American Idol Clay Aiken, Alfred E. Newman, Mad Magazine, Victor Vic Sciacca: Visitors 9c

American Idol Clay Aiken, Alfred E. Newman, Mad Magazine, Victor Vic Sciacca: MICK TERRY Visitors 9c
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"What?   Me worry?"
        - Alfred E. Newman   (AKA   American Idol Clay Aiken) -
                Mad Magazine - NY             ( NOT ! )

"Can you please tell me the melody for Count on You??"
        - Kate Eilers - CO

"Hiya. That's well good. I like everything about your site."
        - Courtney Byng - England

"I like the lyrics to I Sold My Wife on eBay; however, I have no such inclination."
        - David Welborn - TN

"Hey, do you know where I could download Anorexia Can Be Fun or purchase just that song?"
        - Valerie Bogutski - MO

"I thoroughly enjoyed your Xmas songs. I was doing a search for Xmas songs for kids & came across them. Just thought I'd let you know."
        - Lin B. - FL

"What ever happened to your song Little Green Men? I have been searching for it on the Internet so I can play it for my grandchildren."
        - Max Bancroft - New SouthWales, AU

Tae Won On:   "Thanks for this beautiful poem. You are my proofreader like a college professor in literature. I shall never forget your warm heart, honesty & big smiles 24/7. I missed your smiles ... unfortunately ..."
        - Tae Park - Los Angeles Times - CA

What Are You Doing?:  "Wow Mick, so great . Know he would have loved it . Thank you for sharing it. I hear his voice all the time."
        - Joey Sciacca - carpenter - CA
"I enjoyed Kingdom of the Gun very much.
Land of Dreams:   "It almost has an air of spookiness. I enjoyed it. You should be writing for Inner Sanctum.
Going Batty is pretty good, too. It's about a bad scene, but you put a little tonic in it."

        - Vic Sciacca - former owner The Whisky & Late Night Studios - CA
"Some people would rather fight the terrorists on our own soil, as in 9-11! They were collaborating with Saddam Hussein & families were getting paid for bombings by his regime for their loss ... duh! Even if we went into Iran 1st, the terrorists would have come from Iraq to fight us. Terrorists are terrorists!"
        - Rick Buchanan - OK
Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?: "Thank you so much for the 'original' baby song. I'm working on her scrapbook & it will definitely be a colorful, fun entry. It is a pleasure to work with such thoughtful & wonderful people. David & I both greatly appreciate your kindness."
        - Kathy Clelland - Los Angeles Times - CA
Face to Face: "I was speaking with friends tonight & the topic of conversation was reconciliation. I told them about the story of the Vietnam vet on Jane Pauley. This is how I ended up on your site. The story moved me & obviously you by looking at the lyrics to your song (great job!). Do you know where I can find a copy of that interview or a way to contact Rich Latrelle? I would like to share this story in depth."
        - Greg Lessley - TN
Little Timmy (McVeigh): "I liked your song about Little Timmy. You are on the ball. I wish you the best with your music. You seem to be able to write a song about everything."
Steaming Cup of Coffee: "It is pretty good. You sure do have a talent."
Warm & Fuzzy Christmas: "Thanks for sharing your latest song. You are an amazing songwriter."
        - Ruth Ujcic - PA
Hard Times in Malibu Blues as Blond Chitlin' Goldstein:
"I think it went really well. I only knew it was you because of your beard. Your song & lyrics went over well. I just think they should have had the speaker a little louder. Tiffany really liked your performance & your writings of the song. It's nice to see some promising talent there
(at Lulu's BeeHive), but I think your song was at the top. It was nice to change things up & try something different & entertaining."
        - Keith Kiertzner - insurance - CA
"I really enjoy the CD. Wonderful.
You look like you & the gang singing Bottomless Bottle were having fun singing. I enjoy watching Listen to Me Santa. How did it go on February 3rd? Was it sold out?"

Jew Christmas video: "I like this. Kind of different, but I like it. Is that you in the video with the long hair? Maybe you can do the song at Elvis' star in Hollywood. By the way, my mom saw it too. She liked it."
Pimp My Walker:  "I just read the story you sent. That was too funny. I was reading some of the lyrics & watching on YouTube. You do a great job telling the story. I am going to read some more tonight."

