anon., Charlie Frates, Elizabeth Rhodes, Fran Pfetzing, Bill Beck, Bruce Singer, Marion Ostrom:  Fans9a

anon., Charlie Frates, Elizabeth Rhodes, Fran Pfetzing, Bill Beck, Bruce Singer, Marion Ostrom:  MICK TERRY  Fans9a
Silent Tree Music 

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( The Conspiracy Lyricist )
( PART 9a )

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        - Peggy Tyler - CA

Big Old Rat:   "Funny guy !!!"
        - Dee Bender - CA

"I find your site very informative."
        - Peter Jones - MA

"I have enjoyed your web site."
        - James Beake - plumbing contractor - FL

I Wasn't Making Advances:   "Good One!"
        - Patti Messier - Los Angeles Times - CA

"You are too funny!"
"I enjoyed the song, Silly Sally Cellhole."

        - Evelyn Novak - not quite retired - CA

It's a Dog's Life:   "I hope it's a top 10 very soon."
        - Nicki Farrand - rental office manager - CA

Mothers May Come:   "Great tribute to your Mom."
        - Del & Mike Meagher - contractors - CA

"I really like your Black Friday song from last year.."
        - Sara Moser insurance office manager - CA

It's a Dog's Life:   "It was very clever. You have got talent."
        - Nora Wetzel - retired - CA

Brokeback Movie:   "Thank you, Mick. I love a good laugh."
        - Charles Frates - Los Angeles Times - CA

"When I visited your site I laughed, I cried, I messed my pants."
        - anon.

It's a Dog's Life: "Thanks for including Cooper - I read it to him - didn't know the tune. :)"
        - Susan Northway - opera singer - CA

"I am wondering if the song Diamonds in the Rough is available for me to hear somewhere?"
        - Judy Bratten - AR

"I am interested in your Guess What I Found 'Neath the Dirty 'Fridge song. Is there sheet music I can buy?"
        - Alissa Deeter - CA

"I so enjoy reading & listening to your writings. You are so imaginative & it amazes me how you can think these things up."
        - anonymous - message left on search engine - Nov 28, 2014 7:53pm PT

"Your website & music are awesome! Loved the Bicci & Onri Railroad too! Love your songs & I'm in awe of your creativity!"
        - Fran Pfetzing - CA

Man in the Tree:   "Just wanted to let you know how much I loved what you wrote in honor of our sweet neighbor. It's so beautiful & I thank you so much for sharing it with me."
        - Marilyn Way - CA

It's a Dog's Life:   "Yes, it is a dog's life, ha ha."
(BCG live at Keyboard Galleria):  "Sorry we missed the reading, but we were out of town. Maybe next time."
        - Mary & Russell Bell - former nurse; building inspector - CA

"Gotta say I LOVE your Why Can't We Be Ron? lyrics. I grew up with Ron, having met him sometime in 1974. Ron, Valerie & I attended school together from 3rd grade until we graduated high school together."
        - Atlee Anderson

Plap, Plop, Plip: "Definitely take the high ground or build an ark"
Shine:   "Many congratulations to Jordan & I hope your case of PPS
(Proud Papa Syndrome) continues to worsen!"
        - Bill Beck - geologist - TX

Give Me a Heat-Seeking Missile: "That is great. Please keep me on your list. As an Air Force vet, I was pretty boggled to read about the missiles on civilian craft. But anything is possible in Bushville. Our village idiot has gone global ..."
        - Mark Willis - accountant - CA
"Looks good. Bald works on you."
Listen to Me, Santa:   "Love the ending."
(Barnes & Noble Encino Featured Poet:)  "Congratulations! I don't expect to be in LA then, but I send good thoughts your way. I'm sure it'll be great.
        - Elizabeth Rhodes - university law librarian - MD
Stacked Deck:   "Very good & I thought very understandable. I just wonder if it'll get printed in The Signal. & not that it will do any good, but just so others can see what goes on & what we're up against."
MT LIVE at Keyboard Galleria 2-10-15:   "Really did enjoy it. Let me know next time you'll be there. Art & my son-in-law would like to come."
        - Ceil Aaron - CA
"HEY MICKEY! YOUR WEB SITE IS SO FINE! Way to be creative!!! You are talented. LIKED THE TRAIN PICS! May your creativity flourish."
Smarterer:   "Yoooo mae beee dummm ... butt yoooo shure kant spelllllll fer sheeet."
Looking forYoung Men: "Good tongue-in-cheek satire."
Saint Ronald Reaganomics: "Nice lyrics ... & so timely ... Way to go, Mick!!!!
       'It be Simi ... Alzheimer made you dimmy ...
        Lassie's boy was Timmie ...
        Your brain was addled & swimmy ...
        Now that you're gone, you're all of the sudden great ...
        Oh, well ... there you go again ... '"

