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Xie Cranmer:  Fans Visitor Comments 9f:  MICK TERRY
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( PART 9f )
( The Xie Cranmer Memorial Page )

To 10 of 10

"I explored your website & found it terrifically interesting. You are a gifted writer and a real artist. Very insightful. You sure do have talent for story telling & rhyming. Your website is great.

I read everything you have posted on your website. Very interesting. Your lyrics are wonderful. I have book marked your pages & we return to them many times. I like your writings/music & sense of humor. Good job!

I hope you get lots & lots of contracts. Your work is very good, original & interesting. I want to see you get some more recognition. Read some of your songs & loved Miss Manners. Someday I hope to hear you perform the things you write."

(Songwriter Sanctum Featured Performer 5-2-10:)   "I would be there if I could. I celebrated my 90th birthday in November. Next week I am going to Hawaii & stay on the beach at the Royal Hawaiian. I am glad you keep me informed about your performances."

Brokeback Movie:   "I love this. You have great insight."
You've Got Spam:   "This is very good."
Bottoms Up, Light 'Em Up: "I love the lyrics in this. So true."
American Hacker:   "Wonderful! Such Talent!"
If the Holocaust Was a Myth:   "Wonderful as usual. Ben & I watched Sunshine, really Sohnchine (I have spelled it wrong) & this dealt with the Nazi cruelty. Then we watched Schindler's List. Yes, there was a holocaust. It was not a myth. Thank you for this."

Land of Dreams:   "I like this one. Trouble is, I have too many dreams like this & wake up only to go back to sleep to continue."
Talking to Myself:   "I don't know how you do it! Is this a personal message or just a life observance?"
Aloha Oi Vey:   "Really good. I love your lyrics because I see the picture & can dance or sing along with them."

From Tooth to Tail:   "Having been on Gator Ale for a week, having gotten sick in Washington, DC, I appreciate Gator Aid. I don't know if I want him or her
(Reggie the Gator) to be caught. Your talent always amazes me."
I Ain't Begging:   "What a great lyric & I can imagine the tune. The thing is, it transported me right to F Street in Washington where I used to see such sights a long time ago. Now, they are moved on & become permanent street people. Being 86 years old adds another dimension to life. Thanks for I Ain't Begging."

The Computer Ate My Homework:   "I read all of your songs & you have great talent. Most of all I think you have so much insight that comes out in your musical words."
Experiments Come:   "This has given me much to think about. I do not recall the 1943 incident. I browsed some of the links you attached & found it very interesting. I am amazed at your talent & ability to write about everything. Thanks for this interesting topic & your putting it into a personal verse."

Terrorists Don't Take a Vacation:   "Right on !!!!!!"
Such a Boob:   "Another great one!"
Diamonds in the Rough:   "Mirrors so much of life today. You really do have music in you & write great lyrics topical to modern life."
Where Are Nuggets on a Chicken?: "I loved Chicken Nuggets, but never order them."

Tired White Heron: "I read everything two or three times. I shed a tear at your remembrance of your dad & mother. Keep writing. Keep singing. You have a song to sing. Your talent in writing & your music gets better & better."

She Is Magic:   "Lovely tribute to your friend."
Deep Pockets: "This seems so appropriate for Academy Awards day! Your timing was impeccable. I enjoyed it."
Big Bird Missing: "I love Big Bird. You are right with it still again."
Cardinal Law:   "I agree -- it needs to be said, but it hurts that so many young boys have been abused. Now, bankruptcy seems to be another sin to escape their culpability. Keep writing. You have a real voice for the times."

Give Me a Heat-Seeking Missile: "I would not like to be on the plane."
Santa Might Be a Mexican:   "I think it is funny & would love to hear it sung."
Santa Must Have a Hovercraft:   "Great! I would love to hear you play these & do you also do the vocals? You have music in your soul."

Bushwhacked:   "I love it & will send to all my friends."
Can We Talk:   "This is great. I think the same way as you. I recently was in some protest demonstrations. The IRS is examining the church where my deceased husband served because they are opposed to the war. The 3500 members do great work in social action. My present church is of the same mind. Thanks for your usual good work."

Oops, We Bombed the Wrong Country:   "I loved this. Wish it could get on the radio & get played every day."
Chicken Turkey:   "Goggle Gobble. Good as usual."
Getting a Little Worried: "I knew you'd have a great train song."
Biker in My Mirror: "You have wonderful toons in your head. So real. I can picture the biker:  have had this experience myself."

Shine:   "What wonderful news. Summa cum laude! You should be the proudest father."
I Choose You: "Reading that song brought tears to my eyes."
Saint Ronald Reaganomics: "My sentiments exactly about Saint Ronald. Why do I always agree with you?
Under a Rock:  "Great as usual! I really do enjoy your songs & most of all your philosophy."

        - Xie Cranmer - CA

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