Patch Adams, Cathy Fenwick, Micheal Teal, Wendy Kashefi, Brother Tobias Spiritual/Healing Comments4a

Patch Adams, Cathy Fenwick, Micheal Teal, Wendy Kashefi, Brother Tobias. Spiritual/Healing Comments4a: MICK TERRY
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( PART 4a )

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I Love Your Laughter:   "I did enjoy your song. All the best with your important work."
     - Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams - founder Gesundheit! Institute - VA

I Love Your Laughter:   "I enjoyed your website"
       - Cathy Fenwick - author, educator, therapist - Saskatchewan, Canada

I Forgot Your Birthday Again:   "Very cute"
        - Kathy Terry - retired executive assistant to Director of Spring Grove State Hospital - MD

Ehawee is Gone:   "Do you have an audio version that I could listen too? I liked the words but I'll need to hear it before considering it further."
       - Rob McDonald - Director Communications & Education
                        Native Women's Association of Canada
- Ottawa, ON
Hard Times in Malibu Blues as Blond Chitlin' Goldstein:
"My, but you are brave! & so very interesting. I'm glad to be on your mailing list & wish I lived closer -- I'd love to 'not' see you tonight (incognito)! Have fun. I'll try & check in."

        - Joelle Stapleton - owner   The Mystic Merchant - CA
Oops, We Bombed the Wrong Country:   "I was struck with the wisdom of the Iraq poem. Let us pray for God's guidance as we are about to elect a new president & may we be spared from any acts of terrorism. PEACE"
        - Brother Tobias, O.S.B. - Roman Catholic priest - CA
Night of Dying Moon:   "Thanks for all your efforts & for caring about the situation in Darfur. Do you have an audio version of your song on the Internet? Once you do so, please let me know & I can put it up on the website. Thanks!"
        - David Mandel-Anthony - American Program Asst. Director
- US
"You're very good at what you do. The standard of your work is high & it's consistently high. They're all good. The caliber of your work is excellent. It's good. It's always the same: it's reliable. We know what we're getting. That's how you work. You're supposed to be famous."
        - Wendy Kashefi - psychic, spiritual advisor - CA
"I would like to hear your song Wheelchair in San Francisco. Do you have it as an MP3 or on a CD? I would like to use the song to help raise funds for my nonprofit organization, with your approval of course. The purpose of Disability Outreach Foundation is to promote health & wellness among children & adults with physical disabilities through positive reinforcement."
        - Bryan Pratt - founder Disability Outreach Foundation - IL
Saint Ronald Reaganomics:   "I think that you're reacting to what I believe is a normal step in history's judgment of powerful individuals. You'll remember that Kennedy wasn't that well liked until his assassination & then he reached the level of sainthood or, even, deification. People tend to say only good things about the newly dead, regardless of what Shakspeare had Marc Antony say at Caesar's funeral. I think that history will be much more objective about Reagan in the future."
Going Batty:   "Good song! Just a suggestion - pro ball doesn't use aluminum bats!"

        - David Terry - retired director psychiatric social work - MD
"Great site. I enjoyed it very much. While on a journey of personal exploration through that which is cyberspace I found myself on your site.
It resonates with positive energy. I found it to have an honest wisdom. I felt a sense of the spiritual when I was on your site. Life is a journey of the spirit.

Thank you for sharing your gifts. We paint the world a portrait of beauty when we share of ourselves. I enjoyed your site as when we learn of others we learn more about ourselves.

May the beauty of the heavens bathe you in a light of peace and prosperity. May the echoes of the angels sing you a lullaby of happiness."

        - Micheal Teal - psychic, spiritual advisor, poet - Ontario, Canada
"You always add great energy to events."
The Battle May Be Over:   "Looks great to me. Go for it."
"Would you develop & present 1-3 inspiring & reverent-type poems (or if already in your quiver?) centered around:
- relationships renewed,
- "finding home" (of family, relationships, oneself), & the importance of "coming home"
- & what it could mean to a man or woman who has found that has possibly escaped them through some trauma they have experienced via combat or otherwise
- or possibly the feelings Pvt. Woods may feel as this foundation unfolds to serve those, who, like himself, suffered & now may have a shelter to deal with such trauma - through this foundation & the techniques that it will utilize?

Oh, I saw Blond Chitlin' Goldstein ... inspiring fellow & I saw so many similarities between the two of you. However, his presentaiton was not nearly as astute & polished as yours."

        - Dr. Brian D. Jones - Doctor of Naturalopathy;  co-founder Pvt. John Woods Foundation - CA

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