        - Bruce Singer - CA
To the Editor of Brier Patch Ramble Magazine:
"I'm writing regarding Mr. Mick Terry's "CAMPAIGN OF FEAR" which appeared in the June issue. Did you or anyone read his submission before publication? He has every right to voice his opinion, but not in our local magazine. I took offense and several other neighbors, that you and management felt it were okay for him to voice his political opinions in our Brier Patch Ramble. Whether a Republican or Democrat he need not use the BP as his forum. If you continue to allow political publications by him or anyone else I will seek legal remedies against you, management & (the owners). My wife & I have lived (here) for many years. At this time I'm not giving you my name, but you all know us. I will in good time release my name. This is not against free speech."
        - received unsigned   5-26-16
        In response to the letter above, please note the date of complaint (2016) & of Copyright of lyrics (2008).
        This song is not political. It is an observation from eight years before of ongoing previous political behavior.
        This song is about the use of fear tactics. I love our country, but am not political. I do not like politics or fear tactics.
        That the offended person thinks this is about current politics might be a testament to the timelessness of the lyrics.
        It seems to me that most of us living here are big enough boys & girls to handle differences of opinion maturely.

        The Editor & I stand by our convictions that Campaign of Fear is appropriate for publication in Brier Patch Ramble
        & refuse to be bullied into submission by intimidation of frivolous legal action (a typical fear tactic),
        especially by someone without the temerity to even sign their name.
                - Mick Terry
re:  funny story Are women really better financial planners?:   You didn't write that? It sure sounded like your kind of story!"
MT LIVE at Newhall Rep East 10by10 5-5-16:  "It was a good show."
MT LIVE at Newhall Rep East 10by10 3-3-16:  "It was a fun event. Most of the entertainers were great -- some not so much!"

"I liked Schindler's Lisp but it felt like it was unfinished. Felt like it needed something else at the end. Now, the added ending makes sense & finishes off the 'story'. Great! Also, thought The Ants Were Having a Picnic in the Brier Patch Ramble was very funny!"
(re: forwarded story):  "I didn't see that coming! Good story! You didn't write that? It sure sounded like your kind of story!"
        - Sherry Grossman - CA
Stacked Deck  MT LIVE at Santa Clarita City Hall 6-23-16:   "Concerning last night's 'fiasco' at city hall:   ... Since that was not a professional panel meeting last night, let's just call it a session & move on. Bruce & Mick & Alan Ferdman were spot on perfect in their comments. However, I threw away a speaking card when I saw just how slanted & unprofessional the session was being run. 'Stacked deck' does not even begin to describe what I have seen in these last excuses for a fair rent control panel hearing. We are all in agreement that the City Council needs to address & rework the ordinance ASAP. It is imperative that we are involved in those hearings."
Trump that Hair:   "Love it ... absolutely love it ... pure creative genius. Would like to hear it sung with the music."
        - Kevin Eliason - retired police officer - CA
"I would love to hear your song Face to Face. I am planning a show about Vietnam for Memorial Day 2006 here in NW PA. It seems great. Where could I get a copy & could we perform it one time only?"

"I reread the lyrics & think they will make a great song. Thank you for your permission & I will include these in the program, giving you the appropriate credit, of course. I have no idea where you are, but if you have plans to visit NW PA on Memorial Day, give me a holler."

