Henry Morris, Jacke Walton, Micki Popp Waterways Chesapeakes, Ed Howell. MickTerry.com Visitors9d

Henry Morris, Jacke Walton, Micki Popp Waterways Chesapeakes, Ed Howell. MICK TERRY Visitors9d
Silent Tree Music 

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( PART 9d )

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        - James Turpin - VA

Where Do Vampires Go on Christmas? video:  "I LOVES IT"
        - "watermelonsoupguy" - YouTube

Two for the Price of One:   "You're quite a comedian -- too."
        - Gloria Medina - Los Angeles Times - CA

Listen to Me, Santa video:  "Mick im not sure i understood."
        - "breejock" - YouTube

"I was wondering if by chance you might have an MP3 copy of your song If We're Going Down that you would be willing to e-mail me? I love the lyrics. I'd really love to possibly be able to get a copy of this song if you could please help me out?
        - Frank McKinnon - WI
Where Do Vampires Go on Christmas? video:  "Ah, man ... this brings back such great memories of local TV late night horror movie hosts I watched when I was a kid. If this dude ( Dr. DeCrepid ) had a show I'd be tuning in every week with the lights out & a bowl of fresh popcorn. Cool clip. Thanks for posting."
        - "Uncle Keifer" - YouTube
"Steve, the new man in my life recited the lyrics to Let Me Be Your Blanket last Saturday. Where do I find the song? Is it available for purchase? I've done a web search & it came up empty ... I am disappointed. I've just discovered your wild mind. Reminds me of my own. Steve DOES have exquisite taste - after all, he loves your writing & he's crazy about ME!!"
        - Jane Waters - WA
"I am looking for a 'songwriter' to put together a witty ditty for my girlfriend's 50th birthday in June 2008. My guess is that it would be useful to set words pertinent to her to a well-known tune (perhaps not quite as 'easy' as Happy Birthday to You because there doesn't seem to be enough room in the tune's length). A band will probably be available, a guitarist at least, but it may be better for the revellers to sing without music. As I have never seen this done before I cannot comment accurately. It goes without saying that the ditty will be a complete surprise to my good lady. Can you help or recommend someone who can?"
        - Henry Morris - UK
Face to Face:   "I heard this song for the first time at SDIT'S (Son & Daughter's In Touch) Father's Day Ceremony at the Wall. My Dad, M/Sgt Lewis Clarck Walton- US Army MacV-ASP Special Forces has been MIA since 1971. I said good-bye & safe journey to him when I was six years old.

His remains were recently recovered & are being repatriated to his & our home state. He will be the only Rhode Island MIA returnee. Although this was prayed for, I am proud to welcome him home.

If possible, I would like to play your song during his memorial service. May I have a copy of the music or recordings? Some of our family members would like to sing for him (& us). Thank you for your cooperation.   :)"

        - Jacke Walton - RI
Not Quite the World's Oldest Profession:  "I saw & enjoyed your performance. It was rather short. But good! I emailed the show while you were on. I signed up for the Kulak's newsletter but the site never acknowledged it."

Open Season on the Freeway:  "That was a goodun!!"
If The Holocaust Was a Myth:  "'They're' trying to rewrite our history books & it amazes me."
A Reason We Call Them Illegals:  "That was great, Mick! Wish I were musically inclined. Only instrument I ever played was the private organ. Had to give that one up 'cause people said it would grow hair in my hand. I went to your site & saved it. There's some good stuff there!"

Dick Cheney Asked Me to Go Hunting: "That's a goodun. What tune do I sing it by or do I make up one? You should record it & include some sound effect gun blasts, birds screeching, or someone hollering 'hep me ... hep me ... ' 'won't somebody hep that pore man?'
(Blazing Saddles)"

The Good, The Bad & The Ugliest:   "Great Mick!"
Warm & Fuzzy Christmas:   "My wife will enjoy this one."
Bushwhacked:   "One should not joke about the (mentally) handicapped."
Does This Pregnancy?: "So many gals would not get pregnant if they didn't take seriously what is poked at them in fun."

        - Ed Howell - retired engineer - NC
"It's really good!   I especially liked the story of your life. BUT you, my friend, have a mean, sarcastic, witty little dark side!! I love it!! Appreciate the wit & wisdom & artistry. You have to go through the website like peeling an onion. It is priceless & entertaining. You're ahead of your time. Wonderful parodies & satires & situational sensations. Lots of hubris, VERY sarcastic, twisted & FUNNY!!!!"

Wishful Drinking:  "I loved this one!"
Chicken Turkey: "LOLOL. Happy turkey day to you!"
This Phone is a P.O.S.:   "This is priceless. Everyone who has ever dealt with a cell phone (& I got the POS right off!!) understands the frustration you felt while writing it!!"

Paris Had My Number:   "The Paris one is great, but I am not a PH fan. I could give a tinker's damn about her, her little dog & her best friend. Wish there was a tornado that would blow them all away!"
Saddami, Saddami, Baloney:  "LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

        - Micki Popp - dog breeder Waterways Chesapeakes - MD
"I found your website while searching for song lyrics for a video I'm making for my baby girl. I was looking for a pregnancy song & came across your Does this Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat? Those lyrics are great! I would like to use that song for my video. I think that reading the lyrics would be fun & entertaining. My wife & I are both fairly musically inclined so we may be able to perform it somewhat lyrically.

Our daughter - Lillian Grace - was born July 25, 2007 & for her first birthday I am making a video to commemorate the occasion. I recently purchased video editing/movie making software & this will be my first project, thus the long lead time. Hopefully I'm not getting in over my head.

During her pregnancy, I took belly shots of my wife every four weeks & was planning on transitioning those pictures with your lyrics providing the commentary. I hope she watches this every year on her birthday & that plenty of family & friends will be watching too. I want to thank you again for allowing me to use your lyrics & will include a credit at the end of the video. If you'd like, I'll send you the clip of our reading/singing of your song."

        - Tim Prentice - NC

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