Garry Corman; college student: Artyom Kulagin, Denise Turner, Mary Tallmer.  Education 8b

Garry Corman; college student: Artyom Kulagin, Denise Turner, Mary Tallmer.  MICK TERRY  Education 8b
Silent Tree Music 

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"I am doing a project on the 'American Dream' & I would like to show how 'the dream' has changed. Have you done a lyrical version of Ain't It the American Dream?" If so where might I buy it from?"
        - Nick Sandsmark - student - IN
Better Be a Better Boy:  "Can I use your alliteration lyrics for a project at school? & I also think you are very talented (:   Thanks for letting me use it. I will make sure that your name is added to the project!"
        - Katie Ruan - student - AZ
MT Featured Performer at Encino-Tarzana Library 3-26-16:  "Have a great show, my friend."
"Always a privilege to call you friend & musical family member."
Hanukkah Song
(parody w/ TheHeatSeekers at Kulaks Woodshed): "I think people dug the song tonight. Good lyric-writing."
Methane:   "Song went fine as fart as I could tell. Always a pleasure, Blond ..."
Grandma Watch Me Play:   "Sweet lyric."

        - Garry Corman - teacher, songwriter, musician - CA
I am requesting permission to share your Miss Manners song lyrics with my students. We will be starting a unit next week on manners & respect & this would be perfect to get their attention. Do you have music to accompany the lyrics? I teach Family & Consumer Science grades 6-8 (middle school). I'll check out your other links & will let you know how the kids liked the lyrics. :) "
        - Shyre Jordan - teacher - FL
Children of War:   "I'm a teacher in Springfield, MA & am doing a unit on child soldiers. I noticed your lyrics online, but can't find the actual melody to the song. Do you happen to have an mp3 available or a CD available with the song on it so I can share it with my students? Please respond as soon as possible, as we are preparing for a fundraiser & we'd like to sing this song."
        - Andrew Ratner - teacher - MA
Children of War:  "I love these lyrics & was wondering if I could use them for a 'Trauma Journal' on Child Soldiers I am doing for a class in my MA program in Human Rights & Social Justice. Please let me know if this would be possible. I will be sure to use the appropriate copyright info along with a reference to your website. I will let you know how it goes when I am finished."
        - Paul Bork - Master's student - AZ
"I am a college student at Indiana State University & have been recently assigned to do a paper about a song (any song) that has to do with issues in today's society as well as interpret the lyrics & discuss how well the artist communicates that message. I came across your site and was impressed by your song Body Count, dealing with school shootings. I would like to do a paper on your song. Is it possible to hear the song itself? The lyrics are exactly what I am looking for, I'm impressed & will continue looking at more of your music. I think you have done a great job delivering the message in your work. Thank you for your time."
        - Christina Zimmerman - college student - IN
Body Count: "Your lyrics are superb! May I quote the verses in my paper on 'Homicides by Students', for my Education course?"

"Thank you so much for permission to use the lyrics in Body Count (good supposition on your part)! My paper is for a class on Emotional Disturbances & how school systems can help all involved. I have a pit-bull for a professor, but maybe I can reach her through your music. I'm feeding the pit bull raw meat: She loves it.
Re my e-mail address, you're the first keen observer to realize its great significance!"

        - Mary Tallmer - college student - NY
"While I was looking for some songs about child soldiers on the web, I came across your web-page (the instrumental tracks are great) & I found what I've been looking for. I am a student in Dalarna University (Sweden) on the Master Program in African Studies with the main interest in child soldiers (particularly in Uganda). I am looking for material for my thesis & I would like to use the lyrics of your song Children of War in my work, if it is possible. I would also like to listen to that song, but since I am just a student, I haven't got so much funds. I wish you all the best in your career & more wonderful songs about life."

"I did use the lyrics for my thesis & it is finally done. It took me a while to write it as I wanted but I am quite satsfied with what I have written. It is about child soldiers in Uganda. Never stop writing your songs & lyrics as the lines do touch hearts & minds (I speak for myself, of course)."

        - Artyom Kulagin - Master's student - Sweden
"I was wondering if there is a way that I can hear the music to the song, Going to Hell (in a Handbasket). I am using the song for an English 101 paper & need to hear the song, not only read the lyrics. For the semester, we had to chose a topic & mine is climate change/global warming. We had to do several different types of papers about climate change. The one I used this song for is for the art & literature paper.

What was the purpose of you writing the song: your thoughts, ideas or anything? Just so I can see the perspective from the writer. I really appreciate you talking to me about this. It really helps me with the paper & having a better insight! Of course, I will definitely give you, your lyrics & your website appropriate acknowledgement."

        - Tylar Brannon - college student - NC
"I am doing a paper on the crisis in Darfur & would like to know how much (if any) proceeds from Mick's song Night of Dying Moon will go to the victims. I am in my last year at The College of New Rochelle, Brooklyn, N.Y. campus, majoring in Communications, although my baccalaurate degree will be in the Liberal Arts. I am hoping to work as a speech therapist/teacher particularly with children; autistic & special education. Basically, I focused on the positive effort of celebrities: George Clooney, Bono, Mia Farrow, Penelope Cruz, Oprah Winfrey & yourself, who have taken the time to answer the plea of the people in Darfur. If you can, please take the time to visit any Gap store or website & order any one of the ProjectRed products. I'm just one little voice among many dedicated to this cause."

"I received an A on that particular paper, probably because I have such a passion for the cause & those who are trying to help. I still purchase ProjectRed merchandise from the Gap regularly. If you have the time, between writing songs, feel free to email me with any future progress on this subject."

        - Denise Turner - college student - NY

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