"We used Face to Face as a poem, so I would be very interested in hearing the final product. It was really interesting researching songs for this show. Although I lived through that era there is a lot I was not aware of. After all, at the time, if it wasn't rock and roll, I tuned it out. But this project brought a new insight, like Tom T Hall trying to explain the reason for it all in Goodbye Darlin, Hello Vietnam, Lorretta Lynn's plaintive call from a wife on the homefront Dear Uncle Sam, a blistering look at war's aftermath in Sam Stone by John Prine & the song that affected the audience the most, Still Waiting at the Wall by Tim Murphy. I have no idea what plans will be for next year, but this is an area that will definitely be revisited."

        - Thomas Hall - PA
The Day After Roswell:   "You should be called  'The Conspiracy Lyricist'."   9-7-15
"I can see you coming up with some lyrical stuff, putting a little background music & doing reading in the style of Mike Myers' character in So I Married An Axe Murderer, complete with 'fake' cigarette. Just one man's opinion."

On Facebook re:  
Bullied:  "I was just informed by a neighbor that I am mentioned in one of his poems.
            He makes me out as a bully & says I broke his nose.   Thanks a lot 'that person'.   LOL."
        Comment from Suzi Gahret:   "YOU???  He must be nutz!"
        Reply from Joe Kerner:
"Ah, he's a good guy, besides he changed the last name to protect the insane ...
            um, I mean innocent.   Besides, I was thinking of changing my style.   LOL"
        Comment from Ken Brandenburg:   "What did you do???   Wipe his nose???"
        Reply from Joe Kerner:  
"Not that I can recall."
        - Joe Kerner - diplomatic courier, silk-screen artist, drummer - CA
Cape Cod Cottage + Yucaipa:   "Looks nice. Lots of luck. YOU 2 SURE WILL BE MISSED!!!!!!!"

MT LIVE at Newhall Rep East 10by10 5-5-16:   "Except for the one kid that bombed (I felt badly for him), this was really entertaining."
Another One Shot:   "Ironic, we were just talking yesterday about why the cops couldn't just aim for the leg instead of a lethal spot."
Big Bird's Missing:   "Shame on you for killing Big Bird.   LOL."
Jew Christmas:   "Kudos to Blond Chitlin' Goldstein ... well done."
"Watched you Monday (on Kulak's Live Webcast) ... Greg came out to watch as well. I know you had an accent going. Unfortunately, I was unable to hear you. Greg said he strained & was able to hear most of it. I was disappointed as I really wanted to hear."

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed If the Holocaust Was a Myth. I heard you perform this recently. I was surprised when I realized that I was near tears listening to you. Growing up, I heard much of the Holocaust from my family. You brought meaning with your piece. Thank you, & I look forward to seeing you perform more of your works in the future."
Schindler's Lisp:  "Honestly, I think this would be a bit offensive regardless of the title. Given a different title indicating overcoming a disability may make it more acceptable in regards to bullying. (Just a thought)"

        - Carol Parker - CA

I Sold My Wife on eBay:  "I think the poem in the May Brier Patch Ramble is offensive. Domestic violence, humiliation are never ok ... I know you have a sense of humor that is unlike others & I know you would never intentionally do or say anything to hurt anyone's feelings. You are the best friend anyone in this park could have. You give give give & give more ... But PLEASE ... if you are going to put a poem or song in, make sure it has no red flag words or sayings. This one is very degrading to women."

Maximum Exposure:  "I have to say I was offended by your poem. I think it was inappropriate for this community & really crossed the line. When I read it the first thing (after the gasp) I could think of was the looks on (several neighbors') faces ... I know your sense of humor & I know what is in your heart when it comes to all of us ... & there is no one more giving & more concerned about people here than you & I love you for that, but in this case ... eeeeegads... Wet dreams???? I've gotten a few calls from some folk who were quite taken aback by this & just wanted you to know that it was way too colorful for these folks. Great stuff for your standup & I'm sure in the right venue would garner a great deal of laughter & applause ... just not this venue."

