Jordan Terry, Moon Siemen, Jackson Schwartz, Alissa Deeter, Rosa Manson, Warren Seymour. MickTerry 9e

Jordan Terry, Moon Siemen, Jackson Schwartz, Alissa Deeter, Rosa Manson, Warren Seymour. MickTerry 9e
Silent Tree Music 

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( PART 9e )

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"I liked your site."
        - Rob Miller - MA

"Your site is very enjoyable."
        - Pat Williams - MA

"Lovely 404 page. Best regards   :-)"
        - Marzanna Doering - Europe

"Moon (Siemen) played me some of your CD. Very well done!"
        - Jackson Schwartz - financial advisor Morgan Stanley - CA

"I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get the mp3 of Million Dollar Shoes?"
        - Pete Riley - SC

"I am interested in your Guess What I Found 'Neath the Dirty Fridge? song. Is there sheet music I can buy?"
        - Alissa Deeter - CA

Howl R U on Horrorween?:  "LMAO. This was a fun read!"
Sometimes I Just Want to Cry:   "Heartfelt material here, excellent poetic description. Well done! All the Very Best"

        - Shadow Rai  

If We're Going Down:  "You captured the spirit of America with your lyrics. I remember how I felt that day and I am so touched by your lyrics. Thank you so much for sharing your talent at Kulak's Woodshed."
        - Diane Mora - NV

A Different Sade of Loving:  "We love this song & are looking to purchase a recording of it for our anniversary in August. Please let us know where we can find this song. Otherwise, I guess we will just recite the song as a poem."
        - Junius & Tammy Hughes - CT
"You are very special & a beautiful person inside & out. Such great songs. What a hidden talent you have. Keep at your dream. You will hit the jackpot."
(Live at Kulak's:)   "MICK, GO! MICK!"
        - Moon Siemen - FlyMoon Wine - Stunt Creek Vineyard - CA
"I've been trying to find the audio for your song Stand Tall online for two days now. The best I could get is the lyrics from . Is there any site that I can go on to find the audio. Will purchase if possible. Anti-abuse group in the Bahamas have commisssioned me to get it. Please help!!!"
        - Warren Seymour - Bahamas
Hand in the Cookie Jar:  "Bryan showed me the lyrics. What a great writer!!! You were up for the challenge. I can't wait to hear it. Remembering the words is the difficult part of a song! I appreciate your time & your creative abilities. I wish I could think up things the way you are able to with such ease."
        - Mary Chan - CA
MT LIVE at Newhall Rep East 10by10 3-3-16:   "Liked your Russian Boys lyrics! Would like to see pictures captured ... even if you were standing on your head in them."
"I loved that picture of you on this post. Very reflective."
Good Heart, Bad Valves:  "This made me cry. It was so sweet."
The Ugliest Christmas Tree:  "The one about the Christmas tree was my favorite!"

        - Carol A. Bryant - dental replacement tech - VA
"What beautiful music & wonderful talent! Now, I can't wait for Jay to get up & read your words & listen to your music. Thank you for sharing these talents with us.

Thank you for keeping me on your email list! I am honored & feel truely blessed to have met you this year. May the joy of this holiday season carry you through this coming year. May your vacations be at beaches with the sounds of the ocean rather than at Kaiser with beeps from medical machines.

        - Mic Montalvo - CA
Children of War:   "There are still many child soldiers out there, especially in Myanmar (Burma), where they are coerced to join the army or they disappear or get put in jail. The UN efforts are being obstructed by lack of access to the affected areas, & that China supplies the United Wa State Army (UWSA) with arms. I am hoping to make people aware of what is going on, & to try & find a solution to this problem, & yes they are children, puppy soldiers playing with big boy toys, but how does one stop this?"
        - Rosa Manson - UK
Anorexia Can Be Fun:   "that is so wrong, do you even know what anorexia or bulimia is, you are sick."     ( sic )
"if an anorexic read that song, do you have any idea what it would do their head, they are already constantly being told that they are fat & ugly by their negative mind & that they are completely worthless, an anorexic would not take it as you say it is meant to be taken, they would take it at face value because that is what their negative mind tells them to do, i suggest you rethink posting that song. no matter what its intentions are or how it is supposed to be taken."   ( sic )
( Click for MT's response )
        - Sannalee Bing / Suzanne King - Australia
(re: MT's live performances):  "I think he's gotten really good. From the short time I have seen him perform, he's gotten really good."
    - Aeon Oliver-Terry - massage therapist, artist, photographer - CA
Good at Being Single:  "Love the first verse, second could be funnier, loved the master at baiting. Could have finished chorus better. I think it's great. :-)"
Down in the Stable:  "I'm liking it. Seems a little more ambiguous or maybe it's the expressed confusion. Now need to hear it with your tune."
Would Music Be the Same?:  "Well written, feels complete but I feel like I am missing some context."

