Diana Manchester, DM Marketing, Dry Gulch Epitaph:  Visitor Comments 6b:  MickTerry.com

Diana Manchester, DM Marketing, Dry Gulch Epitaph:  Visitor Comments 6b:  MICK TERRY
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( PART 6b )
( The Diana Manchester Memorial Page )

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"I listened to your beautiful CD again over the weekend. It is a gorgeous collection! Very nice. Glen & I both like it. I especially like the last song -- piano, romantic.

I just finished looking at your webpage & it is delightful! Your personality really comes through. Liked your lyrics & I now am really curious as to how the songs sound!

I do love your site. Your site is fun -- & witty -- & full of very gratifying surprises. I always enjoy visiting it. It's refreshingly unique."

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire:   "Enjoyed the lyrics."
If the Holocaust Was a Myth:   "Very good, moving. So horrendously awful."
Comedy of Terrors:   "I liked your lottery song -- kinda strange story, but sounds like it could be a lot of fun once the music's with it!
Massacre on Valentine's Night:   "Wow, amazing concept & lyrics. I've never heard a love song quite this profound. One of your best."

You've Got Spam:   "Very clever & very relevant."
Stand Tall:   "Wow, very empowering. Great work (again!)"
Girl's Gone Mild:   "Very cute -- I like it."
Out on the Left Coast: "Really good. I like the band, too. Congratulations on the airplay & (better yet) good feedback. So now the music industry is aware of you & wants additional material???"

Making the Worst:   "Hip hip hooray for shining the light on this type of human cockroach. I love it! When music & vocals are added to this, I bet the radio stations will pick it right up & give it airtime."
Shine: "Congratulations to you
& Jordan for such high honors!"
Brokeback Movie:   "I couldn't resist zooming over to your website to see your lyrics. Great song! Good digs. Exactly my thoughts, well, almost exactly ... ! Thanks for the Valentine snicker."

Plap, Plop, Plip:   "Loved the rain song."
Saddami, Saddami, Baloney:   "So appropriate ... Again!"
Bushwhacked:   "Funny! You could probably do a similar one with Al Gore's one-liners, too. Thanks for the chuckles."
I Can Hear my Eyelids:   "This is really a great song! Very upbeat. Like it a lot."
Under a Rock:   "Way cute. Love it! You are so funny  :)"

Dick Cheney Asked Me to Go Hunting:   "Very funny. Clever all the way through. Love all the double entendres. I wondered how much longer it would be til we got a fresh Mick Terry perspective on this news item."
Big Bird's Missing:   "Cute song!"
Blanket Thief Conspiracy:   "Alright, has Glen been complaining to you about Diana and the blankets??? This one strikes pretty close to home! - The warm and 'smug' one."

Just So Fat: "Well, I think
it's good no matter what 'THEY' say!"
American Hacker:   "I like this! We all are wondering same thing.
Looking for Young Men:   "Wow, talk about a surprise ending! Very, very good!"
Bottoms Up, Light 'Em Up:   "Excellent lyrics! Clever puns, rhymes. Great message for young people (& not so young, too)."

On the Ropes:   "Excellent!!!"
Terrorists Don't Take a Vacation:   "Great idea; great lyrics.
Certainly is food for thought! (scary). I guess the Summer Olympics are another real target for terrorism. What an awful world this is becoming."
Morongo, Morongo:   "This is truly an awesome song with a strong message. It is embarrassing to be 'the white man'. Will we ever learn? I hope this song makes it to the public."

World's Greatest Lover:   "Awesome! One of your best serious songs. BTW, is this based on anyone we all know & love? If so, wow, what a compliment!"
So Here We Are at New Years':   "Again, a great song. I REALLY like this one; well written. I can relate to the message, too, as we are not big party-goers on NYE. Also I like how it repeats the theme of the one above. (Again, do we know the woman these songs allude to?)"

Little Green Men?:   "Wooooo, spooky... Gave me shivers. Good for Halloween or sci-fi movie. I like the ambivalence. Weird. Thought-provoking. Definitely 'out there'."
Santa Must Have a Hovercraft:   "Liked it very much. Very cute & clever while being fun. Well written all the way through. Great premise. Current. Would definitely appeal to audiences of all ages. A good new Christmas song."

"I like (the new Entry Page) very much. That guy in the photo is an interesting-looking chap. Liked the 'moving' (literally) testimonials. Also, visited a link or two. Very fast turnaround time. Great subheads & promotional teasers."

        - Diana Manchester - President DM Design;
                    Editor The Dry Gulch Epitaph
- CA

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