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Scientology: MICK TERRY's Experiences with Scientology
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Do NOT attempt to read this document
if you are not familiar with Scientology terminology, abreviations & jargon.
You will immediately go unconscious, even without your being aware of it.
Really, this is a heavy matter.   No, you really need to take this seriously ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...

-   I moved from MD to CA in September, 1997.
-   Discussed Scientology extensively for many hours with Joan Tourtellot & good friends Randy & Cyndi Tobin. I was intrigued by Celebrity Center International (CCI), portrayed as a mecca of enlightenment for creative types, & wanted to take courses there.
-   Flyer for free IQ test under my doormat. Did not tell Tobins, wanting to surprise them.
-   Valley Org.: IQ & personality tests, orientation film w/ Marcella (Registrar).

-   Personal Efficiency course: mind balked at question: "How would you apply the data learned so far in this course in your own life?"
-   Given additional reading, interviews with several Scientology officials.
-   Randy Klofler (acting Executive Director of Valley Org) said I was appropriate for Celebrity Center International since a composer-songwriter, but Valley wanted to hold on to me as long as they could. I was told any courses I signed up for at Valley could be transfered at any time to CCI. He also said Scientology courses he recommended would give me breakthroughs in my career & finances.
-   Befriended by & shared many conversations & many of my lyrics & songs with Randy K. & George Dinkle (Technical Secretary).
-   Completed PE course, although w/ no real wins or application.

-   Marcella said next thing to do: Purification Rundown, although I did not see need: marijuana only 12 times max up to 1970. No drugs or alcohol since November 27, 1970, including aspirin & Novocain; few x-rays or sunburns.
-   Assigned to Purif at West Valley Mission in Chatsworth since no Purif facilities yet at Valley Org. Due to limited hours there, only 3 hours/day max except 5 on weekends. Usually ran alone outside in neighborhoods & hills since my twin (if there) prefered treadmill. Inconsistent w/ food & sleep. No wins.
-   Was asked as favor by Valley admin to transfer Purif to Glendale Mission in Montrose (Flavia - Executive Director) to be twin for 16-year-old with known severe emotional & authority problems. 5 hours/day. Since he was usually very late, I almost always ran alone. Inconsistent with food & sleep.

-   Randy K. & George D. said what I needed was Life Repair & TR's & Objectives, full well knowing I had been without a job, living only off of credit cards since September, 1997, & knowing the exact amount of my debt. "Thursday 2 O'clock Syndrome":   (all orgs statistics deadline. I would often be called & invited to take another course Wednesday afternoon/night or Thursday morning: coincidence?) I charged both courses.
-   Randy Tobin strongly recommended to take less expensive courses due to my dire financial situation.

-   Randy K. & George D. said what I really needed was Key to Life & L.O.C. "Thursday 2 O'clock Syndrome". I balked.
-   Took Admin Scale course at CCI. Saw ads for free Art Course & Student Hat if take Key to Life & LOC. Asked Kathy Garcia (Registrar) if courses at CCI cost same as at Valley: yes. But then told that offer was based on list prices.
-   Randy K. on phone w/ Dave Petit (Executive Director - CCI): if I signed for KtL & LOC at Valley, I could transfer any course paid for at Valley to CCI w/o any problems, w/ only stipulation that if later took Art Course & Student Hat, must be paid in full at CCI. "Thursday 2 O'clock Syndrome". I charged KtL & LOC.

-   Told about FSM program. When I asked that Randy Tobin be my FSM since he was paramount in my getting involved w/ Scientology, Valley Org refused to credit him.

-   Shared w/ Ron (auditor in auditing session), Randy K. & George D. about incident when I had thought about suicide upon breakup of marriage, how my life became spiritually oriented as a result, & how I know suicide will never be an option for me.
-   Several hour session w/ Cory Brenan (Director of Special Affairs), who tried to get me to sign legal statement specifically concocted for me to cover Scientology's butt due to above incident. I felt outraged that confidentiality had been violated, despite the fact that the account was taken out of context & distorted out of proportion. Cory offered to have my attorney review the paper. I told her I knew my attorney would tell me to never sign such a fabrication, besides having already signed extensive waivers & disclaimers before Personal Efficiency course.

-   Removed from Purif at Montrose after 30 days due to no wins & inconsistencies of food & sleep.

-   Extensive reading of Scientology Ethics, other books & word clearing. Several interviews. It was insisted that my roommates were Suppressive Persons & I was a Potential Trouble Source from two comments taken out of context & blown entirely out of proportion.

