Spiritual poet Joe Trevors. Spiritual / Healing Visitor Comments 4c:  MickTerry.com

Spiritual poet Joe Trevors. Spiritual / Healing Visitor Comments 4c:  MICK TERRY
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(Bicci & Onri RR featured in Newhall CA Library art exhibit July 10-Oct 5 2015:)  "This sounds really nice. I hope to hear a follow-up from you about the event on June 10."

Out on the Left Coast:   "Thank you for sharing your beautiful & inspired & also relevant work. I think your poetry is great!"
(Dick Clarke's) American Grandslam:   "Bravo & brilliant!"
Saint Ronald Reaganomics:   "Thank you for sharing your poem/song honoring Ronald Reagan. Fantastic! Your observation about Ronald Reagan about not getting all of the credit for the 'collapse of Communism' is so true."

(re: Encino Barnes & Noble Featured Poet:)  "That sounds really promising & an honor to be sharing some of your poetry in public at that location. Your poetry is meaningful to me. It is not too obscure but very open & tells a story. It should be a joy for people present there to hear & see you. I would be there if I could."
(re: Kulak's Woodshed Live Webcast:)  I saw you one time when you played (Kulak's). It was impressive; you were dressed in a costume."

Santa Might Be a Mexican:   "It is a new idea how to view Santa. You are painting a picture of a Santa in a different perspective: of someone who receives & takes rather than toils & gives. 'Santa' as we are given it every year is really a fantasy. So, I do like the way you expressed this new Santa, probably more realistic than the fantasy one propagated by our culture every year. Very good!"

Such a Boob:   "I agree with your expression of the hypocrisy & moral outrage of the event, particularly the double standards. You do see beyond the surface in your visions & expressions of significant events. It was a magnificent poem the way you expressed so eloquently some of the sad double standards of the day."

When the Wave Came:   "Thank you for sharing your well-crafted poem on the earthquake which was 4 weeks ago yesterday & seemed somehow to alter the way we see reality, in some way like the aftermath of 9/11/01. It is really great how you can tell a story. A great poem!"

Give Me a Heat-Seeking Missile: "Your poem song is in fine form. That is amazing, to turn a commercial airplane into a military plane. Where would the missiles be to attack the planes. Some fearful fantasy of Bush in Crawford, Texas with how many thousands of acres? I have never seen a picture of where he lives. Can you imagine the amount of weapons & other military equipment he must have to protect himself from his potential, preemptive enemies? Yes, Mick, we have a president now who is protected and defended by the democratic Speaker of the House Pelosi who refuses to hold him accountable for anything. Who is responsible?"

The Good, Bad & Ugliest:   "Your poem is fantastic the way you put yourself into the occurrence you are describing. It was great how you expressed how quickly human behavior can degenerate after a crisis or calamity, & all of the rules of decency & order no longer seem to apply.

Limericus Papalia:   "I really like your poem. It is a little humorous & a breath of fresh air amidst all of the seriousness & pompousness being expressed."
Cardinal Law:   "I really admire your work & creative expression because I see you are looking beyond
the stereotypes of the popular culture. You observe them, however, as a subject or inspiration to compose a work of art, a poem."

Don't Shoot Me:   "Thank you for sharing your great poem about the event of the shooting of a U.S. Iraq war veteran by a CA police officer. I did see a story of that event in the newspaper showing the soldier's widow covering her face with her hands, in devastation. You responded better than I could have. Something needed to be said about the supreme irony of such an event. I wish George Bush would see this. I wonder if he is aware of this event? Maybe Bush believes that the more criminals we kill on the streets & the more people we kill in Iraq, the safer we will be. He automatically labels people to be thugs and criminals to justify killing any or all of them that we want to. But with this case, it seems that Bush's hypocrisy is being tested. Whose side would he take in this case? Obviously, he would always defend the police. But he also always defends the soldiers whatever they do, unless he gets caught like in the prisons, but he still supports that. But this is really special. What a mess!"

(from a letter sent to friends): "Dear Friends & Opponents of War:
I want to share with you a poem written by the popular poet & song writer from Hollywood named Mick Terry. It brings in a little pop culture to make a very serious message. I think it is great. The poem or song is called OOPS, WE BOMBED THE WRONG COUNTRY."

Oops, We Bombed the Wrong Country:   "The new poem you wrote & shared I really like. I would love to send it out especially to a number of people who are anti-war, in particular anti the U.S. invasion of Iraq."

(from a letter sent to friends): "My 2 favorite web sites on the Internet:
#1 =  MickTerry.com  created by Mr. Mick Terry. This is a marvelous site especially if you appreciate original & inspired poetry & songs & also model trains. It is rated by Google as one of the top sites ..."

"I went into your web site & really am impressed by how much you are doing in so many directions in the creative arts. You have so much on your web site of great interest.
I really liked your poem/song Behind The Lines about war. In your writings you tell stories which is more 'down to earth' & practical than I can be. Your writing is more relevant but I can see I share some of your beliefs you are communicating regarding war, but you do so more subtlely & tastefully than I. I think my writings are more for my personal use & how you write is more suitable for a 'wider audience'.
- Joe Trevors - spiritual poet - CA

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