"& we (meaning EVERYONE) are so glad you happened upon our little place out here. You brighten the cloudy skies (when we have them). You offer up your help (whenever needed) & you bring fun & warmth to all you greet. Glad to call you 2 friends! We love the opportunity to get out & support you."
It's a Dog's Life:   "Haa, too cute. I shared with Jack & Deuce but they were too busy with Blue Bunny & Mr. Ferret to listen. You are too funny ... but I do know what you mean."

        - Beth Simon - former President Greenbrier Estates HOA, former nurse - CA
I'm Going to See My Lawyer:   "Very good. Had me scared for a minute though."

"Sorry you're leaving also, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. You've been great neighbors & we've always been able to count on you whenever a man is required for a job, such as moving furniture, hanging stuff from light fixtures, disposing of varmints & so on. There's not too many men in this community that will step up & help out, most of them are either handicapped/sick, lazy or just plain stubborn. Thank you for all you've done. You will be truly missed. & most of all we'll miss you guys on the porch. Oh & thanks for giving us a beautiful home & yard to look at. Take care."

6 Days into August:   "Though the language is good & nothing is offensive, you said something that didn't hit me till later. Fireman don't just take that job on as a temporary thing. They train both physically, exercising and practicing endurance skills, they have to take classes & then they wait years just to get selected for the job, so they have to take on temporary jobs waiting for that selection. My son in-law & nephew waited 5 years to get selected, my grandson is on his 2nd or 3rd year of waiting. It's something that fireman want to do & love to do, not as a temporary position but for a lifetime. BTW there only seems to be one line in the song that refers to leaving.

Play Dates with Baby Jesus:   "You might not like this, but just my opinion, I wouldn't post it. I'm confused by it. Even though I'm not overly religious, I think a lot of people will be offended by it. People do buy into the Virgin Birth. Also, Jesus is special to a lot of people & you are making him sound like just some other normal bratty kid. I think you will just turn people off."

MT LIVE at Newhall Rep East 10by10 5-5-16:  "I enjoyed the show, but next time can you follow a comedian with something upbeat & then go to the drama? Or do you do that for a reason? Just my opinion which isn't worth much. We all enjoyed ourselves. There was also a group of people that laughed a lot in the seats above us."

A Walk in the Park:   "When we went to Yellowstone there were Bison all over the place, including walking down the road so cars had to stop. At one point we & a bunch of others got out of our cars & ventured over to get a closer look at a group of them. The Bison didn't like this & they started bellowing, and they got up as if to charge us, everyone immediately turned around & got in their cars. The Bison were loud. You would have known it was there. I'm sorry to be a critic."

The Thirteenth Step:   "I had not heard of The Thirteenth Step. But your lyrics are scary, & so true: addicts are very vulnerable."
Only One Call:   "I like your lyrics."
"You're so funny."
"I so enjoy reading & listening to your writings. You are so imaginative & it amazes me how you can think these things up."

Big Bird's Missing:   "Cute."
California Flush:   "I don't understand how there can so many homes being built while they claim we are in a massive drought. Where is all the water going to come from?"
12 On / 12 Off  (Who Needs Sleep?):   "Sad that people are forced to work so many hours when it is common knowledge that people make mistakes when they are lacking in sleep. Even doctor & nurses work long hours. It doesn't make sense."

"Just listened to
Waves to the Shore CD & enjoyed every moment of it. Very interesting & upbeat music. Thanks for putting together a very relaxing & enjoyable CD. I like it a lot."
Santa Anorexi:  "Everything is an inspiration to you, isn't it?"
I'm Offended:   "Funny, well at least I know you read it to the end. Perfect."
The Day the World Stood Still:  "Very nice lyrics. Sad & appropriate for the day."
It's a Dog's Life:  "Loved it."

"You have such a way with words. Enjoyed both: The one about D B Cooper was very interesting & the one about Living in a Riverbed, so true."
My Computer's Down:  "Very good. You're always so funny."
Children of War:   "Very good. Can't wait for the one on D. B. Cooper."
Calling All Block Captains:  "I like the Lusting for Power & the Marine Corps ones the best. You're sooooooo funny."

        - Marion Ostrom - correctional librarian - CA

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