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