Phil Adamson , Computer / Internet Visitor Comments 5c:  Composer-Songwriter - Silent Tree Music

Phil Adamson , Computer / Internet Visitor Comments 5c:  Composer-Songwriter  MICK TERRY - Silent Tree Music
Silent Tree Music 

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( PART 5c )
( The Phil Adamson Memorial Page )

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"Sounds like your career is really expanding. That book that says that hard work & a little luck are what makes for success is really right in your situation.

That's a well written & interesting thing - you do a better job than Thoreau. Some of his more recent stuff is pretty dull.

Both your site and content are great. Your verbal description of your music is really accurate. It seems highly unusual for an author to be able to describe his own work so well. Enjoyed the snippets also. I rather thought the previous Entry Page was more tasteful but this is certainly more attention-grabbing - & that certainly is an important requirement on the web. I vote 'aye'.

Your site shows that you continue to do great things. Your old friends are still interested!"

(Barnes & Noble Encino Featured Poet:)   "Sounds like you were a grand success personally & perhaps changed the Encino world a bit. Congratulations! Please don't take us off your list; we really do want to provide any possible support."

Listen to Me, Santa:   "Can you get me on a bet like that? I need a new Porsche!"
So Here We Are at New Years: "A great sentiment! Well said."
Tired White Heron:   "It was very good!"
One More Damned Resolution:   "I'm going to wish you a Happy New Year anyway!"
Chicken Turkey:   "Good show!"
Morongo, Morongo:   "I like the message!"

Saint Ronald Reaganomics:   "You just have to remember that this area is solidly democratic, so who could you offend?
Winning with a Losing Hand:   "A good sentiment."
Steaming Cup of Coffee:   "It sure reflects my point of view with one exception - I sleep like a baby every night!"
Going Batty: "Here, Here. There should be more in the press like this; satire is the best defense, I think."

You're an Illegal Alien:   "What's wrong with being a racist pig? Do you always have to be P.C.?"
Oops, We Bombed the Wrong Country:  "Cheney says that if Kerry is elected, we will be attacked. He neglects to mention that the original attack occurred on the Bush/Cheney watch!"
Open Mouth, Insert Foot:   "I want the story regarding what inspired this piece!"

Running Out of Virgins in Heaven:   "Someone from Iran gave me the pitch that you were, in heaven, able to take on all the seventy what-ever virgins in a single night! How about that for incentive?"
I Can Hear My Eyelids:   "A reality sentiment!"
Talking to Myself:   "I hope that it is not autobiographical! You are a sly one!"
I Sold My Wife on eBay: "I like it - but I would also like to know the situation that provided the inspiration!"
Bushwhacked: "You might collaborate with JibJab on something based on this."

Rattled in Seattle:   "I like it - it's so appropriate to today's mores. But this year the trend may be changing - most of the large retailers are again decorating for Christmas."
Does This Pregnancy ...?:   "When I first listened to a number of contemporary novelists, I was amazed to discover that they mostly thought they were writing about current problems either in society or civilization or their lives. It always makes me suspicious of writers who issue denials along with their work!"

People Think I'm Horny:   "I keep thinking that life heavily influences writers - now I know!"
Terrorists Don't Take a Vacation:   "I liked the comment that 'strength and wisdom are not antithetical'."
She's Turning Left:   "I find it very appropriate - I was clobbered by a woman in an SUV that just wasn't looking. Normally I try to get eye contact but she was looking down at her purse or something so it was impossible."

Dick Cheney Asked Me Hunting:   "I suspect you are right - it's going to be a lot harder for him to find someone
with whom to go hunting!"
Brokeback Movie:   "Your piece is so much more entertaining than the movie. But don't bother about seeing the movie unless you are really into scenery (which is great); any of the other nominees will serve you better."
Deep Pockets:   "This seems so appropriate for Academy Awards day! Your timing was impeccable. I enjoyed it."

Such a Boob:   "I enjoyed it but I feel forced to comment - I think you need to write a song about the impoverished lives of the 300,000 people who are reported to have written to the FCC about that event. That is the group that really needs help. Can you imagine having nothing better to do than to write about that event when apparently they had no difficulty with the dancing which, to me, had simulated intercourse. It's amazing."

I Choose You:   "I envy him. One of my big regrets in my life relates to that period in my life. I had a friend that bought a PT boat right after WWII. He took off & took a tour of the south seas - had marvelous adventures. I didn't go - I thought I had serious things that I should accomplish. Really stupid when you are young."

Massacre on Valentine's Night:   "Could I call you a cynic?"
Experiments Come:   "I like it - but I am curious about how you happened to stumble on the event."
Can We Talk?:   "You are obviously 'not patriotic', I believe is the Bush pitch!"
The Good, The Bad & The Ugliest:   "Sounds great! The part I didn't understand was where you got that news clipping at the end telling how great the federal agencies had done to help."

"Sorry to hear about your demise at the LA Times. You are in good company; they certainly have gotten rid of almost all their better people. I find it amazing that in the center of the motion picture industry, they now have only one critic & a junior one at that. They appear to have a plan for going out of business. It is an amazing situation; Otis Chandler built it from a yellow rag to the second newspaper in the nation & the survivors in the family had no pride of ownership at all, only greed. Sam Zell is rumored to be trying to sell the properties. It would be a lot easier, I am sure, if the properties weren't occupied."

Don't Shoot Me:   "I am reminded - when I was much younger & far more brash, I had a related experience. I was in Hollywood with my wife on a street called Cosmos Alley, just off Hollywood Blvd. I parked parallel to the curb & went into a coffee house. I was driving a Porsche with Dutch license plates. When I came out, there was a cop giving me a ticket. I asked him what the ticket was for. He replied 'You're drunk' & tried to get me into the squad car. I refused to put my feet inside inasmuch as I clearly didn't want to get taken to the station. We were with another couple that wasn't affected but discussed with them re whose lawyer we should call. After a stalemate of about 15 minutes, the cop called his supervisor who came & apologized. At the time, it occurred to me what a disaster that might have become under slightly different conditions."

"Hope things are getting better with you & you are using some of your talents to bring in money. Good luck in your efforts. You have a lot of talent but now you need a bit of luck."

        - Phil Adamson - computer consultant - CA

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