High school students, David Montoya, Kristin Wagner, In Our Hands Now! musical, Becky Joyce.  MickTerry.com

High school students, David Montoya, Kristin Wagner, In Our Hands Now! musical, Becky Joyce.  MICK TERRY
Silent Tree Music 

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Little Surfer:   "I love it! You know people like that, huh?"
        - Susan 'Hobie' Lang - teacher - CT

"Checked out your site: very interesting. Loved the trains!"
        - David Montoya - music teacher - CA

In Our Hands Now! musical:   "Nice job."
        - Heather Schmidt - high school student - OR

In Our Hands Now! musical:  "Thanks for the music."
        - Jennifer Wentworth - high school student - OR

In Our Hands Now! musical: "Thank you for the wonderful tunes."
        - Kristin Wagner - high school student - OR

In Our Hands Now! musical:   "Mick my man! Thanks for the music. You're awesome."
        - Danielle Peyton - high school student - OR

In Our Hands Now! musical:   "Hey dude. Nice tunes. I'm really excited about the play & the music is very appropriate for the musical."
        - Jana Meszaros - high school student - OR

"To what tune is your The Whistle Song sung to? I'd like to sing it to a readiness/kindergarten group. Is there a website that would show me the music? or play the music? Thanks"
        - Bonnie Peterson - kindergarten teacher - MI

"I am looking for a song about child soldiers for a school project & your song Children of War came up & I like the lyrics. Is it a real song because I am unable to locate it in ITunes. I hope you can help me. Thankyou."
        - Bianca Joubert - student - South Australia

"We are 7th grade Language Arts teachers & would love to use your lyrics/melody for the song Better Be a Better Boy to teach alliteration. Please advise if there is a website where the song can be purchased. Thanks very much!"
        - Kathy Koleski - teacher - IL

Daddy Canceled Christmas:   "I think that we would like for our 2nd graders to sing this song in our Christmas play, but was wondering where we could get the music for it? If you could let me know I would greatly appreciate it."
        - Amos & Dawn Adcock - teachers - OK
"I am a student in year 11 at Kingscliff & am doing a speech on consumerism. I have chosen your song Buy, Buy, Buy as my related material. I have the lyrics but can't find the actual audio version anywhere so I was wondering if there was a way of getting it over the Net. Thank you."
        - Cloe Porter - high school student - Australia
"I am currently taking a Music of Social Protest Class at Western New England College in MA. I came across two of your songs to share with the class: Fairy Godfather & Body Count. The only problem is that I am having a hard time finding a recording of the song so I can hear them. Is there any place on the website I can go to hear these songs that I might be overlooking? Thanks for your time."
        - Lauren Pinto - college student - MA
"I'm an 18 year old student in Montreal, Quebec. I'm currently working on a film project for one of my courses & have decided to make a montage about school shootings. When looking for lyrics, I came across Body Count & find these lyrics perfect for my movie. I was wondering if a) it would be possible to get permission to use the song & b) where could I get a copy/download the song. Thanks."
        - Esteban Vargas - college student - Canada
"I would like to know how I can purchase the song, Diamonds in the Rough. I am doing an assignment for my Creative Arts class in Sydney. I chose your song & a movie called Once We Were Warriors to demostrate how your song & the movie are structured & the different words & writing techniques you used to talk about domestic violence & how the movie engages in the subject. Part of the assignment was to use a visual aid &/or bring in a song. I will give handouts of your lyrics.

Your lyrics are very deep. Can't wait to hear the song when it's complete. My name is Aroha which means 'love' in Maori from New Zealand."

        - Paul Aroha - student - Australia
"Your Chicken Turkey song is wonderful! My husband is known by all the kids at school for bringing in his guitar & singing fun songs when he does story time. This would be a great choice near the holidays. Do you have the music to go with the lyrics that you could email to me. And we'd love to hear you singing this song as well to get an idea of how it's supposed to sound. Thanks for sharing your creativity!"

"Bill did put your lyrics to music over the last couple of weeks. He just performed it for 2nd graders on Monday & 5th graders yesterday. It was definitely a hit!"

        - Bill & Becky Joyce - CO
"Hi, my name is Betsy Sorensen & I am doing this English project on satire & the effects it has on people's points of views. We were reading A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift & we had to come up with a satirical song that says a statement about a problem or news event that is happening today.

We chose your song, Anorexia Can Be Fun, to represent our match to Jonathan Swift's story. Our dilemma is we can't find anywhere to listen to your song & we were wondering if you could send me a place or put it on YouTube or do anything to help us out in our assignment. It would be much appreciated! Thank you much! :D"

        - Betsy Sorensen - student

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