        - Pam Shell - CA
Give the Poor Guy a Break: "Thought this was well done"
Wheelchair in San Francisco:   "Real cute & creative!"
I Don't Want to Go There:   "This is very good. I'd like to hear the tune."
But You Never Saw Me:   "Tragic."
"I read your song I Choose You & I think it's beautiful -- in fact, the best thing you've ever written."

"Your lyrics to If the Holocaust Was a Myth are excellent! Amazing, isn't it, how history can be 're-written'! What are we going to do when there are no more holocaust survivors to give witness to the slaughter? Hopefully we'll still have the written word/ 'files' protected. Hmmmm! That's why it's so important that we write & preserve history accurately & protect it so that the future will know 'reality' as opposed to fiction."

        - Nan Florence Oliver - VA
Stacked Deck printed in  The Signal  newspaper:   "Interesting comments made by viewers. They really needed the whole story written."

Stacked Deck:   "I am not sure it's a good idea to be naming names. You may be setting yourself up for slander. You want to put this into The Signal which will be read by the Santa Clarita Community. It is a wide spread community.
"The panel is not going to take this sitting down. They will want to clear their reputation publicly. You might want to get some legal advice before proceeding. We have a lot to lose if this goes the wrong direction, even if it is the truth. My opinion is that I think this should be taken & read to the City Council."

"You are a good man, Mick."
What Happened to You?:   "Nice, Mick."
I Don't Want to Go There: "Thank you. That was beautiful!"
Eyes That Cross:   "This is really funny!"
Total Package:   "VERY NICE!"
Girl's Gone Mild:   "You should put what you write in a book. Very picturesque."
Blanket Thief Conspiracy:   "Really good, Mick."

        - Tina Eing - retired accountant - CA
"Would like to hear your song Where Are the Nuggets on a Chicken? Can I listen to it online please? Thank you. Just a small group of folks on our island putting together a 'self made' Xmas show. There will be some talented musicians involved, but I'm afraid not performing your Chick Nuggs. I have drafted a short sketch & needed a funny song about some sort of food! Part of your Chicken Nuggets lyrics seemed to fit the bill. Our island has a population of around 330 people so no big publicity, I'm afraid, but it should be a good laugh. If your diary isn't full, we are planning for 28th Dec. If we get a recording of our show, I'll definitely send you a copy - just to prove what a lovable bunch of nutters we are ...

My husband, Neil, & myself are both of Orcadian heritage, but as for ancestry I'm not so sure. Beef farming was the main-stay of Orkney along with fishing. However with changing times, etc., today tourism has become big in Orkney's economy (pretty good music scene too). I come from a farming background & Neil, who really has sea in his blood, comes from a family of shop keepers. With our daughter we run the island shop which was established by Neil's grandfather in 1920 ... & yes we know everybody - it's good.

I picked up on your biography online you multi-talented b......! Well done on your achievements so far & all the best for those to come."

        - Sheena Sinclair - Orkney, Scotland
Cart Surfing:   "I totally agree about not hiding from one's own freedom of expression, HOWEVER, my classes would be similar to a "12 step program" for people that have squelched their freedom! Little by little I think the masks would come off. There would be a palpable electric feel in the air when this happens! Pretty soon there would be so many cart surfers that grocery stores would have to put in fast lanes down each aisle to accommodate the freestylers!
I see cart manufacturers designing hi-tech carts that fold up to transport to surfing events. Custom colors, wheels, foot pads, handles, headlights, and horns! There could be downhill, cross-country, and ballet events. I foresee small carts for children and teens. It will replace the backpack!!! The list is endless!
As the sport develops, I see the cart show, similar to vintage car shows! People restore old carts or pimp them out to be low-riders, or have hydraulics!
Museums will open, there will be a Hall of Fame created! Maybe even a shopping cart sidewalk like Sunset Boulevard!
Ok, enough of that! I need to go practice my Karate!

Terry!!!!! OMG! That's funny! Just think, there could be a cult following of closet shopping cart surfers that meet every full moon in the Costco parking lot, wearing disguises to protect their dignity, all doing hot laps around pylons! I can see it now!!! I could give classes on how to take the perfect apex, hi-lights on braking & traction control, how to choose the best cart, skid control & how to recover from over steer or under steer. Oh, there could also be classes on cart surfing in the rain! We could get a water truck out there to give us a cool skid pad!
I'm going to take your song to my next singing lesson & show my teacher!
Thanks so much! You made my day!"
        - Marnye Summers - spike-haired 70 year-old inspiration for  Cart Surfing - CA

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