Jane Lillico, Michelle Williams, David Muench, Babe! Netz,  Bill Stetler, David Hubbard, Wendy Ellison MickTerry Fans9b

Jane Lillico, Michelle Williams, David Muench, Babe! Netz,  Bill Stetler, David Hubbard, Wendy Ellison MickTerry Fans9b
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( PART 9b )

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"Where can I listen to your song Body Count?"
        - Andrew Cordero - TX

"Enjoyed your website, taste in music very kewl! Will be back!"
        - Barbara - CA

"I played some of your music on the website & like it very much."
        - David Hubbard - New Zealand

"Listened to your Elvis song, which I thought was rather cute."
        - Wendy Ellison - NY

"How do I get your soundtrack to your Howl R U On Horrorween?"
        - Cheryl Finrow - CA

Somebody Gunned Down Barney:   "Thanks for sharing that wonderfully crazy Barney song. Keep up the good work."
        - Michael Darcy - CA

"Соберем для Вас по сети интернет базу данных потенциальных клиентов для Вашего Бизнеса Подробности на"
        - Tuttsnictup - Burma

"Do you have for sale a recording of the lyrics to your song, Excuses, Excuses? If so, I would like to buy it. Thanks."
        - Kathleen Alford - FL

"My mom wants to buy Excuses, Excuses but we couldn't find a link to buy a CD of it or anything of the sort. Is it possible to buy a recording of it?"
        - Kelly Paiva - FL

"I love your music. You never hear music like yours any more & it's really sad. My all-time favorite song is Sandman is Calling."
        - Natasha Zakarian - WA

Dick Cheney Asked Me to Go Hunting:   "Cool lyrics! Is there any music to it? To be able to write that in such a short time is talent. You're most welcomed for the compliment!"
        - Chuck Munoz - Los Angeles Times - CA

"I perused your website & I must say I found it to be fascinating! Very creative compilations & great bald song (Folliclely Challenged). Humorous lyrics. A witty & groovy composer & songwriter."
        - David Muench - OK
"I heard Shine at Home Depot (of all places!). Is that song available on any CDs? I couldn't find any other information on the song, & my web search led me to your website. I suppose it could have been different lyrics, but if so, I couldn't find them anywhere else. Very strange! Thanks."
        - Josh Sowin - MN
"Surfing the web for former Glendale neighbors, I was saddened to learn that Jeff Sturman had died. The Sturmans lived across the street from me. Jeff's younger brother Jerry (who I've lost track of) was my age & a close friend from the time we were 2 until I went away to college in '68; my family moved out of Glendale in 1971. Thanks for the tribute to Jeff's life. I'll look for your Waves to the Shore CD."
        - Bill Stetler - CA
"Holy Toledo ... trying to get my heart started again! That is SOME picture on the 21 inch screen of this TV! How can there be such incredible peace coming from 2 eyes that belong to someone who is as ornery as you are? AND my printer is out of ink ... I am going to have a stress attack any minute now... Tooooo bad this hunk is taken ... I would really like an 8x10 of THAT picture ... just so I won't forget you ... sigghhhh."

Saint Ronald Reaganomics:   "The man is gone & he can't be reprimanded any more than he already has. I respect your right to get your unresolved issues written down, but I would rather you spend some of that great brain on something other than re-killing the already deceased."

        - Babe! Netz - AZ
"I am an artist, currently creating a sculpture of a crescent moon, & would like to use the bridge lyrics of your song Crescent Moon. The words,  'The moon, forever silent, speaks to us in ways only fools in love can hear' *  would appear hand-painted with an ending credit including MickTerry.com & the song title, with your name repeated with all other copyright info, date, etc. on the reverse. My intention is for a one-time use of the phrase I quoted on the face of the sculpture, which is one of a kind.
Is there a formal process I need to do this, or can I obtain your permission to use this phrase on my art? I of course would love to share a photo of the completed piece with you, & I will email that to you as soon as the piece is complete. Thanks again for your permission. It's nice to help immortalize your lyrics even further."   *
 ( Copyright 2000 MickTerry.com )
        - Jane Lillico - artist - British Columbia, CAN
"I have a friend by the name of Armando Lopez who worked for The Los Angeles Times for many years & was born on 7-14-63. Armando had cancer & had unfortunately had to have a leg amputated due to the cancer.

When I last spoke with Armando several months ago, he seemed in good spirits, even though he was still fighting his cancer. Today I tried to call his home & cell phone number & discovered that the numbers are no longer working.

Something told me that he might have passed on; my heart didn't want it to be so. Wishing that the worst had not happened, I started to Google Armando's name & came across your website with your poem The Tired White Heron. Needless to say that my heart sank.

Anyway, I just wanted to write to you to confirm we are talking about the same Armando Lopez. I also wanted to see if there was an obituary written & if it's possible to get a copy.

I wish I knew that he had passed on & was there to celebrate his life. For everything he went through with his cancer, I never once heard him complain. But that was Armando; there was always a silver lining in everything & he was definitely not into drama. If anything, he always found humor in most things. While I mourn at this news, I do take confort in knowing that he is not suffering & that he is somewhere looking down over us & smiling.

Thank you
for reading this & for any information you can provide"
        - Ron Castro - CA
Vee Half Vase Off May Kink U Tock:  "You're amazing & I love you!! LOL!!!!!!"
Night of Dying Moon:  "That was a very riveting & amazing performance tonight. Great Job!"
Hey, It's Not Me:  "You were so amazing at Kulak's!! You even looked like you should have that accent! I have't seen the movie. I was very proud of you last night. You alway blow me away. Last night, I was thinking you could be in a movie because your acting is brilliant."

My Ex-'s New Boyfriend:  "I saw you on Kulak's live webcast tonight. You were awesome & you looked very handsome. I remember you doing a 'Valley Girl' reading  
(Hello! She's Like So Busted)  that I thought was fabulous.

It was nice meeting you in person. Thank you for the special Louisiana song  
(The Good, the Bad & the Ugliest)  you read at Kulak's open mic. I have enjoyed reading your lyrics here.

I discovered Kulak's through Mandi Martin & Barry Keenan. RJ Chesney invited me to watch the open mic. I have discovered many new friends & wonderful musicians by watching the open mic every week. I was hoping you'd be there when I was in town. I totally enjoyed being at Kulak's & meeting the perfomers & Paul Kulak. They had a special show for me on Saturday, August 7th.

I'm 6 hours Northwest of New Orleans, but I was pregnant & very emotional watching the devastation of Hurricane Katrina on TV. Then we had thousands of evacuees in our little town. My husband thought I was crazy because I was meeting people at Walmart & bringing them home with me. I mostly just fixed them something to eat & let a few people use my computer to try to locate their famiy members who were evacuated to God knows where.

I donated everything I wasn't using. It was weird for our churches & everything to be so full because we are a small town, but we shared what we had with them.

Then Hurricane Rita came along & hit our area. I was obviously pregnant & waddling around so my family evacuated north. Our town had damage & the electricity went out for weeks. We were trapped where we were for a week because the roads were covered in downed trees & power lines. Fortunately we were staying with my husband's uncle & he had a generator, so we had TV & refrigerator.

The whole state was affected by Rita, but nobody remembers Rita except for us. There is
an article in my notes on Facebook: Rita, The Forgotten Storm. I wrote it for one of the anniversaries of the hurricane. That baby I was pregnant with during those hurricanes is now 4 years old & the prettiest little girl who loves everyone & never meets a stranger."
        - Michelle Williams - LA

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