Darrin Silhavy, Marge Jordan, Joyce Gant, Reid Carroll, Mickela Martinez, Shannon Terry-Ring.  MickTerry.com Ed8c

Darrin Silhavy, Marge Jordan, Joyce Gant, Reid Carroll, Mickela Martinez, Shannon Terry-Ring.  MICK TERRY  Ed8c
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Have a Fun Reunion:   "Very good. Reminds me of a few who shall remain unnamed!"
        - Joyce Gant - reunion coordinator - MD

"I am doing a paper on Domestic Violence & picked your song Diamonds in the Rough. Can you give me any background regarding this song & why you wrote it?"
        - Karen - college student - CA

"I am doing a chapter on homework for my staff & would like to use your song, The Computer Ate my Homework. How do I purchase it to play at the beginning of my session? How much does it cost?"
        - Marybeth Singleton - educator - KY

"I was wondering if your song lyrics are available either via the internet or on a CD. I am looking to use your lyrics for Ain't it the American Dream? in 12th grade English classes & if possible, would like to have the audio to accompany the lesson."
        - Andrea Domkowski - teacher
"I am using the song Face to Face for a school project & I need to play it for the class. I have searched everywhere (I-tunes, Pandora, Google, etc...) for a download for it & I can't find it. Is it possible that you could email me the song or tell me where to find it?"
        - Reid Carroll - student - MD
If the Holocaust was a Myth: "The Holocaust DID happen & I am learning about it in class. Sorry for the death of your sister. I am going to use your lyrics for a project I'm doing about a book called Night by Elie Wiesel. It's about his experiences in the Holocaust. & by the way can you send me a sample of your song?"
        - Mickela Martinez - student - FL
"I am a facilitator of a domestic abuse course for survivors of domestic abuse in Swansea, South Wales, UK. Is there any way we could get a copy of the Diamonds in the Rough song for use within the group? It would only be the women I work with listening to the song & picking out the tactics used by the perpetrator & discussing the song lyrics. The lyrics will be featuring in our discussions."
        - Donna Cullen - facilitator domestic abuse course - S Wales, UK
Better Be a Better Boy:  "I am a student teacher & I am completing my final unit on poetry with my sixth graders. I would love to use these lyrics to teach them the concept of alliteration in song lyrics/poetry. What do I need to do?"

"Thank you so much for your quick response! I appreciate your willingness to allow me to use your lyrics for educational purposes... I will make sure that the students know that you support their learning!"

        - Lakesha Pickering - teacher - VA
"I am a Freshman at a high school in Southern California. My English class read the lyrics to Let Me Be Your Blanket. We think it is a great song & my teacher thought that your song would grab our attention which it did. She did a whole lecture on it. We were all wondering how the song went & we looked all over the Internet for it but could not find it. Can you please email me the mp3 for the song or a link to a website that would have the audio for it. We will be looking forward to hearing a melody one day. Thank You."
        - Scharlyce Powell - student - CA
"Is this the Mike Terry who lived in Pasadena, Maryland? If it is, I shared a house with you on Forest Drive. I saw one of your songs had a reference to a dirty pool. Perhaps the song was inspired by cleaning barrels of muck from the bottom of the pool at the house? I was sharing the 'pool' story with one of my friends the other day & I remembered how hard you worked scraping the muck from the bottom. Things have gone really well for me since my move back to Connecticut. I am happily married & have two awesome children."
        - Darrin Silhavy - education management - CT
"Great Website. Just bookmarked your site. I will enjoy scrolling through your creative lyrics. I will be able to refer your site to friends as I tell them I actually know this songwriter. My horoscope for the week said that I would have contact with a person who would soon be famous. That could be you! I also like to read your tribute to Beulah Eing.

Terrorists Don't Take a Vacation:   "Very Good! I thought your lyrics about the terrorists were great. Why is it that you seem to be the only one listening to the 911 Commission on the importance of dealing with the issues? You should forward your message to the Congress ...

but then as you said they would not be there to care.

To the members of Congress:   A message from a citizen:
        Can you hear all those voices from 9/11 crying out in fear?
        Consider the cost ... all the souls lost.
        Tackle the issues this year.

        The Commission has sent you their pages of notes.
        They've provided you fact ... Read it and act.
        Stop traveling the land for our votes.

        If you're Internet savvy as you guide this great nation,
        MickTerry.com  is an excellent site ... watch out it might bite.
        But you will learn that terrorists don't take a vacation!"

        - Marge Jordan - retired teacher - CA
"I really enjoyed reading your bio & song lyrics. I love a musician with a sense of humor. People just take themselves too damned seriously anymore & tend to miss out on the FUN in playing music or creating art. Speaking of creating art, I work at an art school called the Appalachian Center for Craft. I was an English-Journalism major in college.

My dad is also 'Bob Terry' (as was his father, my late 'Pa-pa') ... I know, weird, right? He is the Chief of Police here in my small hometown, is also involved in the annual Soapbox Derby here & he LOVES it.

My husband Rob (yeah, another Robert) is a musician. He has been playing guitar since the age of 9 & still plays the same guitar he got for his 9th birthday. His current band, Twelvefold plays locally & around our area. But I think you may be more interested in the band he used to play in. They were called The Hosemobile. Their second CD, What Can & Can't Go On, produced by Steve Albini, is still available on ITunes. It's mostly instrumental with a little spoken word thrown in. I always told Rob that The Hose music sounded like movie soundtrack music to me -- or at least it could've been. The Hose is a lot more 'experimental' than Twelvefold, which is just a straightforward, kick in the face, rock band.

Rob is an AMAZING guitar player. He can play most instruments you put in front of him, writes everything he plays in his band & can hear a song, pick up a guitar & play it. He's so very talented & well known in our area as a 'kick-ass' guitar player. Although that analogy does not do him justice in my humble opinion."

I Love Your Laughter:   "Keep on keepin' on with your music. Your lyrics lightenend my heart today & made me laugh -- & the Patch Adams quote was super-cool too!"

        - Shannon Terry-Ring - art school administration - TN

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