Michael Tylick, Earl Smallshaw, Art Fahie, Curtis Reinhardt, Central Coast Railroad Festival. MickTerry.com

Michael Tylick, Earl Smallshaw, Art Fahie, Curtis Reinhardt, Central Coast Railroad Festival. MICK TERRY
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( PART 7 )

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"Bicci & Onri looks great."
        - Chuck Wike - Director PR Glendale Public Library - Glendale, CA

Bicci & Onri RailRoad:  "Beautiful stuff. You do fine work."
        - Art Fahie - model railroader, photographer, author  Niagara & Pearl Creek RR - NH

"The display is fantastic. We've already had a patron ask if it was for sale!"
        - Leslie Chudnoff - Senior Librarian Northridge Library - CA

Bicci & Onri RailRoad:   "Would like to correspond about your fantastic skill in the diorama arena. Looks so real."
        - Tom Snee - TX

"I like the low angle shots of your railroad. The intro shot is very interesting & I was moving my cursor over the photo to see the photo change."
        - Earl Smallshaw - model railroader, photographer, author  Middletown & Mystic Mines RR - CT

"What a great layout! I wish we could use it. Unfortunately, our available space is so limited that we can't offer a spot that is both visitor-friendly & safe for the display."
        - Gary Coombs - Director South Coast RR Museum - Goleta, CA

"Your display would have been quite an asset to the Central Coast Railroad Festival. I also am involved with the Banning Centennial Train Festival, sending information & forms in case you are interested."
        - Bob Chaparro - Banning Centennial Train Festival Committee - Banning, CA

"Very cool layout. I can't believe that all those photos are from scenes on one 2'x 4' layout! Great modeling & photography. It would be great to have you display your diorama during the Central Coast Railroad Festival."
        - Curtis Reinhardt - Director Central Coast Railroad Festival - San Luis Obispo, CA
"It has been 2 months that your railroad diorama has been at the Culver City Julian Dixon Library. It has been extremely popular with the kids & many adults are captivated as well. Thank you for allowing us the pleasure to display it. Again, it has been very well received."
        - Greg Smith - Librarian Culver City Julian Dixon Library - CA
(Bicci & Onri RR featured in Newhall CA Library art exhibit July 10-Oct 5 2015:)  "Awesome."
"Looks good. Always look forward to looking at The Bicci & Onri RR. You keep doing the web page & I'll be sure to keep coming back."
Morongo, Morongo:   "I really like this one especially. It is probably my favorite. Really liked the message. I saw this one more of a political rather than funny."

Smarterer:   "What in the hell have you been smokin', Cheech? Or should I ask what country you've been living in these days? Oh, never mind: I just figured it out. You've been listening to Arnold a lot these days."

        - Gary Miller - Kodak Company - DE
"I like it, nice & dignified - no corny animations & stuff. I think it would be great if you did the music for a show. I like your stories, also like the (Bicci & Onri RR) predawn & dusk style that I can recognize immediately."

I Can Hear My Eyelids: "I always enjoy your little songs / poems. Reminds me a bit (mostly in spirit) of Marty Mull."
Under a Rock: "Rock doesn't sound all that bad. Still cold & icy here - I love it."
Steaming Cup of Coffee:   "You sure are a prolific writer."

"We had the pleasure of speaking with Mick some time ago. He had published some intriguing photos of his Bicci & Onri RR in Railroad Model Craftsman & Walthers about 5 years ago. We wish he'd shoot some more, but they're worth a look. His web site shows some of the best."

        - Michael Tylick - model railroader, photographer, author  Fitchburg & Southbridge RR - MA
"I saw the site - Zach saw it last night - now he wants all kinds of train stuff - Thanks, Mick!  : )
Very cool site - I can't wait to see TheMagicPearls.com  (
TV sitcom) site."
She Is Magic: "My condolences on the passing of such a special friend."

From Tooth to Tail:   "My mom lives less than a mile from Reggie - it's really quite a big deal for someplace barely on the map. My mom has taken the boys to see if they can see him - too funny and to watch all the commotion. It's just like my peeps to give the thing tortillas! Go figure - a hispanic alligator???"

Oops, We Bombed the Wrong Country:   "HaHaHa!   I think you've said what everyone else has been thinking!"
Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?:   "When I saw the subject line, I got a little happy there!"
Chicken Turkey:   "Go Henna !!!!! I prefer ham anyway!"
Biker in My Mirror:   "Good One! Keep them coming - I enjoy your stuff! You make me laugh!"

        - Colleen Macdonald - insurance sales - CA
10-8-12   "On behalf of the Cerritos Library, I would like to thank you for your train display. We miss your fabulous display. That spot looks empty now! Hope the people at Valencia Library are enjoying the display just as much as we did."
5-22-12   "Our visitors are enjoying your diorama very much. Is it possible to keep it here until the end of July?"
5-10-12   "Thank you very much for setting up the display at the Cerritos Library. Your patience & attention to detail is admirable. Kids & adults are fascinated by it. We have a contract electrician who collects trains. He really enjoyed the display & wanted me to tell you that you have done a fabulous job."

12-23-02   "On behalf of the Cerritos Library, I would like to thank you for the special display of The Bicci & Onri RailRoad diorama in the Library's Local History room. Library users were fascinated by it. Every time I walked by, I would see people standing around the display case admiring the exhibit. You have done an outstanding job of recreating in miniature the damage caused by the raging fire on The Bicci & Onri RailRoad. Thank you for sharing this diorama with us."
        - Padmini Prabhakar - Program Librarian Cerritos Library - CA
"I purchased a coffee mug with the letters ONRI on the front & have been unable to find any information on it other than your website. Was The Bicci & Onri an actual logging railroad? I've been trying to find out any information that I can. Great website!

I think I need to keep the mug because that's how I feel most of the time!!! What was confusing to me is that this mug/cup was made by a restaurantware company & is dated from the 1950's. Then after seeing the train pictures on your webpage I figured it had to have been a railroad (ha ha). I guess I was wrong. I even went into a railroad forum & joined & a couple people referred me to your website.

I did think your photos were real. Good job! I go into a restaurantware forum & a bunch of people are trying to figure out what ONRI stands for but they're having a problem as well. Someone thinks it may be Navy Research related. I sell things on Ebay & when I come across something that may be related to railroads I get really excited because of it being so collectible. The company that's marked on the mug is no longer in existance or has been taken over by someone else. But someone in this forum did confirm the date of the 1950's, so it is old."

        - Cheryl Hobson - FL

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