Craig Shields, Gary Kester, Joe Pachino, Bill Perry, Chuck Milan, Kerrie Gorman, Charlene Mora.

Craig Shields, Gary Kester, Joe Pachino, Bill Perry, Chuck Milan, Kerrie Gorman, Charlene Mora.  MICK TERRY
Silent Tree Music 

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( PART 6a )

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"It's a very complete & free-thinking site!"
        - Craig Shields - Pres. Ex-officio Patrick Marketing Group - CA

Folliclely Challenged:   "Great lyrics."
       - Chuck Milan - Advertising Director Music Biz Magazine - CA

"I just spent WAY too much time on your website! LOTS to LOOK AT!! Love the trains. Love the goofy stuff."
      - Joe Pachino - disc jockey; President Evergreen Marketing - MD

"I really like your music!"
        - Gary Kester - Design Manager HMS Trincomalee 1817,
                    Hartlepool Business Development Centre
- England

"Love this stuff ..."
        - Bill Perry - Telesales Manager Los Angeles Times - CA

"Both Bill Perry & I were on your web page the other day. Bill is a word smith & loves lyrics to almost every song."
This Ain't No Hallmark Card:   "Very fricken funny .....   :)"
        - Joe Mertins - Sr. Sales Manager Los Angeles Times - CA

Santa Might Be a Mexican:   "It is a good one."
You're an Illegal Alien:   "Good one!!"
Dick Cheney Asked Me to Go Hunting:  "Good one Mick!"

        - Gene Strategos - business-to-business marketing - CA
"What a coincidence to meet a "funny song writer" when I've got one of Ray Stevens' tapes in my car! I like the lyrics on what I've been able to access on your website. I'm really interested in being able to listen to some of your songs."
        - Jim Hastings - Creative Solutions - CA
"Angel in the Back Room was a very moving piece. I liked it. Quite excellent."
It Must Have Been Some Party:   "This is great."
Christmas Party:   "This is really great. Are you going to sing it at the Christmas party?"

        - Charlene Mora - marketing - CA
Rusty Waters:   "Reyna & I watched Mick on the live streaming this week from Kulak's Woodshed. It was cool."
Alien Inside Me:   "Awesome."
Diamonds in the Rough:   "This is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!"

Just So Fat:   "You should write for the Daily News or for Jay Leno or David Letterman & do entertainment news on current events in the industry in whimsical poem formation. I think it would be a fresh approach to late night & the Daily News entertainment section.  Your site rocks!"

        - Kerrie Gorman - corporate graphics sales - CA
"Where can I hear the music for The Way Starlight Fills The Sky? In my opinion, the lyrics seem more like the verse inside a Valentine's Day card. I may not always be right - but I will tell you honestly how I feel. My better half liked the lyrics & suggested I just read the lyrics of some slow/love songs that I like without the benefit of music. She was right - they seemed greeting-card-verse-like also. So maybe my lack of expertise in the music area should preclude me from judging without hearing the lyrics put to music."

"Not being as constrained & close-minded as Gracenote Internet Services, I have created a new genre in my Itunes library --Pop Rock-- & you are the only artist in it. That is such a milestone it should be mentioned in your bio. Back to your CD music - I listened to it all one time & particularly like Solacetude, Last Night Never Happened, But If You Only Knew & Good Libations - though I may better appreciate some of the others after a second or third playing.

What about lyrics? Have you written any for these songs? PS. - I also like To A Different Drummer. Reminds me of the Japanese Kodo Ibuki Taiko Drums music."
By the way, I did Google your name & found out more about your career, etc."
        - Dave Boisselle - Marketing Manager Thrifty's Drugs - CA

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