Hollyhock House, Dwight Schultz, Kurt Reichenbach, Jared Johnson, Teresa Murray, Jennifer Rybine.  MickTerry.com

 Hollyhock House, Dwight Schultz, Kurt Reichenbach, Jared Johnson, Teresa Murray, Jennifer Rybine.  MICK TERRY
Silent Tree Music 

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( PART 5a )

To 5b of 10

"I've enjoyed listening to your tunes on your website lately."
        - Bill Canton - VicePresident  I1internet.net Hosting - FL

"Pretty AWESOME site. Keep it up. It's looking good."
        - Steven R. Romo - computer consultant - CA

"It's nice to watch the Friends of Hollyhock House site evolving! Nice work!"
        - Kurt Reichenbach - graphic artist, jazz singer - CA

"I just browsed through your website: Very impressive in both the content and design."
Evil Twin:   "Very good. I enjoyed it."

       - Teresa Murray - web designer - actor Dwight Schultz site - NY
"Really like what you did on your website! Loved your music! What a wonderful talent you have. I'm having a ball downloading & listening to your great music. Really like your constant improvements on your website."
        - Jared Johnson - IT Manager National Hospice - VA
Another Internet Christmas: "That's very cute! & TRUE too!"
You've Got Spam:   "You are one funny dude!
You can quote me on anything I ever say about your silly, naughty, raunchy, funny, absurd, truthful, whack-job, fancy, stunning, corny, bawdy, sneaky, & downright wondrous lyrics & music. Including this!"
Among The Ranks: "Just read your lyrics. Now I feel better!"
Winning with a Losing Hand:   "Sorry I can't post those lyrics on my kids' website for you!"

        - Jennifer Rybine - webdesigner - CA
Where Are the Nuggets on a Chicken?:   "This may qualify as one of those 'eternal' questions, part of the public domain. 'Capon' writing!"

The Good, The Bad & The Ugliest:   "What quick response? FEMA dropped the ball, in a big, big way. A long-time (former) FEMA employee I know is 'stunned' by the inefficiencies that have been built into FEMA ever since it became part of the Department of Homeland Security. She is a former employee because she saw high quality career civil servants replaced by incompetent appointees. Bush's initial assessment of Federal response: 'unacceptable'. He's been working hard to back-pedal from that statement but we know differently, don't we!"

        - Richard Masters - computer consultant - CA
Out on the Left Coast:   "Good song."
Just So Fat:   "Hey, that's phat."
Smarterer:   "Actually it really smarts."
Tired White Heron
: "So you're giving your old friend the bird?"
Looking for Young Men:   "No surprise here: I always thought he was an equal opportunity destroyer."

Open Season on the Freeway: "That last part
is kinda strange. A bimbo & road debris. Maybe it's just the limbo & fleas."
From Tooth to Tail:   "Could be another hit like, Run Bambi, Run for Bambi Bambenek, the ex-playboy bunny turned police officer accused
of murdering her new husband's ex-wife."

Take a Bowel, Tap a Kidney:
      "Take a dump, leak your lizard
        make some room like a blizzard.
        Don't be such a churl:
        step up to the bowl and hurl.

        While gazing upon the moon,
        & looking at all of the stars,
        whether you're unknown or famous,
        'tis something dif'rent is emerging from Uranus."  - Michael Jonas

Bottoms Up, Lighten Up:
      "Smoked a doob & read your missive.
        Couldn't figure out why you're so dismissive.
        Drank some beer and caught a buzz,
        Can't get what you're about, cuz.
        Fresh crappy American beer still tastes like shit,
        whether its hours old or still in the bottle years later."  - M. Jonas

If We're Going Down:   "There is still a lot of controversy about whether the plane was shot down or not. Crash scene wreckage, spread over a huge area suggests that it was shot down & some even disbelieve the authenticity of the cell phone calls. I just think that it is interesting & there are those who believe that we are continually fed disinformation by the government. I am one of those people.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugliest:   "Well, my prolific friend, it's about time you got around to memorializing this diaster. Quite similar to the delay of significient response from the administration in the form of George Bush.
& what's all of this about raping? I have been listening to MSNBC & CNN all week & there has been no mention of any incidents of rape. Maybe you meant rapping. Or, maybe you're just anticipating what is going to happen to this country when John Roberts is confirmed as Chief Justice & Rowe v Wade & other important legislation is overturned in the Supreme Court."

     - Michael Jonas - computer consultant, web designer, bonsai - CA

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