Jean Thomas: Spiritual-Healing Visitor Comments 4b.

Jean Thomas: Spiritual-Healing Visitor Comments 4b.  MICK TERRY
Silent Tree Music 

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( PART 4b )
( The Jean Thomas Memorial Page )

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"Visited your web site & was totally impressed ... speaking of geniuses. Really professional! WOW! Works well too. Everything is really just a lightening click away! Good job & congratulations on all your awards!"

Stacked Deck:   "I liked the song it describes how the whole world here in the states is working. There is no help or hope of anything fair, equitable or moral. We must raise the energy level of all the people! Help me do this."

All Over You:   "Loved the song, it's one of your best."
Top Goes the Diesel:   "I loved it! Sometimes I think I am the only one who sees or cares. But I see you cared enough to write a whole song. Thanks, I needed that!"
If We're Going Down:   "Really liked it!! Has anyone who can promote it heard it? Now seems like a good time as it seems the media has determined that we are ready for the stories of 9-11."

I'm Voting for McBama, Among the Ranks:   "Fun songs!"

(Barnes & Noble Encino Featured Poet:)   "Congratulations on your continued major accomplishments. Let's see, King must be next! Good Luck on all you do! We are with you even if you cannot see us there-sometimes our spirits shine and sometimes not. Best wishes to your family too! I am sure they are proud of you."

I Can Hear my Eyelids:   "I know that one!"
A Touch of Christmas:   "This is one of your best! Don't know the tune, but it sounds like a classic. This could be the White Christmas of this century."
Turning Old:   "Whew! That was a close one! Nice job. Very insightful for a 20 something year old!"

Comedy of Terrors:   "This is too funny"
I Sold My Wife on eBay:   "Humorous! Loved it."
Nobody Seems to Notice:   "Loved it and can relate!"
Howl RU On Horroween?:   "Very cute. You know I make up the music when I have only the words. Does that scare you?"

Tribute to a Father:   "Glad to hear all are doing well with your Dad's passing & his lessons as teacher were well regarded & learned as it seemed they were in your wonderful eulogy. You all are very lucky to have had each other."
Don't Sing:   "I figured the reference was mine & I know your sense of humor so laughed when I saw it! Thanks for remembering me."

She Is Magic:   "Very sweet."
She Didn't Mind:   "Berry nice -- what's her name?"
(Dick Clarke's) American Grandslam:   "Amen brother."
Just So Fat:   "To all the girls in Houston - the fattest city in the world - uughh. What a statistic."

Diamonds in the Rough:   "Very heavy. Like it tho'."
Chicken Turkey:   "Eat more chicken!"
But You Never Saw Me:   "Loved it. I too am a fan of Zhivago & own the movie. It was so beautiful. Thanks for the memories!"

Bushwhacked:   "This would be funny if the mistakes were not costing us so much. How can some people say they didn't see it coming? They probably didn't have time to notice because since his administration took office, the working people have lost all their rights as employees. No more breaks, no vacation or paid time off, no ability to fight for rights as humans for themselves & their families. We must improve the bottom lines so GW's friends can reap more rewards for their incompetence. He bankrupted 5 companies & his mismanagement as the governor of Texas has raised the property taxes 500+% here. Don't even get me started!!!! I didn't think the antichrist would be a bumbling fool! Maybe I was wrong."

"Just listened to your music for the first time with new software. Sounds wonderful! WOW! Really great. Yikes! I bet you are busy all the time. Extraordinary."

        - Jean Thomas - director of nursing, registered nurse - TX

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