-   To re-enter Purif, I requested CCI. Upon receiving my folder, CCI turned me down. When asked why, at first I was told because one had to take courses where one had paid. When I mentioned the Klofler-Petit agreement, they then said the reason could not be divulged over phone. When I asked to come in, they said they could not discuss it because folder had been returned to Valley. No one would ever tell me why I was refused at CCI, except that it was something in my folder (probably the afore-mentioned incident, taken totally out of context).

-   George D. arranged for interview w/ me at LA Day Org re: taking Purif there. I kept being asked to come back for more & more interviews until I realized there was no way the Purif would be complete before my son arrived from MD for 3 weeks. Told LA Day I would call them back after my son had returned to MD.
-   When I called back, LA Day had returned my folder to Valley & no one had any idea why I had been told I had to come in for another interview before I could resume the Purif. LA Day turned me down for doing the Purif there.

-   I requested Montrose (much closer, 5 hours/day) but was told no because no twin for me there, regardless of the facts that at both West Valley & Montrose, I had spent a great deal of time running & in sauna by myself, even if I technically did have a twin on paper.

-   Returned to Purif at West Valley Mission (sometimes an hour's drive away from home) since Purif facilities still not finished at Valley, for only 3 hours/day & almost always running alone, sometimes with no twin even on paper. Later, sometimes 9 people at a time in tiny sauna.
-   Removed from Purif at West Valley after Day 64 due to no wins.

-   Randy K. said Life Repair (already paid for) would help me break through.
-   After 25 hours of Life Repair auditing w/ Ron w/ no wins & a lot of redundancy, I told Michelle Deghuee (Technical Secretary) I felt it was all wasted & needed to stop & read some more before any more auditing. Although a very nice man, Ron never impressed me much as an auditor & I felt we wasted a lot of time "spinning wheels". Michelle D. pulled in Paul Discher (ASHO Registrar) who said ASHO had what I needed with "case cracking".

-   Required auditing at ASHO w/ Damon (Lead Auditor): world of difference - fantastic auditor. I requested to continue w/ Damon.
-   Instead, I was turned over to Triffen.

-   When it was deemed I was PTS, several sessions w/ Frank Norton (Ethics - Master at Arms) were required.
-   Realized I was PTS to my mother. Sat for hours in Ethics trying to write Overts & Withholds regarding my mother, but could not come up w/ anything except what she had done against me.
-   Frank N. said I needed to take PTS/SP course & could do no more auditing or courses until completed.
-   Since still w/ no job & highly in debt, could not afford.
-   ASHO called, saying Frank N. was wrong & I could do auditing. Had me writing Overts & W/H while Triffen or Nathaniel sat across from me, at first reading everything & then only occasionally after I wrote something. Often nothing would come to me & I would fall asleep. I noticed that they would also get very drowsy.

-   I discovered that all of this (except Frank N.) was eating away at my Life Repair hours & my account of money paid for courses until there was almost nothing left, & with no wins or positive results.
-   Ruthie Discher (Director of Processing) arranged for me to write O & W/H by myself in Qual Library w/ only rare check-ins by Triffen or Nathaniel.

-   After several weeks of the interminable process of writing O & W/H w/ very little coming to me, I got a job, severely limiting time available for those non-productive writings.
-   After 5 weeks of steadily decreasing sales (non-existence) to $0, my boss, Moshe Miller of The Art Connection, removed me from the sales force & insisted I take Success through Communication course in order to keep my job.
-   Ruthie D. (now Registrar) was glad to sign me up at ASHO for that course. As arrangements were being made to transfer money from my account from some of the above-mentioned courses I had bought at Valley (& would not be able to take for over a year), I discovered that at $55, Valley was 1/3 the cost of ASHO ($150) for Success through Comm. When I said I wanted to take the course at Valley for that reason, ASHO said I could not since I was not complete w/ writing O & W/H at ASHO.
-   At the rate at which Overts & Withholds had been coming to me as I attempted to write them down, & clearly knowing I was nowhere near finished, it would take too long to complete that process, & my job was in jeopardy.
-   Knowing this, ASHO was unrelenting in sticking to policy, refusing to allow me to take any courses elsewhere until complete w/ writing O & W/H at ASHO.

-   I then had to file for bankruptcy, being $85,000 in debt to credit card companies.
-   With over $17,750 of that having been paid to Scientology, & having received very few courses for which I had paid in full, there was only $3530 remaining in my account with Scientology by 1999.

-   Cyndi Tobin, Marcella at Valley & Barbara Sappington (Treasurer at ASHO) all requested that I document these experiences. This is it.
-   I have not been a "happy camper" w/ Scientology.
-   This is only the first chapter of major disappointments with Scientology ...