"Congrats on 1700 Connections on LinkedIn.   Anything manifest out of those digital connections?"
Plug in the Jug:  "I get it but I know the context. Think it would be more powerful with a unifying theme, something that everyone can relate to: not just drinking, but life struggles. It's almost onto something but finishes in a way that if I didn't know you're story, would not really hit it home.
Like it. Feels a little incomplete. Love the deeper implications to addictions & suffering & moving on."

Now It's Over:  "Really like wording & imagery. Is this part of recent writing? I read it while a reggae song was on in background, ky-mani Marley song, read really well in my head. What spawned this Now It's Over?"
(Dr. DeCrepid at Kulak's Woodshed 10-28-13)  Howl Are You on Horrorween?:  "Your 'no brains' comment was hilarious.  Looking really good."

(Kulak's Woodshed 3-21-11)  When the Wave Came:  "We caught it!!! Great reading, couple little flubs that I'm sure you're aware/self critical of, but not memorable. In fact, I can't even remember an example. That aside, it was powerful.
You really changed the mood of the place & space. Aeon & I both noticed it. It was light & frivolous before you, like the events of the world were already forgotten & everything was wonderful & honky dory. Then, you showed up. It was a timely reminder, even the smart ass MC had nothing to say, even though he did say something & it was actually the funniest thing he said all night (ever said, according to Aeon).
There were a tough couple of acts to follow you because they were actually worth listening to, compared to a few others beforehand that we heard, & you did it well. Nailed it, perhaps a little shocking
, but as a poet ... sorry, lyricist (hehehehe, the MC called you a 'poet'), you stepped up & made an impression, a powerful impression."

One More for the Road:   "Good one. After knowing you a little bit, I was waiting for the clarifying final stanza. Easy enough to follow reading & it was all clear to me. Where did this one come from?"
Folliclely Challenged:   "I liked it, especially as I've been reading your lyrics & I've noticed your more complicated rhyme schemes with internal rhyme & all."
Out on the Left Coast:   "Fun stuff, finally got to listen to your song: 'maybe Ahnold next fall'".
So Here We Are on New Year's:   "Dirty ole man."
Under a Rock: "I like it but feel like you forced a couple of rhymes."

"Just curious
if you always write in constructed rhythm & rhyme? How is it that you go about writing? Something of flow & then revisions??"
Saddami, Saddami, Baloney:   "Pretty funny: I just, for some reason, can't stand the rhyming of singular words with plural ones, doesn't work in my mind when I'm reading it."
American Grandslam:  "Good points made & noted.
I also wanted to thank you for I Choose You. I like it a lot."

In Our Hands Now! musical:
Lighten Up:   "I really liked it actually: goofy but interesting. Found it to be very amusing: could make for a very funny song."
Making It Through:   "Scratch part I thought was really cool."

How Do We Know What's Out There?:   "Really reminded me of The Flaming Lips: contrast of the beautiful & happy & the dark & gothic. I felt this came from the soft lyrics & sounds accompanied by the very heavy drums & beat. I like it a lot & really couldn't believe the similarities to The Flaming Lips."

"I was just looking at your web page & it hit me: you have a very intricate, professional web page. Site looks great, topnotch. First thought when I saw the picture, after I got the glare out of my eyes, was of Buddha. I like it. Great photography on the model railroad: Don't think I ever appreciated it til I saw them tonight. Web site is looking good."

        - Jordan Terry - deep tissue body work therapist, artist, student of life - CA

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