Dale Huber:  Computer / Internet Visitor Comments 5b:  MickTerry.com

Dale Huber:  Computer / Internet Visitor Comments 5b:  MICK TERRY
Silent Tree Music 

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( PART 5b )
( The Dale Huber Memorial Page )
( Current Recipient of the Literary Persistence Award
for reading the most lyrics by
Mick Terry in one sitting )

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"You've done a great job here. I spent most of my time reviewing your lyrics. They are thoughful and insightful. I found them honest & real. I fully enjoyed them more than I would or could 15 or 20 years ago.

Fins, Fins is one of my favorites, just because it's a good Corvette story.
Cahuenga,Topanga is another favorite with the word play on the So CA cities."
If I Could Breathe:   "The lyrics flow very well on this. One could write pretty much any type of score over it. Good job. Perfect timing too."
Experiments Come:   "Thanks for the links about the Eldridge & the Philidelphia Experiment. I never heard of this story (or hoax) before & found it really interesting."

Santa Might Be a Mexican:   "Good stuff / stereotypes.
I have never figured out why they have to walk so slow to cross the street. Good observation."
Santa Must Have a Hovercraft:   "Does this stuff just come to you in the shower or do we need to get you another job so you have less free time? Next year I will tell my youngest it is a hovercraft; he might find that believable enough to believe in Santa for one more year."

But You Never Saw Me:   "This looks like a pop song hit that intellectual yuppies would dig. You should be able to sell this. Carol Bayer Sayer or Carly Simon could do it. It seems like stuff they could come up with."
Open Season on the Freeway: "Isn't reality sick & twisted? Are you disturbed or exceptional for recognizing the truth?"

"All the lyrics are clever. I am still searching for my favorite phrase. However it's currently 10 PM & I am in trouble again for not helping my wife with the kids. Again, cool site.

Your award for 'Most Creative Thought on the Internet' is most well-deserved. I could spend hours (as I have in the past) playing on your site.
Great imagination and creativeness! You should share it with the world & put it on a website. Oh, that's what you've done. Man, where do you go from here?

Your lyrics are always witty and entertaining. They are often great current affairs pieces. It would be nice to see you put out a political satire album, but then I don't know what kind of market there is for that kind of stuff.

Maybe you could read your materials at the poet clubs. There used to be poet reading/coffee shops in the Bay Area, but I think the high rents drove most of them out. The poet readings were typically political awareness messages. You could have been a Beat? From my understand of reading about the Beat Generation, 1950- 1966, is that the Creative Leaders were called the 'Beats' & the followers of the movement were the 'Beatniks'. You would be a Beat."

        - Dale Huber - Manager R2 Technology - CA

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