- Mick Terry

Several questions still puzzle me regarding Scientology 10 years later:

-   One of Scientology's strongest principles is that the mind reacts to unknown words by going unconscious.
Why has Scientology created new definitions for established words & phrases to the degree that several dictionaries need to be published to understand what all the new Scientology versions mean, often radically different from the conventional definitions that have maybe been used for centuries?
Why do Scientologists continue to use jargon and abbreviations for jargon around non-Scientologists & neophyte Scientologists?

-   One of Scientology's strongest principles is that the use of drugs, & hence psychiatrists who prescribe them, work against the human mind & body, to the point of ranting profusely against the psychiatric profession.
Why do so many Scientologists smoke cigarettes?
At the prescribed 7:00 pm break, outside the entrances to most Scientology org buildings, there is always a large congestion of Scientologists smoking. The air is so thick with smoke that a machete is needed to proceed forward through the smog.
When questioned about this, why do many of these smoking Scientologists reply:
"LRH smoked" (full well knowing that L.Ron Hubbard also stopped smoking, knowing that it was damaging his health).
"I am in total control of my body & the negative & addictive effects of smoking have no effect on me."
"I am stopping smoking, but on a slow gradient."
"I didn't use to smoke (or I had stopped smoking), but then being around all the other Scientologists who smoked, I just naturally started smoking (again)."

-   Where did the thousands of dollars of my money go that was put into account for Scientology courses never received?
What happened to the several authoritative promises from Scientology officers (including org directors, chaplains & other administrators) that it would appropriately be credited back to my account?

-   What has happened to each of the Scientology officers (including org directors, chaplains & other administrators) who swore that they would help me in some way or other by handling my case?

-   Why have brochures, booklets, letters & emails continued to be sent from Scientology to me even after several authoritative promises that they all would be stopped?

-   Why have telephone calls (& even the occasional uninvited personal visit) still come to my home, usually during dinner or after 9:00 pm, from Scientologists (from a very audible call center) who want me to attend an event or buy a new program or book or DVD?
Why, after being told I am not interested, do they insist that they want to hear & handle my case?

-   Why did the Valley Org Chaplain insist she would personally help me, only to turn me over to an unknown auditor, & then officially declare that I could never take another Scientology course anywhere until I purchased & completed another specific action she said I needed?

-   Why did Frank Hoffman, one of the highest officials of Celebrity Center, come (with another officer, Nadine) to my home unannounced & uninvited, promising that he would personally see to it that everything would be straightened out & put right financially, re-crediting my account appropriately with the funds that had been erroneously removed from my account in Scientology (specifically via ASHO) & then never follow through on his word?

Frank Hoffman also promised that when I wanted to take Scientology courses again, I could take any of them at Celebrity Center, regardless of the org at which they had been paid. Why has nothing been sent in writing or even email to confirm this for well over a year?

- Mick Terry

-   Despite above-mentioned unfulfilled promises, still no resolution of any of above situations, except, to some degree, the seemingly perpetual onslaught of Scientology promotional mail. After my numerous requests & personal delivery of hundreds of saved pieces of mail to Ms. Fear at Sea Org, the barrage of mail finally stopped.
Rarely do I still get any mail from Scientology, except for the quarterly report of my continuing account balance of $3530 from Valley Org, usually signed with a brief uninformed query as to where I was on the Bridge.

-   I had hoped to, at some point, complete the Purification Rundown & the other courses for which I had paid in full, but the funding for which had been drained from my account unbeknownst to me.

-   Upon the recent discovery that my above document had been linked to by numerous websites listing well over 2000 former Scientologists, I had mixed feelings. Somewhat perversely, I felt glad that I was not alone in having been manipulated & lied to, but at the same time, immensely saddened that such negative treatment would come out of a "religion" which I had thought offered such great possibilities & validity. I also felt blessed that I had not squandered any more time or money as had thousands of other trusting human beings. & eternally grateful that I had not been more severely abused as had many others.

-   Never having considered myself a Scientologist, if I were to be Declared to be a Suppressive Person (SP) for having told the truth of my experiences here, to me the ramifications of that are no big deal. If my Scientologist friends are thus ordered to Disconnect from me & follow through, that is their choice. I firmly believe that their involvement with Scientology was honest & sincere, trusting it as a religion for their own spiritual development.

-   Investigating deeper, I felt relieved that I did not pursue any further up the Bridge. Not only the intense paranoia seemingly emanating from the top down, but discovering what secret data is revealed in OT III course sounds like a poorly-written sci-fi script (which in reality it came to be) or else a tasteless joke played out by L. Ron Hubbard on his gullible masses.

- Mick Terry

Copyright 1999-2017  MICK TERRY  All rights reserved
[ Reprinted here by permission of the composer-lyricist ]
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